Friday, August 6, 2010

A Story About A Tree and Other Things

See this tree?
It's called the Tree of Heaven.

I call it the Tree of Hell.
It smells like a dirty diaper when it's in bloom...
When it's windy seed pods get blown everywhere...
And it sends it's little tree shoots to all corners of the earth:

Yes even inside my mud room

Would a grove of these trees be called The Garden of Eden?

Or something else entirely?  I'm thinking the something else entirely...
Except that Garden of Hell doesn't seem to flow nicely...


Look what I got:

They're purple...isn't that great???

My husband has been hard at work this week...leaving early in the morning and coming home late at night.  The OR (Outdoor Retailer) show is going on this week in Salt Lake City, and that show is a big part of his business.  These shoes are especially made for the OR show, and will not be found in any store...anywhere!'ll find other styles similar, but you won't find the purple sole.
I feel so lucky!'s the thing.  I've wanted shoes like this for forever, but they would cost my left arm and because I'm left-handed, I've not been willing to make the sacrifice.  Jason got them for $25 - and brought them home to surprise me.  He's a good man to be married to.
Oh...and by the way...when my mom saw my current toenail polish she said, "Whoa Nelley!"

Here's one more little tidbit:

My sister-in-law Rachel, the mother of these kids, reads my blog regularly.
She read my post the day I poured my heart out and told of my fear of all things children
The other day she came to my office and was very serious.
"Noelle, I have a question.  Can I put you and Jason in my will as the people who will raise our kids in the event something happens to Jared and me?"
There was only one answer I could give.
That's 4 kids people...4...all at once.
You can bet I'll be praying every single day that nothing happens to their parents.
Later I told my sister about my conversation with Rachel.
She got this look on her that said I was in trouble.
"Well, you're in our will too."
She has 4 too...Trouble, and all the rest.
That's 8 kids!!!  8!!!

That'll teach me to pour my heart out on National Blogland.

Have a great weekend!!!


Joann Mannix said...

I haven't been around seeing I've kept myself away from all my best bloggy friends with all the ding dang editing I've been doing, so i was so surprised to see your new blog look. This is gorgeous! That picture takes my breath away!

What a sweet, sweet hubs to bring you home special purple shoes. I love the polish, too. It's pretty.

Oh and do not even begin on the will thing! I'm pretty sure if something happened to all the parents who have bequeathed me their kids, I'd have 2,394 kids, not including my own.

You are a lucky girl, it says a lot about you, you know.

Dazee Dreamer said...

I would be chopping that stinky tree down. ick

And I love your nail polish and totally love your shoes. You should totally get a size 8 and do a give away. just sayin. :)

Heather said...

Eight is a lot.

I keep expecting my MIL to call any minute to tell my hubs, my sil,her hubs, and me not to ride in a car together. If tragedy struck she would have 9 kids.

I like the toes and the shoes!

Meghan said...

That is a lot of kids! I would definitely be praying for those parents to be safe everyday! But that must mean that you are a really awesome person.

Kristin said...

Your sis and SIL must have a lot of faith in you. :) That's a good thing!

wjmom said...

You have brought a huge smile to my face. I don't know if anyone is sending their children to me if they DIE, but we are currently housing 7 extra people, bringing our total number of semi-permanent guests/adopted family to 16, ranging in age from 3 to 93 years old. Luckily, they've all come at different times.

Baby Sister said...

Dear Dazee,
If she's giving anyone the shoes, it will be to me.

Love, Baby Sister.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the font. It's fantabulous!!!

Hahahahahaha! 8 kids!!!! I'm waiting for you to hear from the other siblings!!!

Nail paint sort of zapped me too. I was like, "Oooooh!"

Dazee Dreamer said...

Dear Baby Sister.

Being that you have an "in" with said brother-in-law, I would think that he could get you a pair, unless, you are mean and rotten to him. :)

But really, a giveaway, that way it's a fair game. The winner would be picked randomly. No one will need to know that only yours and my names are in the drawing.

kidding people, don't get all upset.

Baby Sister said...

Lol! I guess you have a point Dazee. :) I do have the unfortunate problem that Peach is probably like the fact that her shoes are unique and no one else in the family has any like them. :) So she would probably whisper into Jason's ear that I can't have any and he needs to tell me that no more are being made. EVER! :) So I'll let you have them.

Mary said...

It's a good thing that prayer works very well. On the flip side though, I believe that God does have a sense of humor. Hey you could remake "Eight is Enough."

Cheeseboy said...

Hey, I like your new digs. Very cool. The shoes are sweet too. Do they make a men's version that I can not get anywhere?

Beth Zimmerman said...

That's the surest way to get somebody to pray diligently for your health, safety, and well being --- ask them if you can leave the kids to them in the will!

You're amazing Noelle! If I still had little ones I might be asking too!