Thursday, August 19, 2010

Two Facts and a Tragic Story


I got stung by a bee and now my entire upper arm is numb.


If you leave Hot Tamales in your car, where the temperature is sure to exceed 100 degrees, the Hot Tamales will in fact get hotter.  So hot that they will burn your entire esophagus and stomach lining and make you wish for a fire hose with which to douse the fire...and you will feel like that for over 24 hours.


Once upon a time I lived in Mexico.
I think you knew that.
I had a lot of free time on my was way before blogging...and I had no books to read.
One day I was shopping with Ana, the mother of the family I was living with, and we stopped at a fabric store.
I found a cross stitch pattern that I liked and I bought it. 
 (Did you know that I cross stitch?)
I spent all of my free time working on the pattern.
Every day after school the girls would find me to check on my progress.
They were fascinated and Ana asked me to teach her how to do it.
I tried.  I wasn't a good teacher.
A year after I had moved home I was going back to Mexico to visit.
I had found a cross stitch design that I knew Ana would love and I spent months working on it.
Every spare minute I had was put into finishing this piece.
The night before I was to fly out to Mexico, my dad and I finished framing what I had done.
I took the frame on the plane as my carry-on and guarded it like it was a new-born baby.
This is what it looked like:

Sorry it's a little fuzzy...

I put my entire heart into this cross stitch and it was bittersweet to finally give it to Ana.
I was the only one who would ever know the hours that went into it and I wasn't sure I wanted to give it up.
But I did...and Ana loved it.

When I went back to Mexico again...a few years later...I stayed with Ana and her family.
When I was alone in the house for a few minutes I went on a search, because at first glance I didn't see the cross stitch anywhere.
I looked on every wall in every room and it was no where to be seen.
It was gone.
And I cried.  It's true, I did.

I never asked Ana about it...
But from time to time I think about it...
(Is that pathetic?  To think about a cross stitch I did a hundred years ago?)
One of these days I'm going to stitch it again...and hang it on my wall...

my arm is still numb...

PS.  I adore Ana...I always will...


Baby Sister said...

That is sad...
You should put some mud on it. ;)

Dazee Dreamer said...

me and bee stings don't get along either.

that is truly tragic on your cross stitch

TJ said...

i cross stitch too. i love it. when i have too much in my head, i sit and cross stitch, and my brain can sort things out. seriously. you should come and visit and see the few that i've done.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps her neighbor, a truly destitute widow with many children and nothing to brighten her little hovel, admired it, and Ana, knowing your tender and giving heart, gave it to her as a tribute to you...

Denise said...

Think good thoughts about Ana. What could have happened is that she truly loved the item but it had come to a tragic end. Maybe she made a pillow and someone ruined it, etc.

Judie said...

That has happened to me, so I know how you feel. I did two oil paintings of my granddaughters to give to their mother. When they moved into a new house, she didn't hang them up again. I saw them in the garage! My husband was furious with her.

I think your cross-stitch is wonderful! I would hang it up in a flash!

One of the first things I did after Mum died was to take the paintings that I had done for her off the walls and stash them away so no one could take them.

Sorry you got stung! Benedryl (sp?)might help, and if not, at least you can have a nap.

Sammi said...

awhh thats a sad story :(

Beth Zimmerman said...

I don't think that was a dumb thing to cry over at all! A piece of your heart goes into every piece of artwork you create and now ... you don't know where that piece is! But God had better plans for it than perhaps you did and now it is gracing another wall in another home and making people (that you may never meet this side of Heaven) smile and wonder about the woman who created it!

Cheeseboy said...

Ahhh for Anna.

Numb is better than pain, right?

Anonymous said...

Okay, this story made me cry. I am so sorry that happened. I have a suggestion to offer. Because Ana and you love each other so much, I am sure she wouldn't have thrown it away.

I want YOU to call her and tell her EXACTLY this- Hi Ana! Hope you are well. This is slightly urgent, so I can't talk much. Remember that beautiful cross stitch pattern I once made for you?? I'm so sorry but I need it back. You won't mind, will you? My friend from India is holding an international charity event. The proceeds will go towards the benefit of the needy people in the world. I do not have the time to make a similar piece so soon. Will you please please courier it to me. Please. Really?!!! THANK YOU!!!


Ana! Guess what? I have a friend who likes the cross stitch pattern I made for you so much, she wants me to teach her. It is a pity I cannot remember how to do it. Can you please courier the one I made for you. I'll send it back in a while.... After a while, say, we're still trying to remake that. Awww. Can I keep the original, Ana? Please. It is making me cry to think that I can't make this again. Really??! THANKS!!!!!!

Now eat. And think about when you're going to make that call. DO IT.

Bossy Betty said...

Sorry to hear about your boo-boo!

I'll bet that beautiful cross stitch is somewhere, dazzling people and treasured.

I cross stitch too, but only pillowcases!!

jayayceeblog said...

People don't always appreciate the time consuming handmade things we give them. I cross-stitched years ago and once made a piece like that. I had a first marriage that was not the match made in heaven I fortunately have now. I spent 4 months cross-stitching an elk in the woods for my father-in-law at the time. It killed me to give it to him. And then I got divorced and I do wonder if he still has it. Your piece is beautiful ... it's really a work of art and you should make one just for yourself! Bummer about the bee sting!