Sunday, September 26, 2010

I'd Like To Take This Opportunity To Tell You...

I'm wondering something...
Where are you while you're reading this post?
Are you curled up in a blanket with something warm to drink?
Are you at work?
Are you on the subway?
Are you at an internet cafe in Honduras?

My husband...that guy I write about sometimes...the one you all adore?
I'd like you to know that while I agree, he is adorable...he has his moments.
This day, in it's entirety, has been a moment.

I have a thumb that doesn't work like it gives out on me at the most inopportune yesterday when I wanted to take a cookie sheet out of the oven and I couldn't grasp it...

My thumb, that I am quite convinced is arthritic, hurts me and once in a while I complain about it to Jason.  He's not so convinced that my thumb is fact he laughs at me when I suggest that my arthritis is flaring up.  He thinks it's an injury taking it's own sweet time to heal.

This afternoon as we were getting out of the car at my parent's house I asked Jason to take the bowl I was carrying, so as to 'help a poor girl out with her arthritic thumb.'  (Because today friends, it hurts like crazy!)  He took the bowl but I didn't hear the end of it.

When my mom asked me to run downstairs and bring something back up for her, Jason said "I'd better go.  Noelle's arthritic thumb is acting up."   I went downstairs, but not before hitting Jason.

It's been like this the entire day...Jason mocking me.  (Which he does quite regularly...he thinks it's part of our marriage vows: 'I promise to mock and laugh at Noelle at least once a day for as long as we both shall live'...but not longer than that, because by the time we're both dead and living in heaven he'd better have matured.  And that's assuming I make it to heaven after my calling Jason a brat at least 12 times today...)


I was brushing my teeth tonight and mentioned that my jaw has been sore for a couple of days and that while I was terribly sorry, I wouldn't be able to kiss Jason goodnight...on account of the pain it would cause.  Jason said, "Maybe the arthritis has spread to your jaw."  I smacked him with my pillow.  When he got into bed he said "let me look at your thumb."  I gave him my hand.  "Now let me look at your other hand."  And then he studied them for a few minutes and said, "Sorry dear.  You really might have arthritis in that thumb.  Look how swollen it is."

Because he finally admitted that I was right and he was wrong, I let him kiss me spite of the pain.

I'm a walking least that's what my sister tells me.

I think I shall tell you a story before I end this post.

You remember Ruthie don't you?
Ruthie is my 3 year old niece.

Ruthie spends every day with her mom: going to work, going to the bank, going to the post office...but mostly going to the bank.
Whenever they get in the car they say 'check' once they've put their seat belts on.
The other day Ruthie's mommy said, "check" and Ruthie piped up from the back seat.
"No more check Mommy.  Now let's say 'checking deposit slip'."
( that's what Ruthie hears her mommy ask for day after day...)
Ruthie's mommy is good to accommodate...and now whenever they put their seat belts on they do as Ruthie requested: they say checking deposit slip.

I'm turning 35 tomorrow (and by tomorrow I mean Tuesday)...I guess that's as good a reason as any that I'm going in search of my blue gel that is meant to ease muscle aches and arthritis pain...


A girl needs 2 Talk said...

Your every word reminds me of my sister! It was her birthday yesterday and she had very similar things to say! I still want to stay in both you girls' good books, so I'm listening and smiling just a wee bit.

p.s. blue gel sounds like a blessing. hope that thumb smiles soon.

p.p.s. I wish I was on a long distance train, taking a vacation, in a cabin all by myself, with PLENTY of cheese while reading this. Sigh. You know where I am.

Diana said...

As a matter of fact I AM curled up in a blanket, drinking my morning coffee while reading this post.

I can sympathize with your arthritic thumb. It's not in my thumb but back and hips. Glad he finally realized you were right and hope you can find relief from the pain on the days you need it. :)

Amy said...

I'm in my living room, all stinky and gross from my morning run. Watching the sunrise over my neighbor's house. It's a much more lovely sight than you're imagining because it's cloudy this morning. *sigh* sweet bliss.

Happy Birthday!

Baby Sister said...

Jason IS a brat. I agree. P.S. I hope you meant tomorrow as in Tuesday...cause today's not your birthday. :)

Heather said...

Happy Birthday!!!

I hope you are not falling apart!!

I am glad Jason admitted you have arthritis. I am also glad that I am not the only one with a bratty husband!!

Have a great day!!

Krystin said...

I'm sitting on the couch, exhausted after taking Addi Roo to the dog park only for her to run in puddles in which case I then had to come home and fight her tooth and nail to wash her before she could come back in the house. It's almost a typical day except that the BF called in sick today, so I get to sit back and watch his ADD in action as he runs circles around me starting projects all over the house. **smile**

Happy early Birthday!

Kristin said...

I'm reading at work. Shh, don't tell!

My boyfriend makes fun of me too and it drives me crazy!!!

Joann Mannix said...

I am on my bed, my favorite place to read blogs as the dryer dings and dings and dings and I ignore it. I have 3 dogs curled up around me and a mountain of feather pillows propping me up.

I think it is written in all marriage vows that men cannot have sympathy for their wives' ailments. Mine makes a mocking, sniffling noise when I complain about anything.

And that little preciousness and her checking deposit slip, oh my!

Have a joyous pre birthday, my darling, darling friend.

Dazee Dreamer said...

Sometimes I'm at work, all in my work clothes.

Other times I'm at home, no bra and comfy

I'm gonna smack Jason for you. errrr

Kristie said...

Dear Jason,

Noelle is always right!

Your friend,

Sandra said...

Can I just point out (because I'm annoying that way) that you're probably both right: it's probably arthritis that has set in due to an old injury...oh just humour me, I have to feel like I'm getting my money out of nursing school somehow.
Always a pleasure Noelle, I find you absolutely delightful and fun, and funny!

Flying Giggles and Lollipops said...

Right now, I am at my desk, but usually at night I am relaxing on the couch.

Jason needs to realize that 99% of the time, you are going to be right.

Your niece is a doll...too funny!

Panda said...

you two are so cute. Love the "vows" and your niece is adorable! kids say the cutest things.

Happy Birthday!!

Jami said...

I'm in my office at home. It's attached to my bedroom and so messy that most people are afraid to enter. (I secretly like that.) My boxer is usually under my feet and my black cat is often curled around my back so that I can't sit back comfortably in my chair. Right now, my 3 y.o. is running laps going in one door and out the other. He thinks it's hilarious. I am glad you'll still like me if my spelling and grammar are off. :)

jayayceeblog said...

At least your Hubby gets a thumbs up for finally conceding that you probably have arthritis. Men!!!