Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's Kind of a Family Reunion

This beauty came to work yesterday.  She comes to work most days.  She calls me 'Damell' because she can't say Noelle.  She'll be three in December.  Yesterday I heard her singing one of her favorite songs from Pink:  "So what ... I'm still a rock star ... I got my rock moves..."

She ducks her head and gets shy...and blushes...and giggles... whenever I say hi to her, but when she's on her own she sings Pink.

This little guy doesn't play, he just works.  When I stopped by his house the other day he was outside moving rocks.  "Noelle, come see the flow rider I'm building."  I went across the street and admired his foundation made of rocks.  I had to ask his mom what a flow rider is.  It's that thing you see sometimes at swimming pools that lets you pretend you're surf boarding.
As I was leaving he said, "Can you tell my dad that I'm going to need the excavator and 6 or 10 bags of cement?"  I told him I would pass along the information.

Trouble was minding her own business when out of nowhere an apple fell from Grandpa's apple tree and hit her right on the nose.  Her nose started bleeding and she ran through the house looking for her daddy. 

I'll be honest, we might have laughed a little bit.

This little guy, Trouble's baby brother,  has to have surgery on his kidney.  It's not working right and they are going to try and fix it.

Trouble's mommy said yesterday, "I'm glad we finally know why he cries so much.  The little guy is in pain."

And me?  I'm just glad I live close enough to all of these little ones to know what goes on in their lives every day.

Oh...and I took my lazy self back to the gym yesterday...it was a proud moment.

And another oh...I ironed one basket full of laundry last night...another proud moment!


Baby Sister said...

Josh cracks me up!!

RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

They are all so precious. Good thoughts to Trouble's baby brother.
Did the worker boy get his excavator and bags of cement?

A girl needs 2 Talk said...

These kids are so cute and funny and just different! The cement baby takes the cake! Yay for gym and laundry??! I am starting to get motivated!

I'm praying for the tiniest kid, too! God bless him. :) I'm going to check for updates on him.

Cheeseboy said...

What a great aunt you must be. So involved - I think it's great.

All of them are great and so unique. But I'm sure one thing they all have in common is that they love their aunt.

The Chicken's Consigliere said...

You ironed? Wow. I never get that far. And you also do marker posts. You are awesome. And those kids. They are great. So did Dad deliver the excawhatever and the bags of cement?

-stephanie- said...

Such cuties. Funny too. Trouble looks like trouble and that makes me smile.

Bossy Betty said...

Sweet!! Great pictures too!

Taylor said...

Very cute kids! They are all quite precious. :) And good job on going to the gym! I am terrible at working in exercise!

Amy said...

an excavator and 6 to 10 bags of cement? Seriously? That kid could make bank finishing people's backyards in my neighborhood....just sayin'.

Amy said...

And best of luck to Trouble's Baby Brother on surgery!

Beth Zimmerman said...

Beautiful children! Praying for Trouble's baby brother and looking forward to a good report!

Venassa said...

I love that the first little girl sings Pink. And praying for Trouble's brother.
You have such adorable little family members!

jayayceeblog said...

Aren't all those little sweetie pies just a breath of fresh air? Love the sweet things they say. And you went to the gym AND ironed all on the same day? What's up with that???