Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Meet My Brothers

These are my brothers...and my lovely sister...and my husband...
My brothers are wearing the pink ties...
My brother-in-law-who is mostly just my brother- is the guy on the left wearing the orange tie...
My husband is the guy on the right wearing the orange tie...
And I'll bet you can guess which one is my sister...

I made cookies Monday night-I had many birthdays to celebrate-including my lovely sister's.
I brought the cookies to work yesterday to package them and make them look birthday-worthy.
As I was tying a bow around one of the packages of cookies my brother Jared came in.
(He's the bald guy on the left in the pink tie.)
He eyed those cookies and me-and gave me that look-the one that said he was going to starve to death if he didn't get a cookie.
I gave him a cookie.

A few minutes later my brother-in-law Kevin came in.  He eyed the cookies in much the same way Jared just had.  I gave him a cookie too.  He deserved it-he had just done a serious plumbing project for me.
As Kevin was about to eat the cookie Jared said, "I wouldn't eat that.  Those cookies are gross."
Kevin ate the cookie anyway.
Kevin lived in Italy for a couple of years and as a result thinks he's a chef.
Actually, when I have a food question I call Kevin as much as I call my mom.
When Kevin was done with the cookie he said, "I don't think you can give those away"-implying of course that they weren't very good.

As I was getting ready to leave work I put the cookies on the front desk while I gathered the rest of my things.  Ben saw the cookies and asked, "Noelle, what are those?"
"They're cookies Ben."
"Noelle, do you have a cookie for me?"
I didn't, not really, but I opened one of the packages that I was going to give away and said, "Here's a cookie." 

He took a bite and then said,
"Noelle, you're a doll."
"You're a jewel...a precious gem...a sweet thing."
And then he ate the rest of the cookie.

Can you guess which brother I'll be making cookies for in the future?


Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

I know which one, but really, I am not overly critical, you can just send them to me! =)

Baby Sister said...

So that's what it meant. You said you would bring me cookies today...did you remember?????????????

Dazee Dreamer said...

haha. you are really so sweet. I wish you were my sister.

-stephanie- said...

From now on all cookies go to your one brother and the rest of us.

Joann Mannix said...

I know who wouldn't be getting the cookies from me except for maybe one winged at his head.

Oh, that wasn't nice and this is a nice blog.

I understand. I have 3 brothers of my own.

jayayceeblog said...

Jared is a baaaaaad boy! No cookies for him for one year!!! (per the Seinfeld soup nazi)

Anonymous said...

I'm trying really hard not to give my cliched dialogue on the cookies... Ben, you're one sensible boy!

Heather said...

The joys of brothers. Mine STILL harass me about my cooking...while they are scarfing it down.

I agree with Joann...throw the cookies at him! (Do it in a nice way!)

Tiff said...

They were the BEST cookies ever to be eaten! Thanks Noelle for a great birthday gift! xoxo

Eh said...

Duh! (smiling) Of course they said your cookies weren't good...cause then your wouldn't give them away...and then they could eat them.

RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

I love the pink ties!

Mary said...

This is a side comment, but my brother went to Italy for 2 years as well and came home "the chef" as well. Did you know it is a sin to break spaghetti noodles to fit them into a smaller pan? Just wondering if Italy does that to everyone.

I would love to have birthday cookies. They are far better than birthday cake.

Tami said...

All Italian missionaries come home chefs. It is because the women don't have time to listen because they cook all day so the missionaries teach them in their kitchens and learn how to cook at the same time. Dave is a wonderful Italian cook. It is also a sin to mix pastas and you should have seen Dave's face the first time I bought Prego lol! I kinda suspect Ben is somewhat of a brown noser hehehe.