Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Post In Which You'll Rejoice When It's Over

If I were to go on a diet...
...which I won't because I don't believe in diets...
...but if I were to go on a diet...
...I still wouldn't...
...because then I'd have to give up things like pumpkin bread...
...and chocolate chip cookies...

Instead I'll have to find the energy to take my lazy self back to the gym...
...or at least back to the mountains that I love...
...but Jason and I have an illness... illness that makes us tired all the time... illness that made Jason say this morning, "I can't open my eyes."
Is there medicine for this kind of illness?
...besides caffeine?

I'll be honest friends, I'm still awaiting inspiration...
...a topic that will wow you with it's splendor...
I'm in good company.
Cheeseboy says he's going through a dryspell too.
...although you'd never know it to read his blog.
By the way, have you read his blog?
You should.

Why don't you be a dear and leave me a comment telling me what I should blog about.

I'll just wait...
And while I'm waiting, I'll give you 10 random facts about me...
(You're not even going to finish reading this are you?  You're going straight to the comment section to tell me what to blog about aren't you?  ANYTHING but random facts about Noelle...that's what you're saying isn't it?)

1. I use at least two, and sometimes all three, of our bathrooms to get ready each day
2. I like to live on the edge: I eat unwashed grapes
3. Sometimes when I'm in Mexico I drink the water

(hold on, I'm asking my sister what she thinks is random about me)

4. I iron my jeans
5. my favorite cereal is Lucky Charms

(hold on again, I'm asking another sister what she thinks is random about me)
(she didn't answer the phone)
(now I'm instant messaging my brother...although he's just in the room next to mine and if I talked loudly he could hear me)
(he says I'm superb...that doesn't count)

 6. Whenever Jason uses the hot water he lets it go until he burns his hands and says 'HOT!' before he'll turn on any cold water.  I tell him, "Honey, it's going to be hot every time you turn it on."

(I know, I know, that wasn't about me...but I'm still thinking)

7. For the first time in my life I want to cut my hair...but now I have this husband who likes it long...

(I just instant messaged my friend Tia who I've known since high school.  She says I bake fabulous cookies and I haven't given any to her in a while...that can't count either...but I'd better make her some cookies)

8. Making lists isn't my best strength
9. I'm left-handed
10. When I clean my house I listen to the soundtrack from Les Miserables ... or ... Counting Crows

PHEW...this post has taken me over two hours to write...
I'll end it now and put you out of your misery.

Tomorrow's Crayola Goodness is going to take your breath away!!!


Kristina Carter said...

HI Noelle, this is Kristina (Otterstrom) Carter. My mom told me about your blog. I just read the last few and thought I'd give you a few window treatment rules. I don't know a lot of things but window treatments is one:

1- curtains should hang to the sides of the windows and should not cover the window at all when opened.

2-They should mount 6" down from the ceiling regardless of window height.

3-They should touch the floor and even puddle a little if desired.

This will help make your window look larger. Also go for a pattern with a variety of colors.

Hope this helps.

Kristin said...

1-5 was like reading my own list :)

Let's see, what to blog about....I have no idea as I struggle with this myself!

I know, that wasn't any help, but at least you know you're not alone!! ;)

Baby Sister said...

Oooo...look at Kristina being all smart!!

You, my friend, make me laugh.

Thanks for that.

A girl needs 2 Talk said...

Here I am!! Noelle, my darling, who told you that you need inspiration? You're amazing! I'd read you even if you said, "I'm baking cooking now." & just smile, grin and imagine how they would enter my tummy. :D

I have a question- what do you do in ALL three bathrooms?

Can I make a list about you?
1. You're actually nice.
2. You don't really realize it.
3. You're a great friend.
4. You stole my left-handed fact, which I deciphered with great skill the other day.
5. You write wonderful stories.
6. You have a replica in the making!
7. You climb anything.
8. You have a collection of beautiful mugs that I envy you for.
9. You play the piano & will post a video of your playing with the crayola goodness tomorrow.
10. You are wondering how long it took me to type this. 5 minutes?!!

Julie said...

I love the Three Muskateers. They are always leaving me love, words of wisdom, comments that make me smile and the best of all blogs that keep me coming back.
Thank you Noelle for always being there for me. I do really appreciate it, really!!
I hope that you have a great Friday and a terrific weekend. Take care my friend and God Bless!!!

Christina said...

Blog about football? Do you like football? :)

Dazee Dreamer said...

I loved them all.

I think you should blog about a silly or funny or dumb customer that came in. they are always good for blogs. or someone you talked to on the phone that you are not related to.

Also you can link up this week with "well, what's your answer". I'm giving a sneak peak tomorrow at the question, so you all have time to write your post and link up. It's actually going to be awesome. :)

The Chicken's Consigliere said...

Tell about a time when you were little and you were really excited because you were going to visit someone or something special. How old were you? Where were you going?

Pretend it's 10 years from now. Where are you? What are you doing?

If your life was a movie who would play you?

hope there's something in there that inspires you. Not that I mind reading your lists. I love your lists. Especially when they are in colored markers.

Mary said...

I was hoping you would inspire me. It's too late to make cookies. Maybe I should try Crayola.

Meghan said...

I used to iron my jeans and everyone always made fun of me so I stopped.

Baby Sister said...

P.S. You never asked me what was random about you...RUDE! ;)

Bossy Betty said...

We all go through those dry spells! I go for a really long walk and almost always come back with an idea or two. Try it!

~Onreeone~ said...

new follower from boost your blog friday. Have A great weekend!

jayayceeblog said...

How about a list of your favorites ... food, restaurant, dessert (I must be hungry since all I can think about is food right now), item to wear in your closet, place to vacation, color of ink to write with, holiday, season, flower, concert ever attended, store to shop at, day trip destination, color, TV show, movie that you'll watch over and over. Okay, I'm done! =)

Loralee and the gang... said...

...and I thought I took a long time to write posts!

Cassie said...

I love the counting crows...good choice :> As for the tiredness try B complex which you can find at any store like whole foods etc. Not just b12 but you want the complex that has all the b vitamins and a few other things to help it along, its great, I promise :>