Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Time I Ran Away From Home

I've read three blogs this morning.
2 have made me cry.
It's going to be one of those days.

My friend Chicken, who you will find here , wants to know of a time when I was really excited to go somewhere, how old I was, and where I was going.

It's like this Chicken;  there was this one time I ran away from home...
I was 20 something, and I was going to the Oregon Coast.
And really, I was running away from home.
And I don't know if I was excited, but I was more than ready to go.

My parents were living in Brazil.
My grandpa, who I had taken care of for a long time, had just passed away.
I was heartbroken both because of his death, and because of a dumb boy.
I was exhausted both mentally and physically, and I wanted to be done with my life for a little while.
I did the only thing I could think of:
I bought a plane ticket, rented a car, bought a map, drove myself to a quaint little ocean side town, and found a room right on the beach.
And I stayed there for a few days.
And I sat on logs and watched the waves roll in.
And I walked along the boardwalk.
And I opened my sliding door at night and listened to the ocean.
And I let a lot of tears mix with the water of the ocean.
And I didn't answer my phone, except for if my mom called me all the way from Brazil to check up on me.
And when I finally left that quaint little ocean side town, I felt better.
I was ready to face my life again...and I did...with a smile on my face.
I think it would do everyone good to run away once in a while.

And just one more little thing...
When I first started my blog I had only a few friends and family who read it...
Sandra was my first follower...amazingly, she's still around.
I know a few of my real life friends still read my blog, but I think most of them have disappeared.
So this is a BIG FAT THANK YOU to all of you...my new friends (and those real life friends who are still here)...
...who read and comment and share your life with me...


Joann Mannix said...

First of all, my dear girl, MMMMWWWAAAA, that's my kiss from here to there for my birthday card!!! You are the most darling girl in the whole wide world!

I'm horrible about getting my mail. I live in the country, so my mailbox takes me about a minute to walk to, and that's one minute too long in my opinion. So, I usually hope someone else will retrieve it, but no one ever does. I got about 3 days worth of mail yesterday and there was your card! Oh, I was so excited, I can't even tell you!

I gave you a little thanks on my post today. And don't worry you won't cry at my post today, unless you watch the hula hoop video. Then you'll cry with laughter. A little cheer for my Noelle.

And that Chicken? I love her so, I do. Her posts are just about the most hilarious thing out there.

And you're right, everyone should run away sometimes. It does the soul good. Even when my girls were little and I'd had a tough day which happens often with little ones, when my Hubby would come home, I would hop in my car and just drive. I would meander with no purpose, just to clear my head and have some quiet for some quite precious time alone.

Kristin said...

I'm with you - I think everyone should take an opportunity to run away for even just a few days. It's totally worth it and helps you to rest, gain perspective, and "fill up your cup" as my boyfriend would say. Glad you took that time, sounds like you had quite a few reasons to need it!

Thanks for sharing your stories, I always enjoy them!

Leslie said...

Everyone needs to run away once in a while, don't they? I did once, too when I was 20 but it was all summer. And I loved it and it was perfect timing in my life.

p.s. love the photo, too!

Amy said...

Please please please post the name of that room and that little town. I can't tell you how bad I want to run away.

Heather said...

That was quite brave of you to go there alone! And New York!

Oregon is beautiful, but I hope you don't have to run away again.

Dazee Dreamer said...

I wish that I had your guts. I would never have been brave enough to run away like that.

I love you and consider you one of my dearest friends.

Sandra said...

I love being a witness to all the friendships out there. I was over at Joanne's blog earlier today and she made mention of getting a birthday card, and then I'm here and I see Joanne's comment, so I know you gave her the card. Awwwww, I love that!
Your blog is always filled with love and laughter. A person would never leave here feeling let-down.

Cassie said...

You are so brave to run away, I wish I would have done that throughout life I might have stayed out of trouble if you know what I mean(wink!)Always an inspiration to me, love yah, keep chuggen along :>

Kristie said...

Can I be a real life friend?

OzzyFamily said...

I connected with your story of running away because I can remember times when I wanted to run away too. Thanks for sharing. I love your big picture of the red barn. It looks so beautiful and peaceful. I haven't had much time lately to check on your blog and see what you've been doing, but it is so nice knowing you are there - just a click away and I can see what Noelle is thinking about today. Have a great day!

Mr. Thompson and Me said...

Still here. Always have been - always will.

Love you chica.

(Let's make it a duet and run away to Oregon again together!)

Cheeseboy said...

I am hoping I am a new friend. Amazing how cool my new blog friends are.

Anonymous said...

I still read your blog daily AND I have been here since the first post AND I think I am a real life friend (I better be) AND I still love it (although it has definitely changed since the beginnings) AND I still think you are just as great and wonderful as I have always thought. Thank you!

Sure wish I could run away. :(


Anonymous said...

Do you know that I read this & felt immense relief for you?? I love that you went away. :) :) That is a very pretty picture, I think!

Cheers to your blog!

Kimber said...

Friend! I'm still here and I always read, but I don't stop to comment. Congrats on your 6 month anniversary. I love you loads.

Judie said...

WAAAA! Everyone has already said what I planned to say! I guess that means that you have an awful lot of friends who connect with you in more ways than one.

Next time, don't run away without me!

jayayceeblog said...

Good for you for just doing what you needed. Seems to me we could all do this little exercise occasionally - run away and sit by the ocean to ponder. Sounds good to me.

Julie said...

Running away doesn't sound all that bad, even at nearly 50 now. Life just isn't as simple as it once was and there are times the me time is just yelling so loud.
Thank you for sharing Noelle. I'm off to read a bit more. Take care and God Bless!!