Monday, October 25, 2010

Doctors are evil

Hello everyone!! It's Baby Sister. :)

My dear sister Noelle has a doctor's appointment today and asked me to post a blog for her

I will gladly blog for her, but I am kind of protesting her going to the doctors

He's still trying to figure out what is wrong with her and her head and why she feels like she's on a constant merry-go-round

So tody he is going to purposefully make her sick and dizzy...which will make her throw up

And I don't know about you, but I just don't approve of that at all

I told Noelle that and she said "But if he figures out what's wrong with me..."

I'm glad she's taking it better than I am.

Anyway, she asked me to blog for her because she's pretty sure she won't be feeling up to doing much of anything after her trip at the doctor's (I wouldn't be either...and it's a perfect excuse to go home and sleep...)

That actually makes me want to set up an appointment to get all that work done just so I can go home and sleep... it worth it?

Probably not.


You want to see a really cool picture I took?

I was at work the other day walking past Noelle's office and looked down and saw this:

 Noelle planted some Vinca Minor (a perennial groundover vine...meaning it comes back every year and takes over everything. :) in front of her office...either this spring or last year, I forget which, and here it is growing through some pipe. It just looks so cute!!

Has anyone ever noticed that you get more inspiration on certain computers than others? Like...the more comfortable you are, the better your posts turn out? That's how I feel. Sometimes, when I'm home on my computer, my posts don't seem to turn out as good as when I use Mama Smurf's laptop and sit on the couch to write.

But then, some days I feel like I write better on a desktop than a laptop. And then other days it's the opposite. I don't get it. I do believe that when you're more comfortable you write better...and maybe it's just cause my computer's monitor is bigger than mom's laptop  and I feel like I have more room to work? I don't's weird.

The point of this is to say that I don't feel very inspired right now. So maybe when you use someone else's computer you don't write so well either? I guess anything is possible.

Speaking of comfort though, I need to get an actual desk for my computer...

Maybe something like this:

But I might save that for one day if I have a work desk. I really think it's kinda cool...different, but then again so am I. :)

Or this:

Simple, but nice



The thing is, my monitor is 22" and my tower is pretty big it needs to be pretty long

Otherwise I would get this:

I might just save that one for my work desk instead...cause I just love it, and my work computer won't have to be AS big...I won't be a huge snob. :) (that is, if I get a work computer anyway...)

But if I get a new desk I have to get a new chair...

So we have this:

Which I really like actually...that might be the one I pick...

But there's this:

Which is pretty cool...I don't know that it looks terribly comfortable, I'd have to try it out first...

Or this:

Which looks a bit TOO stiff for me...I don't know that I would like that so much


To be perfectly honest, I don't really like that one...but I put up four desks, so I had to put up four chairs. :)

Those all aren't my only choices, obviously, but those are Ikea's best choices and I'm turning into a really big Ikea fan...which is very unfortunate for my wallet...and the life of my future money. It might be more short lived that it thought it would be.

Okay, I have sufficiently rambled on for long enough...I shall leave you all in peace now

I hope you all have an amazing day!!

I'll keep you updated on the Noelle progress if there is anything to update. :)


p.s. If you got bored, you could always hop on over to my blog and read and if you like you could always follow me. I'd let you. :)

p.p.s. What do you expect? It's a free plug for myself...of course I'm going to go for it. :)

p.p.s.s. bye!!


Dazee Dreamer said...

please do keep us posted. and i love you man!!!

Anonymous said...

Manda... you just made my day a lot better. Thank you.

I'm sending hugs to you, Noelle. Today is the day! It'll all be good now! :)

Venassa said...

Poor Noelle.. at least she's taking it good. I am terrified of throwing up so I could not go through with it.

Love your desk and chair choices. I especially like the fancy chairs.. but I would also have to test them out first.

I also find I feel better about blogging when I'm more comfortable. Which is usually at work.

singedwingangel said...

Hope she finds out something soon. But you know I have a woman who uses the product I use and sell. She was having similar issues along with a ringing in her ears and when she got on the program she began to notice changes. Perhaps it is a simple vitamin defeciency

Cheeseboy said...

Wait, wait, wait! "Baby Sister" is Noelle's actual baby sister?! I had no idea!!! Seriously, this is very eye opening to me.

Well, I hope she pukes all over the doctor.

Elizabeth said...

I love chair #2. I wonder if it is comfortable.

Hope everything goes well at the doctor for you, Noelle (even though I'm commenting way after the fact).

xo -El

jayayceeblog said...

You are a wonderful Baby Sister to do blogging duty. Sure hope they figure out what's going on with her soon!

I agree; you write better when you're comfortable. I am usually sitting on a barstool at my kitchen island with my laptop. Comfy pajama pants and a cup of coffee always inspire me. And maybe a cookie. Or some yogurt covered pretzels. Or a big glass of Arizona Raspberry Iced Tea. Okay, now I'm hungry and thirsty!