Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'm In Love With

Carmel Apple Cider.
Have you had it?
It's a Stephen's Limited Edition.
I think I shall have a give away.

Yes, you read that right.
I'm going to have a give away.
I just decided, right this very minute.

While I type the rest of this post I will think of the rules to the give away.
Would you like to know what Jason said about my hair?
"It frames your face, and shows off your smile.  More attention should be given to both I think."
That is why I married him.

That and the fact that he is usually the one to change the sheets on the bed.
And this time around, he finally consented to put the down comforter back on the bed.
I sleep in heaven every single night.
I'm in love with Carmel Apple Cider AND our down comforter.

(Should give away be hyphenated? This I do not know.  And as it's 12:35 a.m. I do not care.)

I realized, just barely, that I haven't told you my favorite story of the week.
I think you'll like it.
The other day my mom called me.
Our conversation went as follows:

Me: "Hi Mom."
Mom: "Hi.  I know why the oatmeal cookies I made last week didn't turn out."
Me: "Why?" (I didn't know that she had made oatmeal cookies that didn't turn out, but I pretended I did.)
Mom: "I forgot to put the oatmeal in."

And then we both laugh a lot.

Mom: "I am just rewriting that recipe you gave me and I didn't write oatmeal anywhere. I'm losing it."
Me: "Umm Mom?  I didn't give you an oatmeal cookie recipe.  I gave you a chocolate chip cookie recipe.  It didn't call for oatmeal."

And then we both laugh even more.

Poor Mom.
Did you know she blames her lack of memory on the fact that she had triplets and twins, and two more in the space of just a few years?
She might be on to something.
And if that's the case, "Dear Mom, stop praying I'll have triplets.  Do you want my memory to end up in the same place that yours is going?  I didn't think so."

Can I tell you just one more thing I'm in love with?
Cream of Wheat Cereal.
(Did you all think I was going to say my husband?  That would have been cheesy, and this blog is not about being cheesy.  Sorry Cheeseboy, no offense.)
Oh for the love...who are we kidding?
I AM in love with my husband...and Cream of Wheat Cereal.

On to the give away, or give-away, whichever you prefer.
Here's what you have to do.
1. Leave me a comment telling me why you should get the Carmel Apple Cider (which you should mix with water, NOT milk.  Just ask my brother.  Why would anyone think to mix cider with milk?  Ben?  Can you answer that?)
That's it...easy peasy.
BUT WAIT...here's something to sweeten the deal:
If you are a lurker and you comment, your name will go into the hat TWICE!
Trust me...this Carmel Apple Cider is worth the extra work of actually clicking over to my blog and commenting!
(Shouldn't I be compensated by Stephen's for this amazing endorsement?  I think yes.)

This give away/give-away will end Friday the 15th at 4:27 p.m.

And now I'm headed to bed...where Jason is slumbering peacefully.  Sadly, I'm not tired.  Perhaps I'll find one of his 12,568 headlamps and read for a while.


DG at Diary of a Mad Bathroom said...

Carmel apple cider sounds like fall to me.

Heather said...

All right. I'll comment first ruining my chances of winning!!
That was the perfect thing to say about your hair. How sweet.

Your mom sounds hilarious and having triplets and twins and more would definitely ruin my memory....and even more of my mind!!

(Why are you up so late? Are you a night owl?)

Have a great day!

wjmom said...

Just because of his sweet comments, I will be in love with your husband, too (in all the appropriate ways, of course). I also love Cream of Wheat. So caramel apple cider can only be a little slice of heaven.

But if I win, I'd really rather just hang out with you for an hour and a cup of cider. You can keep the rest, and I will buy my own afterward. :)

acte gratuit said...

Dear Noelle,
Here is why I should win this giveaway:
1. I'm a lurker
2. I love love LOVE Stephens, and especially Stephens Apple Cider, and I'm pretty dang sure I'd love it even more with Caramel in it.
3. I live in Northern Japan and have no (ZERO) access to Stephen's Caramel Apple Cider.
4. It's the start of a long, cold, depressing winter here and I could use some cheering up.
5. I've never won a blog giveaway and I think I'll actually be truly disappointed if I don't win this one!
6. Did I mention I live in Northern Japan? Very far from a Costco or Super Target or Albertson's or Dan's Food? (*tortured sigh*)
7. Oh, but I do have an American address, so shipping wont be terrible.
8. Have I convinced all other entrants to withdraw yet???
Emily in Japan
9. Would it help to bribe you with some Japanese Sea Glass? Chopsticks? Sushi erasers?

Dazee Dreamer said...

Dear Noelle
I am a stalker of yours. I think I should get the stephens carmel apple cider because, I am the first one to comment. and I will keep commenting, until you say, stop commenting, no one else can get through.

And I knew that Jason would love your hair.

Dazee Dreamer said...

My dearest Because Nice Matters
I am very nice. I love carmel apple cider

Dazee Dreamer said...

Me again, Did I win yet?

Baby Sister said...

I should because I just edited my blog again just for you because I love you. :)
I think you should do more blogs at midnight when you're not tired. They're fun. :)

Baby Sister said...

Not to say that ALL of your blogs aren't fun...you know what I mean. :p

-stephanie- said...

acte gratuit, that lurker up there, just may have convinced me to not want to win.
But just in case...I should win because just last week, hubby and I went to a coffee shop and I ordered some caramel apple cider. I was drawn in because of the word caramel. After tasting it, I noticed that there was NO taste of caramel to be found.
So if you say that Stephen's Limited Edition Carmel Apple Cider is something to be in love with, then I should win, so my faith in caramel apple cider can be restored. Thank you.

Judie said...

I would hate to think that I am a lurker. I'm not, am I?

If I win the Carmel Apple Cider, I would immediately give it to my husband, who simply LOVES apple cider. I would do this because I love him.

Please go to bed. Don't sleep on the couch, either!!

Jessica said...

Awesome! You should pick me because I adore Stephen's, haven't tried their caramel apple cider yet, and I'm stuck at home with a very sick little girl. I could use a pick-me-up!

MamaMags said...

Caramel apple cider sounds divine. When I DON'T win your giveaway I'll look for it. My luck is such that I could have an entry in any contest 500 times and any other person just 1 time and the other person would win. Just sayin', thats my luck, or lack thereof.
Emily in Japan sounds like she really needs the win, take the bribe of the Japanese sea glass....

Kristie said...

I love love love your mother! I could hear the conversation as I was reading it & trust me, I was laughing out loud! Do you think she'll adopt me for the next year & a half?

If I don't win the contest, I think the girl in Japan should just because she lives in Japan. Do you think that's a little biased? :)

Anonymous said...

:D I am laughing at the comments here!!

You know I badly want you to have triplets, don't you? :D Jason can help with memory issues.

Carmel Apple Cider- honestly, I do not know what that is. So, I will google. Will I be entered with that comment?

Diana said...

I love all your posts! I don't comment on ALL of them (does that make me a lurker???) but your blog is one of my favorites.

Carmel Apple Cider sounds so fall-ish and yummy! I'd love to try it!

Kimber said...

I think I should win the Cream of Wheat. Wait - what are you giving away again? Cookies? :)

Love your hair. Can we finally get together next week?

jayayceeblog said...

I should win the cider because it is 97 degrees where I live today and I am desperately craving a taste of Fall. Your mom sounds like a total hoot -- how nice that you have those laughs together! And now I want cookies!!!

Tricia said...

Hey, Noelle! I really like your writing and have enjoyed reading the last few posts. I'm glad we got far enough into getting to know each other so I could get your blog address.

And I should win the cider because to deliver it, all you have to do is walk a few hundred feet. :)

Elizabeth said...

I'm nearly a day late in commenting on this post for the giveaway because I just found your blog today (which is the story of my life). But I'm hoping that you haven't done it yet and you'll let me enter late because I just spent the last hour reading back a month's worth of posts and I really think we'd be great friends (OK, that didn't sound so creepy in my head). We have lots in common and based on the clues I've gathered, I think we life in the same county. So if I win this delish sounding cider mix, we could meet in person (OK, that sounded way less creepy in my head, but new friends are always a good thing, right? Especially when you find out I'm not a creepy internet stalker). In any case, I love what you have to say. And I'm following you. But totally not in the creepy internet stalker way.

xo -El

Amy said...

Ooh ooh! I wish I lurked. Oh how I wish I lurked.

Jami said...

sheesh! I've been busy! Look what I missed! and for the record I decided to call it a giveaway. Spell check is not yelling at me, not that I care too much.

Jami said...

I had to look it up. Yay me! I was right. So there you go.

Not that I am gloating, just saving you the look-up. (Uh-oh that's not a real word is it?)