Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Internet Keeps Crashing

How do you feel about being on this side of the screen today?
The other day I went to WalMart and stood in a long check out line.
I watched the cashier interact with the customers ahead of me.
More accurately, I watched as the cashier didn't interact with the customers.
He didn't say a word.  Not hello.  Not how are you.  Not thank you.
And he didn't make eye contact.
He didn't come across as the shy type.  Rather, he was just indifferent.

As the cashier was scanning my items I had a conversation with him.  It was mostly one-sided.
"Do you ever talk?" I asked him.
He didn't say anything.  Just gave me a sullen look.
"Isn't it in your job description to at least greet the customer?"
"Maybe ask them how they are?  How their day is going? At the very least to say thank you?"
Again with the sullen look.
"I just think that people get a lot further in life when they're nice."
The sullen look changed to a glare.
"Anyway, that's just my opinion."
And as I was taking my bag of groceries the young man snarled a "Have a great day."

I should probably just keep my mouth shut in those situations.
It's possible he was having a really bad day.
Maybe he wrecked his car on the way to work.
Maybe his girlfriend had just broken up with him.
Maybe his mom had washed his mouth out with soap for saying naughty words.
I promise that in the future I will try to keep my opinions to myself.

I went to the grocery store last night, and did a load of laundry, AND fixed Jason and my sister dinner.
Are you impressed?

Do you remember when we played that game called, "Won't You Be My Interior Decorator?"
(It's like unto the song that Mr. Rogers sings: 'Won't You Be My Neighbor?'
We went with the majority vote:

So...because you did so well last time, and because my personal interior designer has taken an extended leave of absence...
Care to help me out with one more little thing?
It's the windows.
What do I do with the windows?
My interior decorator thinks I should hang curtains from the top window all the way to the floor.
I'm not sure I like the idea.
If I only put curtains on the bottom window will the top windows look unfinished?
Here - another picture to help in this decision making process:

I'll just be here, with the crashing internet, awaiting your response.
And you know that I'll do what you say.
I've always been obedient.
That's one of my strengths.
Giving my opinion to random cashiers at WalMart...not so much.


Anonymous said...

I'd have a stained glass design put in the upper windows. Maybe just a clear glass design, or one with a touch of color. Since they seem to be for adding light to the room and no one could 'peek in' at night. On the lower windows, I'd go with either a semi-opaque pleated shade that opens both top down or bottom up. And/or a drape with a valance. (or both!)
As for the Walmart fellow, just be glad he wasn't the greeter!

Kristin said...

I think you should definitely keep curtains away from the top windows. They let in a lot of light. I like the idea of curtains covering the entire wall, even behind the TV. Probably a light color, since your furniture and the TV are dark. It's hard to tell how tall that space is though, under the art, so maybe that's a bad idea. LOL How about shutters? I love me some shutters!!

About the Walmart guy - can anybody really be happy working at Walmart? I'm just sayin'...

Joann Mannix said...

I am no decorator, in fact I am decorating challenged. But I like your first commenter's idea about the stained glass. I have some stained glass antique pieces as a few windows in my house and the effect is lovely.

My husband is the very same way. He cannot keep quiet when someone is just sullen like that. I think he finds it a challenge to get them to crack a smile.

I hope you're feeling better.

Elizabeth said...

Curtains to the floor would be a little weird. How about Roman shades with a valance at the top?

Also, I'd rather had the cashier who doesn't say anything that the one who runs her own little continuous monologue so that you feel like you missed something in the conversation when you get to the checkout and are trying to find a polite way to disentangle yourself from after you've paid so your ice cream doesn't melt before you can get it home to the freezer. (Whew! that was a totally run-on sentence!)

xo -El

Anonymous said...

I like that stained glass idea for the upper windows too. I've never seen 4 windows on one wall ever. So, I've had to think really hard.

Don't do anything to the lower windows. They look fine.

Add a tall enough plant near the left lower window for some color. Retain the little table with the photoframe there. Add a candle/something like that beside it.

Near the right lower window, because you're the crafty type, add a red border to the upper and lower edges of the lampshade and maybe, add some embellishment/flower/whatever near the top of it. I think it'll distract the focus from the window.

Is it possible to put the vase under the right lower window (on a lower level as compared to the lampshade, so it looks like a step) with long stemmed flowers for some more color? Maybe, if the plant on the right looks too large, compensate here by adding a small stack of 2-3 books.

Hope you're not bored of me. :)

Julie said...

Did you know they make stain glass stick on at Home Depot? I saw that a few years ago. Another idea, I've seen those cool framed stain glass piece you could put up there. I like that idea from the first comment.
If I get a crabby checker it's my job to bug them into a smile, if at all possible. I know most people say something and you wonder if something had happened to make them crabby.
Thanks for stopping by Noelle. It's been a while since I've had a chance to check on blogs. Sorry about that. I'm glad you reminded me by stopping by.
Take care and have a blesed evening. I'm off to read more to see what I've missed.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Joan, I suck at interior decorating, in fact, I am an inferior decorator. I do, however, LOVE the idea of stained glass windows. If they're in a position where the sun shines directly through them at some point in the day, imagine the gorgeous pictures the light could paint on your walls or carpet as it streams through such windows!!

Heather said...

I think you should put a valance on both. The kind that is a triangle and comes to a point. It will go with the diamond accents.

Of course. I am anti curtain because I am freaky allergic and they attract allergic type stuff.

Sandra said...

Sorry, can't help you with the interior design stuff. I'm lucky if my shower curtain isn't vinyl.
However, I do want to say "Good for you for talking to the cashier!" I love that. No, I don't think you should feel anything but glad that you at least tried to reach out. Who knows, right. Maybe he needed someone to acknowledge him. Because really, how often do people go through the cashier and give a crap about that person. I think you're fantastic and I love your approach to life.

Dazee Dreamer said...

Oh keep talking to those cashiers. he was just a dummiehead. (I learned that cool world from my grandkids). I always talk to the cashiers and tellers wherever I go. I'm a goonball, I admit it.

Tiffany said...

My mother is an interior designer and I still call her when I need to hang something on my wall. I wish I had some fabulous insight as to how best treat those windows... alas, I've got nothin'. I think the design skills skip a generation. Hopefully one of my girls will have the gift.

I'm impressed that you spoke directly to the checker. I usually do the passive agressive thing and mumble unpleasantries under my breath as I walk away.

I too had a mute disgruntled Walmart employee "help" me the other day. If I'd had 5 extra minutes I would have found his boss to voice my dissatisfaction. I'm not a big fan of Wally world and try not to go there very often. It may not be pleasant, but its always an adventure.

Hope your head is cooperating and not doing the dizzy thing!

adrienzgirl said...

I do the same thing you did when cashiers are sullen like that. They get paid to provide customer service.

As far as the windows go. I do think they need something. The top ones would look lovely with a drapery rod and a sheer or silk balloon valance.

Shan said...

I think you shouldn't do top to bottom curtains because the wall art hangs in the path.

Love how it's turned out so far!

Shan said...

I forgot to mention I laughed out loud at the WalMart story.

RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

I think you should go back to the Walmart cashier to ask for his opinion on the windows. You're awesome for suggesting he simply be courteous. Really. He needed to hear it, whatever he's going through.

Tiff said...

no offense to anyone, but I hate the idea of stained glass windows. You're wall is harsh. It is square with only square windows and now it has some beautiful metal things on it. It looks great, but it needs some softening. Curtains would help the metal item/plates stand out more, but give your wall a sense of comfort/hominess feeling. Just my opinion. I stay stick with the sister. :)

the other sister

Erin and Co. said...

It was very interesting being on the other side of the screen. defiantly threw me for a loop! :)

jayayceeblog said...

Having been in retail for many years myself, it drives me nuts when "customer service" people are so rude and indifferent. I'll say things like, "Gee, I'm sorry you're having such a bad day." Not that they care or they wouldn't act like that in the first place, I suppose.

I'd leave your windows just the way they are. But if you're going to hang curtains, how about a sheer panel that looks floaty and soft?

Amy said...

I agree with floaty and soft - but I know nothing.

Also I think stained glass that high up would be....wasted? Maybe that's dumb....I don't really know.

I think the windows should let in light and not be blocked by anything (including any type of colored glass) maybe frame them! Like build a picture frame around it! (that might be weird....)

Jami said...

That looks like it would be one long-ass curtain. Or ..two, I guess.