Monday, October 11, 2010

A Post In Which I Confess Something

Today is Jason's birthday.
Won't you all wish him a happy birthday?
And tell him he doesn't look 40.
(But don't tell him I told you to say that part.)

Jason's Birthday...Jason's Birthday...
I want to tell you about our 'romantic' weekend away...
I really do.
But it's going to take me swallowing all of my pride to do it.
Hold on while I swallow.

Here's how it played out:

My uncle's cabin is nestled into the trees on the side of a mountain.
It's a cozy, comfortable, very 'Welcome Home' kind of cabin.
And we found it without getting lost once.
We found the key in it's secret hiding spot and let ourselves in.

The cabin is beautiful: high ceilings, big leather furniture, a love sac or two, and an electric fireplace.
We unloaded our things and realized that there was not a frying pan to be found anywhere.
And we needed a frying pan.
We headed to the nearest town and bought ourselves a $20 griddle at the grocery store.
We ate Jason's birthday dinner at a cozy little place called the Bear Claw Cafe.
Jason ordered filet mignon.  I'm sure it tasted divine, but I can't be sure.
I have a rule about eating red meat.
I don't do it.

Back at the cabin we turned on the fireplace, snuggled into a love sac, and started a movie.
We moved the TV closer to the fireplace and pushed play.
After about 30 minutes I got up to stretch my back and stood close to the fireplace.
It was then I noticed that the back of the TV looked like it had melted.
I said, "Ummm Jason, I think we melted the TV."
His response was, "WHAT?"
We turned on the light and sure enough the TV was melted.
I looked at Jason, he looked at me, and we both said, "crap."

A few minutes later, Jason was looking for the remote control.
The TV worked just fine, in spite of it's appearance, and we wanted to finish our movie.
We looked under the pillows, and under the cushions, and behind the curtains...
The remote was nowhere to be found.  (And in our defense, because we need it, the remote was lost before we got there.)
Jason went to look under the couch and lifted it a bit to see underneath it.
By lifting the couch he bumped the table behind the couch, and by bumping the table behind the couch, one of the candles that was sitting on the table fell off and broke into many pieces.
"Oh good grief.  I want to go home."
That's what I said.

I looked at the bottom of the candle holder that was still in perfect condition and said, "Oh, I know where my aunt got this.  We can just go tomorrow and buy a new piece of glass to replace it.  And while we're there, we can look for a new TV."

We cleaned up the glass, finished the movie, and went to bed.

I had plugged in a space heater in the bedroom to warm it up a bit.  I put the space heater in the middle of the room, away from any curtains or furniture.  After our night, I didn't want to take any more chances.  Instead of sleeping I had a million thoughts of the space heater malfunctioning and starting a fire, and so before I could sleep I got up and unplugged the space heater.

The next morning after a lovely breakfast we drove into Park City where we looked everywhere for a TV.  We had zero luck.  We couldn't find it in a store, and we couldn't find it online.  In fact, they no longer make this TV.  And a new model would cost half of my paycheck.  We finally determined to tell my uncle that in spite of it's appearance the TV still works, and if he would like us to pay for a new one, we would.

The next stop was for a new piece of glass for the candle holder.  I showed the glass to the lady in the store and of course, they no longer make that size.  Instead, they had one that was a little bit taller and not quite as wide.  We compared the two pieces and decided it would be okay.  But instead of buying one piece of glass we had to buy two. There was another candle, that didn't fall, and they had to match.

We got back to the cabin where we loaded the dishwasher, washed the sheets and towels, and cleaned everything that we had used.  After everything was loaded into the car I went back inside to check the fireplace for the 7th time.  It was still turned off.  As I was walking out the door I took one last precaution.  I stopped the dryer that had been going and took the towels out of it and decided to let them air dry.  Because with my luck, the dryer would have sparked a flame somewhere and burned the whole place down.

And friends, I'd like to say that I wasn't being completely unreasonable in my line of thinking.
The last time we stayed at a cabin (actually it was really a glorified barn, but it was our's and we loved it), it did burn the ground...7 years of my dad's constant labor...gone.  You can read that story here if you want to.


The novel is almost finished.
We were telling my family about our run of bad luck yesterday.
After laughing for a minute my dad said, "If the TV had melted on your watch the plastic would have been soft.  Was it soft?" 
And Jason and I both said, "No, actually it wasn't."
And Dad said, "Chances are it was probably already melted."
So...a letter to my Aunt who reads this blog...and to her daughters who also read this blog:

"Dear Aunt,
Thank you for letting us use your cabin.
It was lovely.
We may or may not have melted the back of the TV.  We don't know.
If we did, and if you are mad at us forever, we will buy you a new one if it means we can get back in your good graces.
And that candle? 
Don't you think the new glass looks better anyway?
With love and adoration, and the promise to never step foot on your property again,
Your Niece."


Baby Sister said...

Silly Noelle and Jason. :)

Joann Mannix said...

Hi Honey! I'm back! And well! Praise the Lord Above.

Happy Birthday to your handsome spy husband! I hope his day is a joyous one. I'm sure you'll make certain it is.

That is just too funny about the TV. It probably WAS melted before! You're just like me, I can't leave a single thing on when I leave the house. I won't even run the dishwasher when we go to sleep in fear of a flood.

And see, every day I figure out we have more and more in common. My non spy husband's birthday was yesterday! Great men were born in October, that's for sure.

Judie said...

I LOVE it! You really had a wonderful time together, didn't you! I thought so!

Dazee Dreamer said...

no fair making me laugh while eating my lunch.

Chuck and Eliza said...

Niece Noelle
I am so sorry you were so worried about everything. You should know that there is nothing important to me in that cabin, especially a stupid tv and a glass candle thingy. Eliza says that tv isn't good anyway and I know McKay would cheer if it were totally destroyed - he thinks cabins are for talking to each other. I want you to go back anytime - nobody uses it anyway - except Michael and his buddies to hang out - they probably melted the tv and stole the frying pan. No really, anytime you want. Love Aunt in Kansas City

Dominguez Family said...

I can completely understand the fear of lighting something on fire. After that episode of Little House on the Praire when the blind school burns down, life has never been the same.

Sam said...

LOL! What a weekend. But hey, at least you've got a great story!

Sandra said...

I love you and Jason and your adventures. I can never sleep either when I have made a fire in our fireplace/stove. I have to get up every 1/2 hour to make sure our house has not caught on fire!

Happy birthday Jason. You sure don't look 40 (and Noelle did not tell me to say that, either)

Venassa said...

Haha.. those kinds of experiences, while not so enjoyable at the time, make for great stories. At least you may not have melted the tv.
And Happy Birthday to Jason!

-stephanie- said...

Happy 4oth Birthday Jason! Anyone younger than me does not look old. Have a great day!

You almost lost me at electric fireplace. :o( But I moved past it and read on. Poor you, having to worry all weekend over nothing. I would have turned the space heater off too. Hope you had a wonderful weekend anyway despite having to look at red meat.

Cheeseboy said...

Note to self: Never invite you and your husband to our cabin.

This was a funny, funny story.

Erin and Co. said...

LOL wow this sounds like something out of my life!! Alls well that ends well. :))

Erin @ I Should Be Studying

adrienzgirl said...

You seriously amuse me. Probably because we do the same silly things, and it's easier to laugh at you than myself. mean laugh with you. Yes, I am laughing with Noelle! Uh-huh!

DG at Diary of a Mad Bathroom said...

It would be awesome if the TV was already melted when you got there. I will cross my fingers for you.

Anonymous said...

Seriously? I read this with open mouth initially. I then followed it up with one hand covering my face as I read it, screaming, "Noooooooo!"

I'm glad you didn't melt the tv.

I'd imagine you must get a blood pressure check, the two of you!

I'm glad this was MEMORABLE! :D

jayayceeblog said...

Beyond all the stress of his mountainy cabiny birthday celebration, I hope Jason had a wonderful time! Great story!