Thursday, October 28, 2010

Well I Never

I just called my doctor's office.
I need to see him.
He and I...we need to talk.
This is not the doctor who is dealing with my dizzy issues.
This is MY doctor.
The one who has treated me since I was a kid.
I'd like to think we're tight.
His secretary said, "Well, depending on why you need to see him, he might have time in the morning."

And so I explained that I've had a headache going on 2 weeks now and that I would just like to talk to him.
"If the only thing you have going on is a migraine he can see you...if it's more than that he can't."
"What do you mean 'if it's more than that?'" I asked.
"I mean if your only problem is a migraine you can come in."
That's when I said, "never mind" and hung up the phone.
My mom, who hadn't been listening to the conversation, said, "So, when are you going?"
I told her I wasn't.
She asked why.
"Because Mom, what if I want to ask him something else too?"
And then I might have acted like a 13 year old and said, "If he doesn't have the time for me, I'm not going."

That's when my mom picked up the phone and called the doctor.
She is tight with him too.
She asked to speak to Theresa, who is my doctor's secretary.
Theresa was at lunch.
Theresa called her back.
Mom just called me.  "You have an appointment at 9:45 in the morning."
So there's that.

Last night I made cookies for a meeting I had to go to.
I doubled the recipe.
I put the first batch into the oven.
I took the first batch out of the oven and realized that something wasn't right.
I put the second batch into the oven.
I took the second batch out of the oven with the same scenario.
I looked at the recipe again.
Instead of 1 teaspoon of baking soda, I used 1 teaspoon of salt.
I threw everything away and started over.
I blamed it on the headache.

The headache my sister tried to cure.
Except that she almost killed me in the process.
Have you ever had to drink a glassful of apple cider vinegar?
I wouldn't recommend it.
Before she gave me the drink Becca said, "Plug your nose and don't unplug it until I tell you to."
I did exactly what she told me to.
I still threw up.
I told my sister I hated her.
I hope she didn't take me seriously.


Dazee Dreamer said...

You gotta love moms. I called back a doctor that never got back to my daughter, and let me tell you, she was seen as soon as she could get there. Don't ever piss off the mama bear.

Tiff said...

I hate doctors! I am going in today too. What did they tell you?

Taylor said...

I hope you get some answers! That is totally something my mom would do :)

Heather said...

All of that and you didn't even have cookies! Terrible!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Dazee. Mums are pure magic. :)

Hope you have a fun meet with him!

p.s. Why didn't you chooose to take the salted cookies for the girl who spoke to you over the phone?? She would have then wanted to ask the Doctor more than one question AND the way I see it, he most likely would NOT have had the time for those, this morning, too! :D :D

Panda said...

ooh i hope your migraines gets better! I have only had one for a couple days at a time and i was losing it. can only imagine you would put salt instead of baking soda. :(
Long bath time!!

Anonymous said...

I give you credit for starting over with the cookies. I would have taken a nap. Feel better!

Mary said...

I prefer massages to vinegar for headaches myself.

jayayceeblog said...

As I've said before, your Mom simply ROCKS! Why are the appointment setters in doctor's offices always so snooty? I am sad for your cookie dough debacle. And what did you ever do to your sister that she would do that to you???

Jami said...

I once had to take a spoonful...a mere spoonful of that dreadful stuff. The smell took my breath and I inhaled (gasped) sharply and ...yes I inhaled it instead of drank it. I coughed for weeks. It was awful. We'll never know how close to death I came.