Monday, November 22, 2010

A Long Post - To Make Up For Yesterday's Short One

"I don't care if you hurt.  I don't care if you can't hear anything out of your right ear.  I don't care...I don't care...I don't care..."
That's what I told my head as I was getting ready to go to the gym.
"I need the gym.  YOU need the gym.  You think you're sick now?  If I don't get to the gym your physical problems will be nothing compared to your mental ones."  That's what I told my head too.
The 'gym' was actually the club house where my sister lives.  It's one minute away and I was too lazy to drive any farther.  I had my ipod, the latest People magazine, and a water battle.  I was ready for that treadmill.
Except that sometime in the last few months they've changed the key to the club house, and I couldn't get in.
Looks like my head won.

When Jason got home a few minutes after I did he said, "You didn't go to the gym?"
I told him that it was his responsibility as my husband to go for a walk with me.
Never mind that it was dark - and freezing cold - literally.
He said he would go with me if I would go with him to Golden Corral for dinner.
I agreed.
That husband of mine, he's a fan of buffets.
I pulled out my bag full of gloves, scarves, and hats and bundled up.
"Can I wear a hat?" Jason asked.
"Yes, but they're all really girly."
He didn't seem to mind.


It's not right...the way he can make a girly hat look good.

Here's what Jason ate at Golden Corral:

meat loaf
chicken pot pie

Maybe his body needed the protein.

As I was turning away from the salad bar I nearly got knocked over by a very large man.
A very large black man from Mississippi.
(Are you going to get offended because I didn't use African American?  I'm never sure what to say.)
The very large, good looking man from Mississippi was there with his entire basketball team.
Trust me when I say they made an entrance.
I couldn't stop looking.
They were all so big...and tall...and good looking.
Boy howdy.

Dear Jason - what, they were good looking, you don't want me to lie do you?

I wanted to change out of my gym clothes but Jason assured me that sweats were okay to wear to Golden Corral.  He was right.  I fit right in.

I had a maddening appointment with my Ear, Nose, & Throat specialist yesterday.
Thus the shortest post in history.
I wasn't in the mood to be nice- and I would hate for someone to remind me of the name of my blog...
The doctor made it more than clear that I wasn't high on his list of priorities - and that my concerns were of no importance to him.
I've never felt so ... I need a word ... dismissed?  Maybe that's the word.
As he was hurrying out of the room I asked, "At the very least, would you please give me a prescription for the medicine that saves my life on a regular basis?"
He wouldn't.
Would you like to know why?
"It doesn't do anything except mask the symptoms."
Considering that he had just told me that there wasn't anything he could or would do for me, masking my symptoms didn't seem that bad.
He refused.
I left the office in tears.
Dignified aren't I?
I called my family doctor on the way back to work.
I had a refill of my medicine within the hour.

I'm hoping the cardiologist has a better bed-side manner.
And that he will at least let me finish my thought before he cuts me off and gets up and leaves the room.

And now this is the longest post in history.
If you're still reading - 
I was in charge of dessert on Sunday.  
I was lazy.
I made chocolate pudding and sugar cookies.
My brother-in-law suggested that I should be chopped.
6-year-old Gabi didn't agree.
"Daddy, we are not going to chop her.  She's not chopped AND she gets the $10,000.00.)
Remind me to keep her on my side.


singedwingangel said...

Sweetie have you ever thought about the possibility of your body healing itself?? It is very possible if the body is fed the right nutrients to do just that. Shoot me an email. I think this could very well change your life..

Jamie said...

I am so sorry about Dr. "Donkey" (refraining from slander, because of the Name of your blog). Doctors do not have the right to DISMISS...they are required to listen and do what is best. You are good woman; because I would have MADE A SCENE!!! (this reminds me of a Golden Girl episode, when Dorothy is sick. Her Dr dismisses her, she is finally diagnosed. While celebrating the diagnosis, she sees the dismissal Dr in the restaurant...she gives him a very stoic dismissal herself!!!) Sorry for the tangent.
What Basketball Team from Mississippi was in your GC? That is like one state from close yet so far!!

Dazee Dreamer said...

I would be finding a different ear nose and throat guy. There is no way he should have been such a jerk to you. Do you need me to write an email for you, cuz you know I will.

Thank goodness your family doctor is a good man.

Errrr, I just don't like doctors that think they are god's gift to the world.

on a positive note. Now you know why my boyfriend is Shemar Moore. :)

Cox Family said...

Ahhh yes, your trip to Golden Coral with Jason reminds me much of Thanksgiving and Sunday dinners at our house. Jason's plate was usually piled high with food and then he would go back for more. It's amazing how much he can put away. I'm sorry about the doctor, he sounds like he needs better manners. Just know you're in our prayers!

Anonymous said...

I had crock pot lasagna Noelle style for dinner last night and it was delish, thanks!! And one of these days I am going to try baking those Rolo cookies I bet they are equally awesome.

Dominguez Family said...

And you had a very nice friend that called the ENT Dr. words you are too nice to use. :-) Not to his face, of course. Just on the phone.

Baby Sister said...

No chopping involved, the cookies and pudding were delicious!!

Amy said...

Josh loves a buffet too. And he takes it upon himself to at least TRY (or devour) every kind of meat they have. Fine by me. I hope he gets his fill in one trip and I never have to cook it again!

jayayceeblog said...

I hope Gabi got your BIL's share of pudding and cookies. And that doctor is a total ass. I don't care how many years he went to school or how many diplomas are hanging on his stupid wall. I would be writing a letter to the state medical board detailing exactly how that appointment went and his despicable bedside manner. He shouldn't be allowed to be making people feel worse. Jason rocked that hat, which I really don't think was so girly.

Judie said...

Jason would be a total and complete hunk even if that cap was pink with little ribbons all over it!

Your ent is a jerk! You are paying for his time, remember, and it should be more than a couple of minutes!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry this ENT was bad. I'm angry and sort of disgusted. I'll remember to be nicer. I promise.

Eat some cookies for me. You deserve them. BiG HuG. said...

You are always entertaining. I like how the photo of Jason is black and white, except your colorful hat.
I don't get the "chopped" and $10,000 stuff. Does your family pay you cold hard cash for butchering you? xo

Cheeseboy said...

I love how you emphisized the girly by graying out everything except the rainbow hat.

TortugaRachel said...

Jason makes me sick. He plays you the piano, he looks good in girly stuff, and he treats you like a princess.

Ok, he doesn't really make me sick, hehe. He makes me so happy for you to have someone like him.

As for your ENT, he needs a good swift kick in the butt. I do hope your cardio is a better doc.

Jared said...

Jamie - I'll answer your question. The basketball team was from Mississippi Valley State. They were in town to play BYU.

Elizabeth said...

So frustrating about the doctor. He's supposed to be helping. That's what he gets paid for. Someone should tell him that. What is his number? I'll call him for you.

xo -El

Shan said...

Jason looks like Woody Harrelson.

What a sucky ENT. I'd be looking for a new one who will listen while you're talking.

Marybeth @ AlarmClockWars said...

Sorry you had such an awful experience at the ENT. You definitely need to find a new one... Nothing makes me more angry than a doctor who doesn't think that your illness is important.