Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Your Comments Make Me Laugh...Just Thought You Should Know

It's Jason's turn to be sick.
He's been miserable all day.
Want to know how much I love him?
I gave him some of my 'might as well be gold' medicine that stops nausea.
I only have three pills left.
That is true love.

I finally convinced my husband to let me tuck him into bed.
It took me promising to go upstairs with him.
And that took him promising that I could use his laptop.
If I'm going to be stuck in bed with no light to read by, and no TV to watch...
And also, I told him that even tho' he was sick, he couldn't be a pillow hog.
That probably isn't true love.

I was cleaning up the kitchen today and I had a moment.
A moment where I stopped and looked around at where I was and thought, "Holy Cow, I'm married.  And I've been married for almost 8 months."
For someone who never thought she'd get married, I think I'm doing okay at this marriage thing.
Except that I don't fix dinner enough...
Or make the bed...

Would you like to know something?
Something I just remembered exactly four minutes ago?
It was a year ago today that I first knew that a guy named Jason even existed.
For those who are new to the Because Nice Matters family, Jason and I met on-line.

My on-line name was Brooklyn22.  Jason saw my profile and my name and assumed I lived in NYC.  He figured it was safe to email me, seeing as how he thought I lived on the other side of the country.  (He claims he only emailed three or four girls in the entire 3 years he spent playing the on-line game.  I'm not entirely convinced.)

This is what he said: (in response to what he read on my profile)

"From all appearances, it sounds as though you have had a great life.  Hopefully things will only get better.  I've backpacked into the Grand Canyon a number of times and have absolutely loved it!  My two favorite trails are the North Bass Trail and Hermits Trail.  Absolutely spectacular!  You have set a worthy and fulfilling goal.  Climbing out of the canyon is the challenge but totally worth it!

I love South America!  I recently traveled to Ecuador and climbed a huge volcano called Cotopaxi.  I ate in this authentic restaurant in a town that was really out of the way.  We actually had to motorcycle to get there.  I hope to do it again someday...wish I could speak the language.

I'm going to ask a question but don't feel obligated to answer.  I would love to hear about the book you're wanting to write.  Fiction or non?

You have an admirer,

Baby Sister was there when I opened the email and read it.  She read it over my shoulder, and hit me several times.  "You have to answer this one.  You have to email him back."

Obviously I did.

And one more little thing:  I drove home from the store tonight in the dark, and never turned my lights on.  Somehow I spaced that.  Is there anything stronger than Ginkgo Biloba?


A girl needs 2 Talk said...

Ginkgo is slow, that's all. It's slow and SO, you remember about the lights after the drive got over. Keep ginkgoing. Give Jason some too. Not because it is gold, but because from the sound of it, I think it must taste like gold. :D

Brooklyn22 reminded me of NY152 from You've Got Mail. Do you know that that is my favorite movie ever? Eat ginkgo, you'll remember for the next time I tell you the same thing again.

Jason- time to write another letter. You don't want to miss the opportunity. :)

The Chicken's Consigliere said...

Thank goodness for Baby Sisters, right? Hope Jason feels better soon.

Jamie said...

Happy 8th month Anniversary!!! You are an awesome wife, that is married to a pretty awesome husband. Totally think it is fair you got to use the laptop while he rested...much quiter than flipping pages.
Hope you continue to feel better...How is "Voicemail", she is a chatty one you know!

singedwingangel said...

You might be interested in the product I distribute called Reliv. It is packed with 72 vitamins and nutrients we need every day for our body to work at it 's best. Including preventing common illnesses such as colds and flu because it is being fed right.
Ithink it is funny it was a barter system. LOL>. Ever notice how they take to the bed while we continue cleaning and doing as if we were not sick even though we feel like death warmed over lol

Dazee Dreamer said...

You are the sweetest wife ever. Giving Jason one of your coveted pills. Dang woman. I'm in awe.

Meghan said...

I am glad you emailed him back and it worked out so great. I keep driving in the dark with no lights on, the car should have some sort of warning signal 'like a hey dummy its dark outside turn on your lights before you die light', or something.

Heather said...

Sweet Story.

I have been married to The Coach for almost five years and here is what I have learned. If you don't make the bed for four years, your husband might give up on you and start making it!!

I guess you could take TWO ginko biloba?

Amy said...

Yes. Try Ginko TRI-MO'-BA! :D

Ha ha ha.
I'm funny.

OK not really, but I'm glad you're married to Jason and you know we all want to hear more about the book too. Also the hike out of which canyon?

Sickies can't have everything - sometimes they have to sacrifice pillow-hogging tendencies.

Joann Mannix said...

I did NOT know that! How utterly sweet! Will you please tell us the rest of the story. Your correspondence, your first date, all of it. That is a great story!

Sorry spy man is sick. Hope you all are 100% soon.

RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

That's a sweet message, and you were wise to save it. Why did you name yourself Brooklyn, if you didn't live there? Were you born there? Anyway, it worked, so good work!

Flying Giggles and Lollipops said...

That sounds sweet and thank goodness you replied.

Not cooking enough definitely does not take good wife points away, or at least I hope it doesn't. I am so guilty of not cooking enough, especially when my mom still wakes up at 3 am to make my dad breakfast every morning (and she works as well!)

Anonymous said...

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Shan said...

Catching up on a few of your posts...

Tom and I met online, too. We were at the opposite end of the spectrum from you and Jason. We dated 5.5 years (years!) before getting married. Two weeks from today will be our fifth wedding anniversary (plus 5.5 years, of course). I think both of our ways are good, but I might have appreciated something more in the middle, haha.

I hope Jason feels better soon. It is rough when your Love is sick (I personally have called it cruel and unusual punishment, but that's just me).


Shan :+)