Sunday, December 26, 2010

Oh how I love the food.
Oh how I don't love that eating the food makes me as sick as it does.

Christmas at our house was lovely.
Simply lovely.
Santa was good to us.

You can probably guess who got what.

My sister-in-law throws a smashing Christmas Eve party every year.
The highlight of the evening is always the white elephant gift exchange.
This year was no different.

My sister picked a box and began to unwrap it.
I didn't count but she unwrapped at least 25 layers of paper.
When she finally got to the box there was a note that read, 'Your present is in the hall.'
She walked to the hallway and then squealed.
This is what was in the hallway:

A life-size image of Agent Gibbs from NCIS.
We all love NCIS and Rachel thought this the perfect gift.
When it was my turn to pick a gift, I stole Gibbs from Heather.
(We can do that in our white elephant game.)
Amazingly I ended up keeping Agent Gibbs and brought him home with me.

I opened the door to my office tonight and found this:

I screamed and then told Jason that I was going to hate him for as much time as it took my heartbeat to return to normal.
He was on the phone with his sister and could NOT stop laughing.

Speaking of Jason...
Last night as I was drifting off to sleep I heard this from his side of the bed:
"If we ever get divorced I get the TV, and the Blue Ray Player."
I responded with, "Okay but I get the bed."
"But..." Jason started to say.
"You have a choice.  I get the bed or the piano."
"But the piano is mine!" Jason cried.
"You are the one who started this conversation," I reminded him.
I'm pretty sure he got everything divided equally in his head.
I was asleep long before he got there though.

Oh...and when I wake up at 2:30am starving to death, Jason thinks it's funny.
He's skating on thin ice...
Very thin ice.


Dazee Dreamer said...

I love Gibbs. What a great gift. I must admit, I'm a little bit jealous.

Looks like you had a great christmas. You deserve it.

Marci said...

noelle...i haven't read for a while...a long while it turns out. i've been on internet hiatus. congratulations on the baby!! yay!!!
i am worried about tiff. is she ok? is she going to be ok? i feel so awful for her.
are you going to be ok? you dang live the lives that everyone should live and you are not being rewarded the way you should be!!
i love you girls and i hope that everything works out.

p.s. this is a long time coming but you and your mom made my day when you came to my house. seriously. made. my. day.

My Big Secret Blog :) said...

What is it with divorce talk and me, today? I guess Jason had better be making late-night sandwiches for you soon! Your Christmas sounds lovely!! Keep looking at your gift and one baby might grow up to look like that! ;) That'll teach Jason!

Bossy Betty said...

Ohhhhh! What a great bunch of gifts! And yes, you do get the bed. It's just part of the rules.

Cheeseboy said...

Ha ha ha! Agent Gibbs? That has to be the greatest gift out all time.

Amy said...

That is awesome!
And from this one post, I'm going to take it you really like Red!

Your new follower,

Baby Sister said...

It would wig me out to turn the corner and see Gibs....

Liara Covert said...

I love this blog. You kindly remind visitors any season offers a meaningful moment to remember to love who you are, where you are, and whatever life experience is unfolding. To feel as though everything is a blessing or a blessing in disguise, is how we spread joy to those who temporarily forget they can always unleash it from within. Much love and laughter to you and yours. Apprecaite your humour and energy.

Sandra said...

You should have just brought the lifesize cutout to bed with you! Then we'd see how chatty Jason was about dividing assets!

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

There seems to be a color theme to this year's presents! Except Gibbs. But he's always an exception. A delicious, delicious exception.

Heather said...

Sounds like a great time. All of it. I say you give all Jason's socks to Gibbs!!

jayayceeblog said...

I think you should get Jason a ruffly apron to match his new Kitchen Aid! =D