Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hooray For The Weekend!

If you knew how long it took the girl to color this silly picture...
... it would explain the shortness of this post.

And really, my little sister is doing amazingly well, and we recognize that she has been very blessed.
Thank you again, for your love, prayers, and concern on her behalf.
The girl's life is better because all of you are in it.


If you paid a blog designer a deposit and then she disappeared forever would you:

A. publish her email and ask for your friends to send her a mass of emails
B. publish her website on your blog and write a not so friendly review
C. None of the above
D. All of the above


TortugaRachel said...

Ooo, beautiful coloring!!

As for the blog designer, probably D.

I'm glad your sister is feeling better!

As for Jason, I suggest some nice warm clothes for his expeditions, a sweater or something like that. Maybe some homemade cookies! Cookies are always awesome!

Joann Mannix said...

I am so very sorry about all of this. May you and your family's hearts heal quickly as you remember all the wonderful memories you had with your grandma.

I am also so sorry about the blog designer that I referred you to. Publish her name! And report her to the Better Business Bureau. And ask friends to send an email, because we will.

And your coloring is beautiful. It makes me want to pull out a coloring book.

Dominguez Family said... the very least D!

Baby Sister said...

D. Definitely D.

rplatt said...

I say D also. Have fun!!!!!!

Brynn said...

Glad sister is doing well. I still want to see you. When will that happen?

Anonymous said...

D, Oh so D!!!

I have an outdoor guy too, he gets all the outdoor stuff cheaper than I can through his sponsors and trade connections. I got him a bigger crock pot so he could make more of your lasagna for me :)
Other than that I am at a loss for both of us on good gifts.

Shan said...

So glad she's doing well. So sure you're going to do a great job honoring your grandma. Not sure which is the right answer. Maybe it's that you give me her info and I'll post it, buahaha! My blog name doesn't say anything about being nice. said...

Yes, A & B (or, at least, B). Plus, file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and get a lawyer friend to check in with her.

I really like the girl's coloring and how she not only stays in the lines but creates her own pretty lines. It's very nice. So is she.

Hang in there. xo

Heather said...

I do need to do some Christmas coloring with my kids.

I hope all of your family has a great weekend.

Gift ideas?? Tickets to upcoming concert or sports event??

-stephanie- said...

So happy to hear your sister is doing amazingly well.
Your picture is lovely. I love to color.


I guess socks and tents would be out of the question for the girls husband.

Your piano playing for your grandmas funeral will go fine. Because it just will.

Glad to hear you got some good rest.

Dazee Dreamer said...

Lets do D. Pretty please with whipped cream on top. I'm in.

I loved the christmas tree. You do an amazing job of coloring. I think we should have a color off.

Men are too hard to buy for.

MamaMags said...

I am definitely siding with the "D" votes. I agree with Joann, we would send her the e-mails. I am clueless as to what you can get your husband for Christmas. However, he most definitely does not need another tent. Good luck with that!
I'm sure you will do wonderful playing the piano at your grandmothers funeral. She will probably be balancing her heavenly checkbook while she listens and watches you.

Amy said...

You'll do beautifully on the piano.

Whatever you get for Jason can I get for Josh too? *sigh* mangifts are hard.

I would do C. But that's cuz I'm such a sissy - not because I think that's what you should do.

Anonymous said...

Hey girl! This girl is confused because as mad as she is, she thought these were stickers. But they are real?!! Girl, you're in the WRONG profession. That tree is AWESOME! I love the gifts AND the table and the clock!!

Yay for Tiff!!! and You! Grandma is surely looking forward to your playing!! Actually, so am I! :) :)

My option is D. I'm all set to send her an email. Just tell me her address. Plus I think, God thinks you're talented enough to do 10 designs on your own!

Meghan said...

I am glad your sister is doing well.

I vote D. If you need someone to still do your blog, the company that did mine was really good.

Kristin said...

Definitely D!! Then ask me for help. ;) (AND I would do it for FREE!)

Thinking of you and your family today and on Saturday especially.

love and hugs!!!

jayayceeblog said...

I'm so sorry about your grandma and I'm sure you will play beautifully for her tomorrow. So glad the surgery went well. Your coloring is fantabulous! And about the blog designer -- definitely D -- absolutely no doubt D!

Sandra said...

If i paid a blog designer then she disappeared, I would A. write about it loud and clear in my blog, and probably have a few expletives in there for good measure and 2. get hold of Paypal, they will reimburse for services not rendered. It's happened to me before and I got all my money back. I hope you went through Paypal.
Glad your sister is doing good.
As for your drawings, ya, the fame is sure to come any day now! I can feel it in my sick, old bones!

Cheeseboy said...

Glad your sister did well.

I feel guilty after 9:00. I used to be able to sleep that long. Now I get a guilty feeling in my gut at about 8:30.