Thursday, December 2, 2010


Do you want the good news or the bad news?

Bad News

The cardiologist I met with yesterday doesn't think he can help me.
He says the hole in my heart is not likely the reason for my other symptoms.

Good News

The cardiologist had vertigo for several years; he was the first sympathetic doctor I've met with.
He wants to figure out how he can help me.

Neutral News

The cardiologist arranged for me to have an MRI today.  Between you and me, I'm kind of tired of doctors.

The Bad News - Part 2

Jason was supposed to do some online scouting training.  He didn't do it.  He's been busy.
He is the only one in his scout group who hasn't done it.
Last night the guy who oversees the scouting program in our church talked to me about it.
The conversation ended with me agreeing to do the training for Jason.
At 12:30 this morning I listened to the training and then had to take a quiz.
I only got 19 out of 25 right.
The questions were dumb.
And it was 12:30 am.
I felt like I was in college.  And you should have seen me in college: obsessing over any test I ever took. 
I was ticked at myself for not doing better on the dumb exam.

The Good News - Part 2

I didn't submit the quiz right and so I got to do the training again this morning.
I did better on the exam...but I still missed two questions.
Baby Sister told me it didn't matter because the quiz was in Jason's name, not mine.
Good point.

The Bad News - Part 3

I didn't pull into my garage far enough last night.
I heard a crunching noise.
I cursed.

The Good News - Part 3

There was no damage to either my car or the garage door.

A Request

Would ya'll do me a favor?
I'm doing a project that I need your help with.
Would you be so kind as to send me your favorite chocolate chip recipes?
Pretty please?
You can leave them in the comment section or email me at
Thanks.  I knew I could count on you!

And one more random bit of information before I bid you farewell.
My brother spends about 80% of his day whistling. 
At this very moment I can hear him...whistling his little heart out.
It could be a blizzard outside.
The furnace in our office could be out - for the 14,567th time.
He could have just smashed his finger.
He could have been told by someone who owes us a LOT of money that he's a pain in the you know what.
He would still be whistling.

But then, anyone who can have this much fun with the kiddie toys should be whistling.
Here's hoping all of you have cause to whistle today!


Heather said...

I don't know where to start.

What does he mean he can't help you? He is a cardiologist.

The garage thing is my greatest fear. If I run into one more time The Coach may never speak to me again.

(Hey. I was thinking about you last night...did you see Survivor?)

Amy said...

I'm sorry. *sigh*

I used to work with whistlers. Usually I miss them, sometimes I'm glad I'm gone. :D

Kristin said...

Rick once left the back of my 4Runner open. I closed the garage door that night with no problem. In the morning, we couldn't figure out why the garage door wouldn't open. After about the 7th try, he went in through the back door of the garage. Thankfully, the back door of my SUV still closed, although it was slightly bent. That was two years ago and he has yet to live it down!

Baby Sister said...

I love that picture of him. :)

I should go find a random recipe of CCC to send to you and you can see if they turn out. ;)

MageeBaby said...

YIKES! Hope they can help and glad you found a compassionate doctor.

And LOL about the whistling!

adrienzgirl said...

Doctors suck sometimes. Pardon my french.

Chocolate Chip Cookies:
2 1/2 cups all purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon kosher salt
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
2 extra large eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla
3/4 cup granulated sugar
3/4 cup firmly packed brown sugar
2 sticks room temperature butter

1 bag semi-sweet chocolate chips

Cream butter and sugar. Add eggs and vanilla.

Mix all dry ingredients in small bowl. Add a little at a time into the wet ingredients. Stir in a bag of your favorite semi-sweet chocolate chips.

Bake at 375 degrees for 11 minutes, or until lightly browned.

I know the cinnamon and nutmeg is weird. It actually adds just a hint of flavor that rocks!

Dazee Dreamer said...

I hope your doctor can help somehow since he understands the problem.

My favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe is whoever makes them and I get one. :) I know, I suck

Anonymous said...

Mum calls me a rowdy and tells me to get out of her house EVERY Single TIME she catches me whistling! I knew it was cool! I'll have to update her coolness quotient soon.

I love that picture too. That float is the best thing ever!

Blessing the doctor and you. Hope you'll turn out to be best buddies and that he gets you to be perfectly well soon.

I am proud of your test-taking skills!!! Do mine?!!! :D

Sandra said...

Can it be white chocolate chip? Because I have a killer recipe. In fact it is my go to recipe and my kids' go to recipe, and I took it to class last night and we are having them for the Christmas lunch today at work....
Besides my 2 cheesecake recipes it is my most requested recipe.
Do you want it?

I love whistlers. They make me happy.

jayayceeblog said...

Baby Sister has a devious mind - see The Good News - Part 2. I've been helping my granddaughter with her 8th grade algebra homework. I would never tell her this, but this stuff is hard!!! I do not remember having this much trouble when I was her age. I relate this to you doing the scouting training and taking the test. Ick! I always just use the chocolate chip cookie recipe that comes on the back of the tollhouse chips package. Stupid garage!!!!! Does the whistling drive you nuts?

Joann Mannix said...

I know the crunchy crunch noise too well. It's a good thing nothing was damaged! Or no one had to come over and pry your car out. Ahem.

I'm sorry that they can't fix that darned hole. What does this mean?

And I understand about the not knowing. I think that's why I endeared myself to Dr. A, the first time he gave me the command of RELAX. It's because I wasn't focused on all the things he ruled out, I just wanted to know WHAT IT WAS! It's such a frustrating thing. At least you have a good doc like my Dr. A who is determined to get to the bottom of all of this.

And Baby Sister is right, it's Spy Man's test, so no worries!

Now tell me what's going on with the other thing we have in common.

Kristie said...

My vote is that some dang dr needs to figure it out so he/she can fix you!

Does pumpkin chocolate chip count? Easiest is canned pumpkin, spice cake mix & chocolate chips. So good!

I've been trying to learn how to whistle for years. Do you think brother would teach me?

Judie said...

You're going to hate this, but when I have to serve cookies at my house, I buy them from the grocery store bakery, put them on a cookie sheet, and then re-bake them for about 10 minutes. My house smells great, and no one is the wiser.

Jared said...

I vote yes on the white chocolate chip cookies. Does my vote count?

Venassa said...

Wow that is a lot of news. Hopefully you can get more good news on your vertigo soon.
That's not good about your not pulling in far enough.. I'm glad there was no damage though.
I like that your brother whistles. My grandfather hums a lot, which I love.
I don't have a favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe. I try random ones, but none have been so good that I stick with just one. I dont know what your project is but if you find the best recipe, please share.

Elizabeth said...

Sorry about the hole in your heart. Sounds like something that should be fixed.

Good that your doctor wants to help with the vertigo. Very good.

And that swimming pool picture of the boy who whistles is priceless.

xo -El

Loralee and the gang... said...

I'm sorry about your rough day... and I hope you find some answers soon. My husband has an enlarged cholea (sp?) and can't do fun things like ride roller coasters, etc, (which is a shame because we live close enough to the largest theme park in the Inland NW to be able to hear the people on the rolloer coasters scream). Occasionally, he too has problems with dizziness. It's not fun for him (nor for me, but that's selfish, right?)
And thanks for asking for Ch. chip cookies recipes. I am going to try Adrienzgirl's, but I hope that regular sea salt will do. ;-D
My dad solved the parking in the garage problem. He parked his car in the exact perfect spot, then hung a rubber ball on a string so it just touched the front windsheild. Now when he pulls in, as soon as the ball and the windshield meet, he knows he has it right...another item on the Honey-do list for Jason?

Dan Yorgason said...

I am sorry for all the bad news items on your list, and am hoping that the MRI can help them turn some of them into good things (we can't have them ALL be good things, now can we?). I think you need to encourage your whistling brother to make that picture his profile picture on facebook - it may just be the greatest picture of him I've ever seen - though the number of pictures I've seen of him is admittedly on the low side, I think it captures his true essence!

Shan said...

Well, having a doctor who *wants* to help you is a good place to start, if not the best.

That photo made me smile. Thanks!

And I, too, just follow the Tollhouse recipe (by the way, I pronounce "recipe" and "receipt" reh-seep-it just because I had a coworker with a lovely accent that I wished I could have... that's how she said the words), but I'm going to try the cinnamon and nutmeg.