Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Bit of Trouble

Sunday dinner was at Trouble's house.
(For those of you who are new to the scene, Trouble (Samantha) is my 3-year-old niece.)
As we were clearing the dishes from the table I noticed that Trouble was missing.
I walked down the hall to her bedroom to find the door closed...and locked.
I knocked.
"Who is it?" Trouble asked.
"It's Noelle."
Trouble opened the door, put her hand on my stomach, and asked her standard question.
"You still got the baby Well?"
"Yes Sami, the baby is still in my tummy."
When I asked what she was doing she got a sneaky grin on her face.
"I'm playing with Erika's Polly Pockets."
"Will Erika get mad?"
Trouble just smiled.
I'm guessing the locked door was an indication of how Erika would feel if she were to walk in.
Trouble and I talked for a bit and then I left her room.
A few minutes later I hear this:
"WELL!  Come here!"
I think she had yelled at me three or four times before it finally clicked that I was being summoned.
Trouble was peeking out the doorway and when she saw me she slammed her door.
As I walked in I could hear her giggling.
She was snuggled in her bed, snoring.
I sat down next to Trouble and asked, "Is it night time?"
I got a loud snore in response.
She scooted over on the bed and I knew to lay down next to her.
A minute later Trouble whispered, "use the blanket."
I pulled the blanket up over me and there we stayed, snoring and giggling.
"Well, go get Jason to take a picture."
Jason obliged, and after 4 or 5 different shots, Trouble was satisfied.
This is the picture she liked best:

Trouble invited Jason to join us but soon realized her bed just wasn't big enough.
When I told Trouble I had to go home she asked,
"With Jason?"
"Yes Sami, Jason has to go home too."
"With Jason's phone?"
"Yes Sami, Jason's phone has to go home too."
She got off the bed, pushed her stroller down the hall and said, "Okay, I play with Ruffie." 
(Ruffie is Sami's cousin Ruth)

The evening ended perfectly:
Jason watching his recording of the Super Bowl and Becca and I hanging out on our bed upstairs.
(Also...for those who are new...Becca is my twin sister...except really she's my triplet sister...)
We talked about everything there was to talk about and every few minutes we would hear Jason:
Yelling at the players, or the refs, or the ... whatever it is guys yell at during a football game.
Becca got a good chuckle out of Jason.
"Does he always talk to the TV?"
"Yes Becca, ALWAYS."

Just between you and me, that's one of the reasons I love him.

How was your weekend?


Nikki said...

I love it. My three year old calls the baby "Ruffie" also. "Ruth" is hard to say when you're three.

My three year old also locks doors when he suspects he might get in trouble.

I love that she asked about Jason's phone! HAHAHA!

And lastly, you are such a cute pregnant person. said...

Trouble is properly named, and that's an adorable photo of the two of you.

Heather said...

Y'all are too cute!!

Superbowl was great. Several of the friends we invited had to cancel so it ended up being just my family. My LOUD and out of control family.

Vibha said...

Thats a beautiful post . Every time you say trouble , my mind only registers the actual meaning of that word .I start reading and in the first line itself I remember it is Sammy . I feel such a different nickname . She is such a sweet baby. My weekend was plain just like any other.Hope yours was as pleasant as walking down the street barefoot on a sunny day . :) Hurray for the first time I am the first one to post a comment . Congratulate me :)

Dazee Dreamer said...

too cute.

Cox Family said...

Jason takes after my dad and honestly so do I. We all yell at the TV during a football game.

Cheeseboy said...

Trouble sounds like quite the kid. They should write a children's book series about her.

We men have strange TV sports viewing habits. The TV is like another person in the room when sports are on.

Kristin said...

I love your Trouble stories. :) My weekend was spent cleaning up messes!

Anonymous said...

What a cute little monkey. My granddaugher is turning 3 in March and yes...Trouble...but lovable all the same.

emilia. said...

and i LOVE your comment on cjane's blog! (i'll go into battle with you any day of the week!)

love your sister,

Anonymous said...

Trouble is a smartie! That is a gorgeous picture!

I laughed so loud when I read, "With Jason?" :D

Amy said...

:D She's lucky she has you.

Also, cute hair!

Today's Gift said...

Oh, Trouble! Gotta love her.

I spent my weekend with Elder Bednar- a YSA fireside on Saturday and Stake Conference on Sunday. Perfection!

Loralee and the gang... said...

Why do men always do that? I always say to him - they can't hear you - and I think to myself - and I don't care!... I know I am a bad bad wife...

jayayceeblog said...

I just adore your Trouble stories. She is completely scrumptious! But I don't think the photo looks like there was too much snoring and sleeping going on. =D