Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm going to need to buy another plane ticket just to get it home...

Once upon a time the girl lived in Mexico.
Wait, you knew that part of the story.
Once upon a time when the girl lived in Mexico, she met a guy.
A very romantic, passionate, cowboy kind of a guy.
In spite of all of his attractive qualities, the girl was not attracted to him.

The girl and the guy spent a lot of time friends.
The guy took the girl to Mexico City to explore the great pyramids.
When the girl needed something to eat, the guy took her out.
(The girl always paid her own way.)
The guy accompanied the girl to movies...and to fiestas.
The guy really was a nice guy.

One day, just a few days before the girl was to leave Mexico, the guy took her out to dinner.
"Girl, I'm in love with you," the guy said.
And the girl sighed and cried a few tears.
"I know Guy, but I don't feel the same."
The guy persisted.
"We could have a good life together. We could be happy. I would treat you better than anyone else ever could."
"But Guy, I don't love you...not like that...and I don't want to move to Mexico."
"I will move to the United States," said the guy.
"Guy, it will never work. I can't marry you."

And with that, the girl left Mexico.
But the story didn't end there.
For the next four years the guy persisted...
He sent emails, and handwritten letters - he called and left messages on the girl's phone.
He wrote love songs and poems.
He declared his eternal love every chance he could.

The girl went to Mexico several times during those four years to do humanitarian work.
And with each trip, the girl would see the guy.
He would ask for the girl's hand in marriage, and the girl would say no.
On one occasion, the guy even got down on one knee and proposed yet again.
And the girl...
She said no over and over again.

Finally, out of desperation, the girl told the guy, "Guy, this has to stop. We are friends. Nothing more will ever come of this."
The guy cried...and then ceased all contact with the girl.
The girl heard nothing from the guy for several months.
And while she missed her friend, she was also relieved.

Eventually the girl heard from the guy again.
It was as if things had never changed.
The guy was still waiting for the girl to change her mind.
He was content with his memories...with the images of the girl he held in his mind.
He would wait until the girl was ready.

The girl stopped responding to the guy's emails.
The girl ignored the phone calls from Mexico.
The girl sighed and thought to herself, "This situation is kind of pathetic."
And it was.
The girl finally contacted the tell him that she was getting married.
She told the guy that she loved her future husband very much, and that she was happier than she had ever been.
She wished the guy happiness in his future, and bid him farewell.

The guy, who is good friends with the family the girl and her husband are staying with, knew of the girl's trip to Mexico.
And Sunday morning, just as the girl was getting ready for the day, there was a knock at the door.
It was the guy...and he had come to meet the girl's husband.
The guy asked the girl if she was happy, and she said "Yes, happier than I've ever been."
The guy sighed a long sigh and said "I guess things happen for a reason."
And then the guy said, "I brought you and your husband a gift."

The girl took one look at the gift and said, "How do you suggest I get that home?"
The guy said, "That's your problem, not mine."

The girl and the guy talked for a few more minutes and then the guy left.
The girl gave her husband a long hug and said, "Husband, I'm so glad I am married to you."
Lucky for the girl, the husband is glad too.


wjmom said...

Another ticket indeed. It was a kindly-meant gift, no?

I think many, many people have those kinds of experiences. They hurt. I'm sorry.

But I'm so, so glad you met your wonderful Jason!

Dazee Dreamer said...

that is the coolest thing ever. When I had my daughter my SIL gave me something like that. It rocked

Anonymous said...

Wow. I think the girl handled it all very well. :)

Jessica said...

What, girl had a handsome cowboy madly in love with her, try to win her affection with his undying love, and then buy her and her husband a beautiful baby gift? Poor girl; that's terrible. ;)

But seriously, if you find a way to get that bassinet home, those are awesome! Ellie spent her first couple of nights in a laundry basket, then got promoted to a bassinet.

Beth Zimmerman said...

I made, as in wove by hand, a baskinette very much like that when my daughter was pregnant with her first child. LOTS of work went into that thing. It might be worth the extra plane ticket! Really beautiful!

Cute story too. But I do feel kinda bad for the poor guy!

Venassa said...

Can you blame the poor guy ;)
I love his present to you guys though. And I'm glad he seems to be finally accepting that you're not interested - now that you're married and having a baby and all. said...

That was a sweet effort with a little passive agressiveness mixed in ("That's your problem, not mine."). I agree with "kind of pathetic." You made the far better choice.

Mr. Thompson and Me said...

I laughed so hard that I almost fell out of the bed.

you HAVE to bring that basket home.


Amanda said...

Wow...that present was quite the statement!

How awkward was it returning home with that?

Shan said...

There is so much to think about all of this. Mostly though, I'm so proud of you for knowing yourself and doing what was right.

(That's a beautiful gift, by the way!)

Vibha said...

I don't know if the girl has handled it well. Because in life every thing looks as if it could have been done better .
Poor guy . :)
But poor girl too. How else could she handle it?


jayayceeblog said...

How lucky you are and how obviously wonderful you are to be loved by so many. What a sweet thing for the poor guy to do.

Jami said...

Wow! What a tale! Really, truly, you are a special person. This would not be possible otherwise and I think the bassinet is a beautiful gesture. Besides that, it's just beautiful.