Thursday, February 10, 2011

Picture Overload

Something big happened at our house.
I hesitated to say anything until I knew for sure it would happen.
I had my doubts.
I was quite certain I was building my hopes up for nothing.
But it wasn't nothing.
It really happened.
And now I can finally share it with you!
I shaved my legs.

Yesterday Stephanie made this comment about a comment Jason made on my post:

Is that YOUR Jason up there? The not your wedding picture Jason? He's cute! Yes, keep him. :o)

Have I done a poor job of showing you pictures of my husband?
I shall remedy that right now.

My husband wants to go and climb Mt. himself.
It doesn't seem to bother him that Mt. Timpanogos is covered with at least 700 feet of snow.
"I've climbed worse mountains than Timp in the winter," is his argument.
And mine is "Not when you had a wife...a pregnant wife."
I'm losing the argument.
So I guess I just make sure he doubles his life insurance policy and then say, "have a good time honey" ?
Do you remember what Mt. Timpanogos looks like from the top?
Woe is me...

I'll share one little story and then it's off to paint for me.
Don't ladder climbing will be done.

My little niece Ruth has been sick.
(This is Ruth)

She's new to throwing up.
Last night after she threw up once all over her bed, her daddy handed her a bowl and said,
"Next time you need to throw up use this bowl."
Ruthie's daddy went back to bed and then a little while later heard Ruthie at it again.
He got up and walked into Ruthie's room.
What he found was Ruthie laying flat on her pillow, with the bowl covering her face, throwing up.
"Daddy, it not working," a sick little Ruthie moaned.
I'll bet he cracked up.

OH.. a big happy birthday to my brother and sister!
(They're twins.)
I highly doubt I have a picture of the two of them together, but I shall see.
Hold please.
It is as I thought.
But here they are...separately.

The top is Heather - on her way up that dreaded Mt. Timpanogos
and've seen this picture of Ben.
I simply can't resist.
One day he will probably do physical harm to me.
It will have been well worth it.

Happy Thursday friends!


wjmom said...

Happy Thursday, back atcha! Any Thursday with clean-shaven legs is a victory and a beauty!

Today's Gift said...

Your husband is good looking! And I agree with you about the whole Mt. Timp thing...

You have a brother and sister who are twins and you one of a set of triplets? That's so cool! Is your brother single ;)

Vibha said...

Happy birthday to all three of you .
If it is your brother and sister's b'day then its yours too .

Noelle said...

Dear Miss Vibha,

Actually, it isn't my birthday. These aren't the siblings that are my age.

They are two years younger than me.

Tracy said...

Noelle, thanks for the comment and WOW that same little miracle happened in our house today... who would have thought it.... I shaved my legs today too!!!! I wasn't sure the razor could beat the forest, but I am happy to say it's smooth and sassy in our home again. Of course, I can't blame the hairy legs on a baby bump... just exhaustion...

so, am I reading correctly... your parents had twins and triplets?? Sorry if I'm behind... my 1st time to your fabulous blog...

Beth Zimmerman said...

You are so cute! ... So where is the proof of those freshly shaved legs?

Poor Ruthie! That had to really stink! LOL!

Let me know when Jason tackles his mountain and I will pray (hard) for BOTH of you!

Venassa said...

Jason is pretty cute. But you have done a poor job of showing him off to us.
Poor Ruth. It's a cute story, but I hope she's feeling better.
Ps.. what is is with you and having super adorable nieces?

-stephanie- said...

Thanks for the pictures. With both of your genes at work, you two will have very nice looking children.

Poor Ruthie. I am chuckling a little though. Poor girl. :oD

Happy Birthday to the twins.

Husbands....sometimes you just have to grrrrrr about them.

Christina said...

Happy Thursday! :)
Hope your feeling well!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! I love that float!

Jason, don't go!

Ruthie, you're a doll.

Dazee Dreamer said...

Ok Jason, sweetheart, this is Dazee talking to you. DO NO GO CLIMB TIMP IN THE SNOW. You have a wife with child. Do it and I will drive right down there and smack you. Do you hear me. breathing, breathing.

Love you Noelle :)

Mr. Thompson and Me said...

How funny. Just two days ago I looked at Timp as the sun was rising over it on our way to work...and I said out loud to Aaron "does anybody climb that in winter".

His reply...."yeah - I'm sure crazy people do it. They do anything".

Tell Jason he's crazy. Aaron says so. said...

Ruthie is a cutie.
Happy birthday to the twins.

Joann Mannix said...

Your husband is hot. Spy Hot. But he should NOT climb that mountain with a newly shaved pregnant wife.

And just like my teeth, I am obsessed with shaving. I shave my legs every day. I can't help it.

Happy Birthday to your siblings and that poor little peanut. I hope she feels better.

TJ said...

jason, if you need another mountain to climb, just let us know. we're an hour or so from mount ranier. i think my husband is going to climb it in june.....sorry, noelle, couldn't resist.:)

Anonymous said...

Awww, little sweet.

Hey, I shaved my legs while I was in labour before I went to the hospital...after doing the dishes. I just thought you should know that :)

jayayceeblog said...

Shaved your legs??? Laaaaahhhhhh. I'm hearing angels (and Jason) singing with joy! Poor Ruthie. That's one of those laughing while you're groaning stories!