Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Have you met my sister Heather?

She's Trouble's mom and she's a spitfire.
If you ever have any doubt where Trouble gets her spunk, just talk to her mom.
Heather is Ben's twin sister.

Ben has a son named Josh.

(Josh is the older one, Tanner is his younger brother.)
(AND Ben and his wife just announced that they are having another baby, due in September.)

One day Josh and Trouble were outside playing.  (They are best friends and enemies all at the same time.)
Trouble came in the house crying because Josh hit her.
She sought comfort from her 'favorite Grandma' and then left to play with Josh again.
After Trouble left my dad said, "That's fitting I guess.  Heather's daughter and Ben's son fighting."
I laughed and reminded him, "Except if it had been Ben and Heather, Ben would have been the one crying because Heather hit him."
That's just how she rolls.


Heather lived in Chile for 18 months.
When she came home she had added a new phrase to her vocabulary.
'Be Chilean honest with me...'
Latins are known for their blunt honesty.
Here's an example.
A few weeks ago a guy from Mexico came into my office to say hi.
I've known him for years.
He took one look at me and said, "You've gotten fat."
He didn't know I was pregnant, a fact I quickly set him straight on.
And then I lectured him on how to talk to women.
I don't think he got it.


Back to Heather and being Chilean honest.
If Heather were to ask 'Do these pants make my rear end look big' I would say 'no.'
But if she were to say, 'Be Chilean honest, do these pants make my rear end look big?'
I might have to tell her, 'Yes, you look like a fat cow.'
I only give that example because even if Heather tried for a year to eat everything she saw, she still wouldn't look like a fat cow.
It makes me kind of bitter actually.
Okay, not really.
I like her too much to ever be bitter about how cute she is.

I tell you all of this...and it was a tell you that I'm going to be Chilean honest about something.
Here it is:
In all of my Chilean honesty, I am so sick of throwing up.
Hold your horses...that doesn't mean I'm not over the moon thrilled with having a baby.
It just means that I would love to be able to eat something that actually stays in my body.

Here's something else I'm going to be Chilean honest about.
Answering the phone 700 time a day is not my favorite thing to do at work.

And finally, the grand finale of Chilean honesty...

HUSBAND - you're supposed to call your wife every night while you're traveling.
It's in the marriage handbook.
We've talked about it before.
If you don't call her...especially when she's pregnant and spends her evenings draped over the toilet...she might think of every worst case scenario and end up balling like a baby.
(Oh don't worry, I didn't end up balling like a baby...I'm just saying it could happen.)

Could this post get any longer?

I just have one more little question.
Are nose bleeds a normal part of pregnancy?
Please tell me yes...otherwise I'm going to assume I have a brain tumor or something.

Oh...and too?
I was laughing when I wrote that last part...I'm not nearly so dramatic in real life.


Heather said...

Nosebleeds. Finally a topic I know something about.
Yes. Normal. When I was pregnant with third baby I had them. If I ever yelled or laughed out loud my nose started pouring blood.
I have never had one before or since.

No tumor - honestly.

Dazee Dreamer said...

I'm so with you on answering phones at work all day. ick.

I threw up for 4 months straight with my daughter. I feel your pain

Cox Family said...

I've gotten bloody noses with all my pregnancies. It's normal and that's Chilean honest.

Judy said...

I do believe nose bleeds are common during pregnancy due to increased blood flow/volume.

Have you tried ginger/ginger ale? It gets better...I promise! And your little Emily will be so adorable that you will completely (or mostly) forget everything you went through to get her here.

singedwingangel said...

Yeah I had nose bleeds when I was pregnant. it is due to the abundance of blood vessels and blood flow in the body. You do know we double our volume when pregnant right..

Jessica said...

"Chilean honest"! I've been privy to a lot of Latin honestly lately through my Zumba class (I'm STILL the only white girl somehow). One of my friends came to the class and one of the Peruvian girls said, "I though you were skinny, but you're not skinny, are you?" and then poked her stomach. She then proceeded to tell me that even though I don't have any boobs (true), I have a "sexy butt." I think I can live with no boobs if it means I can have a sexy butt, lol!

Vibha said...

Dear Noelle

Long back I promised to you that I would put some good food recipes mainly some snack recipes which are rich in protein and which might stay in your body :) . Well I am sorry it took me so long . It may take some more time for me for that . So in meanwhile I want you to see this .
It is everyday "Indian snack".

A word from me , you can add pepper instead of chilli powder.
Instead of hot ans spicy peanuts u can put some normal roasted peanuts . IF you have allergy you can also add corn ( cooked ) . More tomatoes may please you if you have a Spanish taste .

Hope it turns out to be helpful said...

Well, I get occasional nosebleeds and I've never been pregnant. I'd say everything about you is normal, and go with the drama since you have a darn good excuse.

Amy said...

Wanna know something a teeny tiny bit encouraging about the puking? Assuming the vertigo gives you a bit of maternity leave, it WILL go away when baby comes. I puked up until the day I delivered, and then didn't again for nearly 18 months. Just sayin'.

lvs2dance said...

Oh Noelle, your posts always put a smile on my face. You should write a book...seriously.
I never had nose bleeds with pregnancy, but I never threw up during any of my pregnancies. I don't think you have a tumor either :-)

TortugaRachel said...

I love you Noelle! Your posts are awesome and always make me smile, yes, even the ones where you don't feel good. No, I am not trying to be mean, what I mean is that it makes me smile that you are so Chilean honest and trusting and just so wonderful I wanna squeeze you in a great big hug!

Shan said...

Ugh! Pregnancy with Fynnie brought on nosebleeds ALL. THE. TIME. And other equally fun stuff, too. For future reference, I got all the mythological benefits of pregnancy with Mad (no allergies *or* shaving, among others)... so a woman can struggle through one pregnancy and float through another.

jayayceeblog said...

Oh, the dreaded pregnancy hormones strike again. Go ahead and enjoy being dramatic. Everyone thinks its adorable when you're pregnant anyway. I threw up for the first 5 months of each of my pregnancies. Actually lost weight. Then did I make up for it. One day you will feel hungry and you will keep it all down and, boy howdy, look out!