Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'm All Over The Place

For Valentine's Day Jason got me a gift certificate for a pedicure.
If there's one thing you should know about Jason it's this: he researches everything.
There is no way he would randomly walk into a pedicure place and just buy a gift certificate.
I'm just guessing but he probably walked into 4 or 5 places, and even had a mental checklist:

-it smells funny
-the lighting isn't very good
-they don't have very many customers
-they don't speak English
-how much do they charge and how good is their service

The place he finally chose was a place I had never been to.
And as someone who has had her fair share of pedicures, I'll have to admit I was impressed with his choice.

Not so many days ago, we were stuck in the Salt Lake City airport.
Our flight had been delayed.
After an hour of just sitting there Jason said, "Let's play a game."
"Look at the people walking by and tell me what they do for a living."
We began:

That man is a businessman.
That woman is probably a cheerleader.
That guy must be in the mafia.
That guy is a car salesman.
That dude plays basketball.

And so the game went until Jason pointed out an Asian man and said, "He runs a nail salon."
I didn't realize his pedicure research had made such an impact!

* * * * *

Yesterday that little Trouble ran right up to my belly and wrapped her arms around it and asked, "Well, how's your baby feeling today?"

* * * * *

Here's my question of the day:

What is the best home remedy for a sore throat from you know where?
It's only gotten worse since Monday, and I'm to the point where I can't eat.
I gargled warm salt water because Jason told me to and I'm didn't help.
This morning I handed Jason a headlamp and said, "In the husband's handbook it says you have to look at your wife's tonsils and tell her that you see white puffy pockets so that she doesn't think she's delusional."
He looked but couldn't see what I saw.
After sitting in an insta-care for thirty minutes...where I was in line waiting to talk only to the admitting nurse...I finally walked out and drove to my mom's house where I cried.
Because I'm mature like that.
I handed her a flashlight and said, "Mom, tell me I'm not crazy."
She agreed, I'm not crazy.
I came to work and handed my brother a bottle of throat spray and said, "In the brother's handbook it says you have to spray this in your sister's throat because she has lousy aim."
He obliged.

I told that husband of mine that I would try hard not to, tell me oh wise ones, what is the cure?


Judie said...

I really feel for you right now! Rod has a HORRIBLE sore throat and I am taking him to the doctor this afternoon. Don't mess around with it! I have tried everything on him, and nothing has worked so far.

Jessica said...

Oh sad! Scott swears by ginger tea. You peel and boil ginger root in water and then drink it slowly. It's really soothing. I prefer hot lemon and honey. Mostly 'cause it's tastier than ginger tea. ;)

Sarah said...

sorry girl but white puffy pockets is strep. Go see a doctor right away.

Noelle said...

Dear Sarah,

What if my doctor did a strep test on Monday and said, "You don't have strep. I'm not giving you medication. Just wait it out."

-stephanie- said...

I've had white puffy pockets many times and it's never strep. So I stop going to find out that it is nothing and I just wait it out.

Time is the answer to it going away, but I get some relief in gargling warm salt water, or taking a spoonful of honey. Hot lemon and honey sounds soothing too.

Be healed soon.
How is your baby today?
Enjoy your pedicure, if you haven't already.

Venassa said...

Asians did my nails so I might have picked that too. I'm really wanting to get a pedicure now that I've gotten my nails done.
I wish I could help you with the sore throat thing but I have no idea :(

Tiffany said...

Strep tests are not infallible. Maybe its time for another go round of the heinous throat swabbing. Our pharmacy sells rapid strep tests over the counter for home use. I've used it twice. Costs around $15. One test was negative. Another test a few months later for Sarah was positive. Knowing that made it easier to do the etern-a-wait on hard plastic chairs to see the doc. White dots are a classic sign of strep. See if Spy Man can find a home test for you.

Feel better :(

Cheeseboy said...

That airport game sounds like a lot of fun. I'm going to play at my next Jazz game.

I need to research stuff like that more often. I sent my wife to a massage place once and it was a 12-year-old Indian girl that stood on her back and walked up and down.

The Platts said...

You can buy a tea called "throat coat", it works wonders while you're drinking it. I don't think it makes you heal faster but it at least provides some relief. Also, zinc lozenges, they'll help the pain too. Good luck!

Dazee Dreamer said...

gargle with peroxide. it kills bacteria. Don't laugh, it works.

I love trouble. she rocks.

marie said...

Have you ever had mono? It can look very much like strep, but if you try treating it with antibiotics it will just make you a lot sicker! Very, very bad to take penicillin when you have mono. Try some homemade chicken noodle soup. It always makes me feel better. You might also try some grapefruit seed extract. I take it whenever I feel a sore throat coming on and it usually does the trick. Drink lots of water too. Hope you feel better soon!

Vibha said...

Ginger and Lemon tea will do well.
Have it periodically , thrice a day .just a half cup every time will do. What ever you drink , drink it warm. Warm salt water which Jason suggested is a good remedy too but this one would work for sure. Ingredients are ginger, lemon , tea bag and sugar. Add them according to your taste. But remember ginger should me more.Drink lots of water , fluids , may be soup but always warm water and soup. Talk less because it would rest your throat. You will be cured in 3 or 4 days .

I am eager to meet Emily too. My heartfelt congratulations.

jayayceeblog said...

Oh, you poor thing. I'm so sorry that you're not feeling great. We make a sort of hot toddie with hot water, lemon and honey in it to drink. Coats your throat and feels soothing.