Thursday, March 24, 2011

Please? Won't You Answer My Question?

Because I have a lot of spare time...
About two minutes between 9:45 and 10:00pm...
I'm going to start a new blog.
But I'm stuck on the title.
Care to help me out?

It will be a blog for my business (I manage a garden center if you didn't know).
I'll give gardening tips and post lots of pictures and...
Well, I don't know any more than that.
My dad said "Noelle, you should start another blog."
So that's what I'm going to do.

Ben thinks it should be called 'Your Gardening Angel.'
But honestly, I don't see myself as an angel.
My uncle gave me the title of 'Green Side Up' but I think I had a customer with that name.
And as much as I appreciate my customers, I don't want to name my blog after them.

What do you think I should name it?

I just interviewed a lady who wants a job.
She's charming and has a southern accent.
I hired her.
Before she came in for her interview Ben said, "There's only one thing she needs to know."
"And what is that?" I asked.
"She can't ever be ornery.  We've got ornery covered already."
I told Ben I was going to tell her that word for word.
And I did.
A few minutes into the interview Ben came into my office and sat down.
The job applicant assured Ben that she wasn't ornery by nature.
Ben looked at her and said, "My sister Noelle has no filter.  She wasn't supposed to say that."
Ha ha ha. 
Poor Ben.  He doesn't know what to do with me.

Here's one more little thing...
The other night I was just about ready to fall asleep.
Jason was watching some late night comedy show and I rolled over towards him to say goodnight.
He looked at me for a minute and said, "You have pretty eyes."
That man melts my heart.
Every single day.

PS.  I might have just felt Emily kick...either that or it's gas.  I'm not really sure.


Allison said...

Hey Noelle! I think you should call your new blog "How Does Your Garden Grow". I really enjoy your blog. Thanks for making me laugh out loud! You Rock!

singedwingangel said...

Hye ornery can be a good thing, tell Ben I said that.. aww your hubby is so sweet..

April said...

I think you should name it after your business (i.e. Linden Nursery)...that way people will be able to easily remember it and associate it with all your nice plants (and horse shoes!).
PS...I know it's not original but I think it would be effective :)

-stephanie- said...

because Gardening matters.

because it some people.

Yay for kicking babies and complimenting husbands.

Kristin said...

I'm really, really bad at this. But I like "How Does Your Garden Grow!"

Your hubby is so dang sweet. I get "Hey Babe your new haircut is kind of growing on me." LOL

Elizabeth said...

I'm not clever with the names, but how about Garden Gab? Or maybe Through the Garden Gate? or Through the Grapevine? If you like my blog name, do I win a prize, like free annuals for life? I'm not too far away from your garden center ;).

When I was pregnant with my first and I thought I maybe felt the baby move but wasn't sure, the doctor said, "if you think you felt it, you did." It is hard to know what you're looking for when you've never felt it before.

BTW, when is your due date?

Diana said...

The business blog is a GREAT idea! I want to start gardening this year and you could really help me out with beginner's tips!! :)

Also, a combination of Allison and April's blog name ideas would be good. A log of blogs have a "tag line" under the title in the header. Maybe something like like...
How Does Your Garden Grow, then under that in the header... Gardening tips, hints & ideas from Linden Nursery. That's kinda long but you get the idea. :)

Jamie said...

First...Yea jason...bonus Husband points!! Woo Hoo!

Second...Yea Princess Emily...we love movement, it helps us to know you are there and not always sleeping! names...almost as hard as naming children. here are my votes...
1. Gardening: one Plant at a time
2. Plants, Shrubs, and Trees...Oh My!
3. Linden Nursery: We're talkin' plants!

Fourth...southern accent, how southern are we talking? You going to talk to her more than that why I keep missing you...your cheating on me with the "new hire"

Shan said...

I totally agree with "if you think you felt it, you did." Hooray! No suggestions for a blog name. Snagged mine from a song by a funky band I love.

jayayceeblog said...

What popped in my head was You Grow, Girl! It's too late to think. =D Your hubby is a sweetie pie and that Emily is a kick!

sarah said...

Emily's garden? Emily's Season's? I would do something with her name in it since your business is all about growing and she is growing too.