Wednesday, March 9, 2011

This Is The Song That Never Ends

What started out as a sore throat ten days ago turned into tonsillitis.
The medication the doctor finally gave me for the tonsillitis made me sick...
in more ways than one.
The tonsillitis and the negative reaction to the medication led to the stomach flu.
Somewhere in the middle of all of this I developed congestion and a cough.
The sore throat, which had begun to improve, worsened again...
and by this morning I had had enough.
I called and made an appointment with the doctor.

The doctor did an exam and had this to say: "I'm not sure if I should try to treat you or just amputate."
I have the beginning stages of pneumonia.
I have a double ear infection.
And I'm on the 'you don't need to worry about your baby YET' end of dehydration.
The doctor is worried about the amount of oxygen I'm getting.
He gave me a shot, an inhaler, and strict orders on how much fluid I need to be drinking.
"It's a good thing you came in today," he told me.
"A few more days and you would have been in trouble."
"And as it is, I want to see you again tomorrow."

The nurse came in with a needle and said, "I'm sorry about this."
I told her not to be.
I have never welcomed a shot more than I did today.
She told me not to be surprised if the doctor orders another shot tomorrow.

I had to go to work for a minute and one of my co-workers said, "This is what you get for going to Mexico."
I thanked him for his sympathy.

The last 10 days have had their bright spots:
My mom made me homemade chicken noodle soup.
My DVR is finally 0% full.
Whenever my sister comes to visit she brings me cute baby clothes.
I've lost 6 pounds.
Wait...that's not a bright spot when I'm pregnant is it?
I don't have to put on makeup every day.
Jason and I have memorized the list of every cold medicine approved during pregnancy.
(None of them work.)
I folded some laundry.

I have so many things I want to talk about that have nothing to do with my health.
I have a wedding to blog about...
And pictures to post...
And stories to share...

But for right now I have a blanket and a couch that are calling my name.
Thank you for all of your kind thoughts and well wishes!

10 comments: said...

You just keep taking care of yourself and little Emily, and let Jason do the same. Sending lots of healing thoughts.

Jessica said...

Oh Noelle! That's so miserable! Feel better soon!

Dazee Dreamer said...

I'm so glad you went in. You poor, poor thing. And I'm really going to start hurting some of these people that you and baby sister work with since they are not always so nice to you guys. Just sayin.

Tiffany said...

Okay.... that's pretty sick. You don't do things halfway do you? I sure hope you've turned a corner here.

So glad you have loved ones and a fab husband taking good care of you.

Rest, rest and more rest. And fluids. And watching your favorite shows. Then maybe a nap. You get the idea. :)

Janae said...

I went to my OB appointment today and was complaining about my flu/head/chest congestion/coughing that I've had for 3 weeks now, and he said that any over the counter medicine is just fine to take. He suggested musinex and gave me a z-pack. Hopefully between the two I'll start feeling better. I hope you do too! Pregnancy is hard enough without the sickness on top of it! Oh, and go ahead and feel good about your 6 pounds lost. I lost 20+ in my first trimester. I was quite happy about it - although I've gained it all back now but not too much more. I feel like I've done pretty good with pregnancy weight. :)

Shan said...

OH NOO! Good for you getting to the doctor. Sending you healing energy and a little love pat for Emily.

Amy said...

Ugh, sweetie. I'm so so sorry. Feel better soon!!!

Cheeseboy said...

Geez! Sounds awful. I'm confused... amputate? What? That seems a little extreme.

wjmom said...

Happy, healing thoughts comin' atcha!

Heather said...

What was he planning to amputate?? A lung? Seems you (and the baby) might need that.