Friday, April 8, 2011

Happy Almost Weekend!

Do you know what's fun?
It's spraying your plants with deer repellent and having the wind change direction mid spray.
Instead of getting the rancid liquid on your plants, you get it in your face instead.
And's even more fun when that's the time your husband comes to visit you at work and can't stand the smell of you, and instead of hugging you goes to play hide-and-seek with his girlfriend. 
Trouble doesn't even have the decency to act embarrassed that she's stolen my husband.

I am plum tuckered out.
(Why do people say plum?)
It's been a long week.
And if it's raining again tomorrow, I will finally get to take the day off.
I can't decide if I'm hoping it will rain, or if I should hope that it will be a busy day at the nursery.

Would you be so kind as to do me a favor?
It's an easy favor, I promise.
Would you pipe up and tell me where you're from?

My sister Becca has a new posh office.
That posh office is home to one futon rocking chair, soft soothing music, and a phone line that doesn't work.
I'm going to go now, and sneak into that posh office and plant my weary self into that rocking chair.
If I keep the lights off I'll bet no one will even know I'm there.  For added security, I'll lock the door.
Good night.


Dazee Dreamer said...

I think you might be in luck with the rain tomorrow. AT least, thats what the weather people are saying. Rats.

Good thing you already know where I live.

Deer Repellent. Our deer must enjoy the smell of it. Didn't do us any good last year. Rats.

wjmom said...

West Jordan, Utah, is home to me, my beautiful family, and our ugly yard. If you came to see me, I wouldn't even make you TRY to make it beautiful by spraying anything, pulling anything, or planting anything. You could sit in my rocking chair with your feet up--just promise to tell me some more fun stories!

Heather said...

That Trouble!!

I am from Houston, Texas. What my dad describes as the "arm pit" of the U.S.

Today's Gift said...

Oh, that Trouble!

I'm from Ohio, but not living there now.

Jan Goldfield said...

I am a retired pond builder from a suburb of The Great Free State of New Orleans.

Cheeseboy said...

Honestly, I didn't even know they made deer repellent. Next thing you'll be telling me they make insect repellent!

This Trouble gal sounds like trouble.

Vibha said...

I am from India , a country in Asia :) . I believe you know it well anyway

Bossy Betty said...

California checking in here.

Perhaps the husband is part deer.

-stephanie- said...

I don't know where the word plum comes from when one is tired, but I found a remedy for it.


PlumTired Organic Aromatherapy Balm was created to help ease a tired mind and sooth a restless body for a good night’s sleep.

Apply to pulse points, cuticles and dry spots for a moisturizing, aromatic treat. Not for lips.

Notes: Lavender, Mandarin and Roman Chamomile

Balm comes in a sweet little tin and weighs 9.4g

I don't know where you can buy it though.
Maybe in Wisconsin...where I'm from.

You do know that Trouble will probably steal your baby too.

Have a restful weekend.

Shan said...

Stupid wind! So said from Victorville, California (home of what my three year o;d calls "serious wind.")

Judie said...

Noelle, I think you already know I live in Arizona, but I am originally from Georgia.

I'll bet that deer repellent is pretty nasty stuff!

TortugaRachel said...

Hey, at least you have plants, haha! I am known for having two black thumbs. I am also known as the "gill reaper". At this rate, I'm surprised I have a living cat, dog, and children, haha!

I live in the middle of nowhere, haha, kidding. I am in Missouri, about 50 miles east of Kansas City in a tiny town.

jayayceeblog said...

Checking in from Phoenix, AZ, I can honestly say I don't know what deer repellent smells like. Boy, an I glad!