Thursday, May 12, 2011

House Cleaning Techniques

When I got home last night my husband had vacuumed the whole house, and was in the process of dusting.
His technique was amazing.
We have high ceilings and it's impossible to reach the ceiling fan.
That husband of mine was throwing the duster up and over each of the blades of the ceiling fan.
When he had thrown the duster into the air at least 8 times he said,
"There, the dust is now gone."
(I wonder if I could get him to dust my office at work?)

Trouble was here yesterday.
My dad and I were talking and Trouble was busy 'working.'
She was stapling papers together and writing notes down in her notepad.
At one point she ran into the other room where there is a telephone that doesn't work.
Dad had just said the name Eric in his conversation with me and Trouble picked up on it.
From the other room I heard, "Eric, this is Sami at Linden Nursery. We have..."
...and then she went off and I didn't understand her.
After her conversation with Eric, Trouble 'talked' to another customer.
I guess this one was giving her fits because her tone changed.
"No, I already told you that," Trouble was saying.

She found some lipstick in my purse and when I came into the room she had put it on.
A few minutes later I used the lipstick and Trouble looked up at me and said,
"Are you putting that on so you can look pretty like me?"

Trouble used to ask me to carry her everywhere.
Now she just wants to hold my hand.
"You can't carry me," she tells me.
"Me and Elimy are too heavy for you."
I love her name for Emily.

One last thing before I remind myself that I have a job.
My husband is going to be out of town the ENTIRE month of June.
Actually, I think he'll be home a total of three nights.
Last night I asked him, "What happens if I go into early labor?"
"I guess you better get to a hospital fast,"is how he replied.

Do you feel a little bit sorry for me?


Venassa said...

I <3 Trouble stories. They make my day.
An entire month is a long time. I do feel sorry for you.

Cheeseboy said...

I need to write this method of dusting down so I can remember it. Perhaps tie a duster onto a bungee cord? Brilliant!