Monday, May 2, 2011

I Keep Finding Beetles In My Living Room

Sometimes when Jason is out of town I take ridiculously long bubble baths and then curl up in bed and watch movies that he would hate.
Actually he would probably watch them and say something like, "I'll watch anything you want to as long as I can sit close to you."
I wonder if there will come a day when he doesn't care about snuggling.
Knowing him...probably not.
If there is one thing I know for certain, it's that my husband loves me.

Speaking of my husband...
Trouble no longer calls him Jason.
It's so cute.
Today she brought me two flowers.  "Noelle, this flower is for you and this one is for your husband."
Later in the day she asked, "Hey, where's your husband's flower?"
I asked, "Who is my husband?" and that little girl rolled her eyes.
And then she took my hand as we walked up the road and sang, "I wanna hold your hand."

I put some clothes in the washer tonight and noticed something.
I've got shirts needing to be ironed that have been hanging in the laundry room since we got back from Mexico.
Do you know how long ago that was?
It's getting ridiculous.

One more brother says I waddle.


Lydia N. said...

Who is trouble? P.s. Whenever, if ever, you find time...I would appreciate it if you taught me the secrets of making a successful blog. How did you make your button thing as well?

Dazee Dreamer said...

Yeah, well, you can still kick your brother even if you waddle. :)

Cheeseboy said...

Waddling is rude? Oh man, I have some apologizing to do.

That kid is pretty cute - - says some really cute things!

Brent and Lori said...

Ask your brother if he's ever had a virtual nut punch.

Just sayin'....


Heather said...

Can you still catch him?

Beth Zimmerman said...

Waddling is cute! :)

jayayceeblog said...

When my Hubby is out of town, I make a big bowl of ice cream for dinner and crawl into bed with it and a book -- as early as possible. I think you should waddle on over and smack your brother up side his head! =D

Elizabeth said...

I would have to say that finding beetles in your living room is slightly better than finding cockroaches. See, there's an upside to everything.

xo -El

P.S. I think pregnant looks good on everywoman. And I'm sure you don't waddle.

Mom said...

My sweetie is the one who likes the chick flicks. I'd rather pick up a good book anytime. Or maybe I'd rather blog, but don't tell him that...

Auto Title Loans said...

Brothers are supposed to say things like that, though. And I totally have laundry hanging in my room that has needed to be ironed since I think February. I just look at it as a few less options to wear or worry about...