Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's What I Do

My life has been filled to overflowing with plants today.
In the last 8 hours I've:

paid for them
billed customers for them
ordered them
priced them
counted them
sold them
sprayed them for bugs
(okay I didn't personally spray them, but I made sure it was done)

Of the entire 12 acres of plants that we sell, the evergreens are my favorite.
It's the smell...it brings me peace.
It does more for me than lavender will ever do.
I can't give you the smell, but I can show you a picture of some beauties we just unloaded.

If you're in the area...and are in need of therapy...I know just the trick.


Beth Zimmerman said...

I LOVE the smell of pine trees! It's one of the things that I miss about New England!

Sandra said...

If this rain ever stops so I can get the weeds out of my flower beds, I'll stop by and get some therapy and then get some plants to continue filling in my garden.

Heather said...

Just looking a that picture makes me have to take a Zyrtec.
But I am glad you are enjoying it!!

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmmm...pine trees! Sounds heavenly. Can I bring my hammock? Thanks for the virtual stress relief!

Bossy Betty said...

If I were there I would curl up under those trees and take a nap!