Monday, May 30, 2011

On Memorial Day

My dad's dad...Grandpa Platt...was everyones favorite person.
He spent a lot of time with my family.
When he stayed with us his days were spent working in the garden, pulling weeds at the nursery, sweeping the kitchen floor, etc.
And through it all, he sang.

He went with us on family vacations.
He was there for all of our important events.
He went backpacking with the guys.
His charm was contagious and people just wanted to be near him.

There were two things you could count on Grandpa to say.

If you asked him a question to do with timing: "When will this happen or when will that take place?" his response was ALWAYS the same.  "Next summer at 2 o'clock."

And if you asked him where he got something he said, "Oh, I found it on a dead Indian laying on the side of the road."
...not the most politically correct thing to say, but Grandpa loved everyone and no one ever took offense at what he said.

Several weeks ago my nieces were chattering on about how excited they were to go to Washington to visit their other grandparents.
"When are you going to Washington?" I asked.
"Daddy says we can go next summer at 2 o'clock," Erika told me.

Grandpa would be proud of how far his influence still reaches.


Julie said...

Had to stop by and do some catch up reading. I hope you're slowing down a bit. I know work is hard and demanding but you need to take care of you and Emily so sit down, relax as much as you can. I hope you had a great weekend. Reading about your grandpa makes me miss mine so mcuh. I miss his "hi, hi".
Take care Noelle and have a blessed evening.

Cheeseboy said...

I have similar feelings toward my Grandpa. It amazes me how often I say things he would say and do things that he would do. I miss that guy.

My Big Secret Blog :) said...

Aw! This tugged at my heart. Cheers to Grandpa Platt. :)