Saturday, May 21, 2011

On A Saturday Night

It's 11:00pm and I'm sitting in bed watching the season finale of Grey's Anatomy.
I'm balling my eyes out.
I'm a little bit of a mess tonight.

I've been Googling 'too much amniotic fluid.'
Bad idea.
There are a lot of possible complications as a result of too much amniotic fluid...

After giving seven different people an upate about Emily today, I got a little bit discouraged.

Jason's out of town again...he'll be home late Sunday night and then he leaves again Monday afternoon for a week. 
I miss him.

Someone at work told me, "You can't possibly get any bigger."

I ticked a guy off today when I told him there was a line to check out and he needed to wait until I helped the customers in front of him.  He left mad.  I've thought about it all day long wondering if I should have handled it differently.

At least the world didn't end today!


Elizabeth said...

I can't believe McDreamy ditched Mer. And I can't believe Christina wouldn't even consider . . . well. You know. That is horrible.

xo -E

Sam said...

Haven't seen the finale yet.

Never google! Most people's cases are specific and unique to them, and google provides you with such a broad, generalized bundle of information, it really just gets people worked up for no reason. Don't worry, and don't google! Praying for little Emily! <3

Heather said...

Stop Googling now!!!
And don't start again until your baby is around ten!! Trust me.

I hope today is cheerier for ya!

Dazee Dreamer said...

You handled the customer just right. He is a jerky customer. Don't fret.

Gosh I hope Jason is getting all his travelying out of the way.

Shan said...

Aw, Mama, when you're already stressed, the best thing to do is avoid going after your Google doctorate. Everything you read isn't accurate nor does it apply to you, but it seems guaranteed that the WORST POSSIBLE OPTION is always at the top of the list.

Big hugs to you and a face palm to the person who made that ridiculous comment.

Sandra said...

Just wanted to let you know about the baby I had that had so much fluid that by 6 months I was as large as my friend that was full term with twins. He sat up at 3 months, walked at 9 months, read on a first grade level at 4 years, tested 3-4 years ahead all through school, graduated with a 4.0 GPA, got a scholarship to the U, and is now serving his mission where he was a trainer at 6 weeks and at 6 months was a zone leader. He was 5 years old before I ever had to reprimand him. He is the nicest, kindest, most humble person you will ever meet. And everyone loves him and all the girls want to go out with him.

So just sayin', extra fluid is not always a bad thing. Sometimes it is just extra fluid.

Love you three and keeping you in my prayers.

Joann Mannix said...

Another fluid story, my darling friend? My middle girl, the one who didn't register on a pregnancy test for the longest time? The one who the the doctors terrorized me with their talk of hormones not registering and chromosomal deficiencies? the one who was also diagnosed with too much amniotic fluid?

She was walking steady at 9 months, running at 12 months. Talking, I think, from the moment she was born. She now champions the world. Last week alone, she was inducted into the National Honor Society and elected vice president of her incoming junior class.

Don't fret Mama and stop with the googling! Stay strong. Emily's doing what she needs to do. And so is God.