Monday, June 6, 2011

Better Late Than Never

A few minutes ago the back door to my office opened and I heard someone walk in.
"Amanda?" I asked hopefully.  (You might know her as Baby Sister.)
She answered and I whimpered, "I need you."
That Baby Sister of mine...she's an angel.
It doesn't matter when or how often, if I say I need you, she's there.
Some days it's to run a deposit to the bank for me.
Other days it's to grab lunch for me.
At the moment she's out buying us lunch...with my car and my money...lest you think I take advantage of her kindness...
And she's in search of orange soda, because dang it, I've been craving it since Saturday.
I love that sister and I just wanted you to know.

I'm at the point with my blog where I can't sit and write about everything that comes to my mind.
I wanted to tell you a story last week about something that happened, but it involved someone else who might not appreciate being talked about in the blogosphere.
It was nothing fact, it was quite humorous...
But do you know how many random people come up to me in a week and say, "I read your blog."
I had no way of knowing if the person I wanted to write about reads my blog...or maybe someone who knows this person reads my blog...and so in the long run I chose to keep the story to myself. 
Just to make sure.

With that said, I asked Jason if I could tell you another story and after telling him the beginning to the end of the story, he thought it would be okay.

Once upon a time, many years ago, there was a girl who I saw every Sunday at church.
I never really got to know the girl, as she made it clear that unless you were in her circle of friends, she wasn't interested in getting to know you.
I'll be honest...I wasn't a big fan of the girl, and mostly just thought she was a snob.
In the year or more that I saw her every Sunday my opinion never changed.
And when she started dating a guy who I thought was a really nice guy, I hoped that she was nicer to him than she was to the rest of us.

Fast forward...

Last Friday I had just come out of the bathroom of my temporary hospital room.
I was adjusting the lovely and ever so modest gown they gave me when the door opened and the nurse walked in.
The nurse happened to be the girl from church.
She looked at me and asked, "Noelle, do I know you?"
I mentioned that we had gone to church together for over a year and she said, "It's great to see you!"

And all the while I'm thinking, 'She's going to do the examination?  She's who is going to be taking care of me?"

But here's the thing...

When the nurse walked back into the room a little while later, and saw me in the middle of my small emotional breakdown, she sat down on the bed next to me, and just listened.
She listened to my fears and my concerns...
She gave me permission to cry my eyes out for a few minutes...
And she was as kind and compassionate as anyone could have been.
And later as I was leaving the hospital, all I could think of was that I was grateful that she had been there.

Isn't it nice that life sometimes gives us second chances to see what we might have missed the first time around?


Kristin said...

Beautiful story, Noelle. Love what you said about second chances. So true!!!

wjmom said...

I hope many someones in many somewheres will someday give me a chance to make a better impression.

Mr. Thompson and Me said...

You can't give us teasers like this...

We need the story. Spill it.

Beth Zimmerman said...

I am painfully shy and some times that comes across as snobby and unfriendly. I hope people who think I'm a snob will give me another chance. I'm glad you had this opportunity and that she was there for you!

The Blog Writer said...

"I read your blog." :D Thanks so much for this story. :) It just made my day brighter!

Venassa said...

Aww I'm glad you were able to tell that story. It's too bad sometimes people give off bad impressions like she did, but I'm glad that she turned out to be a really sweet person. We're all guilty of judging too quickly.

Sandra said...

Sometimes when we are young what we think is important turns out to be trivial. Unfortunately we have usually given a bad impression in the mean time. fortunately, by the time we have learned the important things, we sometimes get a second chance.

(and I know people think I am a snob, I have heard them say it. what they would find out if they took the time is that I am allergic to their perfume/laundry soap/hairspray...)

Heather said...

I am always having to change my first impressions of people. It sounds like you are flexible, so that's good. I am glad someone nice was there for you.

Cheeseboy said...

I get people all the time telling me they read my blog too. It's weird.

Cool that that gal was there and that she either changed or you changed or both. I kinda dig when my impression of a person change too... for the better.

Baby Sister said...

I'm just glad to help. :) I would do it even if you didn't buy me lunch. Te quiero a ti tambien!!

Shan said...

This is beautiful. I'm glad she was able to be there for you... more than just a familiar face.

Marci said...

isn't it nice that life gives us a second chance to become who we really are inside?;D