Sunday, June 12, 2011

Counting My Blessings

And just like that Jason's gone again.
This time for ten days straight.
I try not to complain too loudly; his job is half the reason we can run the air conditioner.
And it's because of his boss's generosity that we were able to purchase every ounce of baby furniture we have.

Today was a perfect day.
I woke up so tired this morning and instead of getting out of bed to get ready for church, I looked over at Jason and asked, "Want to go to church with my parents?"  They go to church two hours later than we do, and when Jason said sure I snuggled into his pillow and slept for another hour.  It was heaven.
I love going 'home' for church.
I get to spend time with people who watched me grow up and who were there for all of my best stories, and I always come away feeling so uplifted and loved.

My entire family was together for dinner tonight.
You might think that's a regular occurrence, but in reality, it's not.
Someone is always gone.
Tonight my nephew asked me, "Noelle, do we get to go on a walk today?"
I couldn't say no to him, but I did shorten the length of the walk.
We walked to the top of the street and back, with the kids giggling and running the whole way.

Back at Grandma's house Trouble curled up next to me in a big chair and we read stories.
And while I read to her she kept her little hand near where Emily's head was, and rubbed my stomach every few minutes.

I can't even begin to tell you the amount of peace I feel when I'm with my family.
There is a little boy in my parents neighborhood who was recently adopted by his foster family.
He's 8.
As I watched him in church today I thought of his first 8 years and my heart broke for the life he had missed out on.  And I got a bit emotional as I thought of the life he has now.  I watched him there, sitting next to his new mom.  He would lean over and whisper to her every few minutes and at one point she winked at him.

I know that not all people were blessed with close, tight-knit families.  Not all people have supportive parents and loving brothers and sisters.  And today as I watched that little 8 year old I made it my goal to never take what I have for granted.  And I hope that some day God will give me the opportunity to give a child or children the safe haven they so desperately need...even if it's just temporarily.


Kristin said...

Oh this one got me Noelle. I have such a heavy heart thinking about the first two years of my daughter's life that she wasn't with us here. It breaks my heart, truly. Thank you for "getting" that.

You are going to make an amazing mom.

Heather said...

That is a great hope. I thank God for my family every day...even my brothers. :)

Lula Lola said...

You're very blessed to have such a close family and a home church family. And best of all, you don't take it for granted!
I hope the little eight year old you were speaking of enjoys those same blessings from here on out.

Bossy Betty said...

So glad you find peace and joy with your family. I am blessed with a good one too and know how valuable (and rare) that is.

lvs2dance said...

Oh how I love stalking your blog(s). You are such a great really should write a book. I would totally buy it! Glad you got to hang with the gang!

Taylor said...

Yay for sleeping in and going home and close families. :)

Hope Jason returns quickly. :)

The Blog Writer said...

It just warms my heart to read you.

Also, I think Emily already made her first best friend!