Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pretend I Was Never Here


I'm not here today.
I'm hanging out at my other blog...Dear Emily, Love Mommy.
The post there is a tad cheesy...
I guess you can either deal with the cheese or not read it.

Tomorrow is a big day as far as doctors appointments go.
We're headed to Primary Children's Hospital to meet one last time with the pediatric cardiologist.
Jason and I are both hopeful and apprehensive.
Amazingly, Jason will be here for this appointment, and for every one after that until Emily is born.
It almost seems a miracle that he's done traveling...until well after Emily arrives.

Wait...I wasn't supposed to be here.

I'll be back tomorrow...with news...hopefully of the 'good' variety.


Shan said...

Sending you all love (and I like cheese!), and looking forward to hearing the good news tomorrow.

Sam said...

Praying for you guys! Glad Jason is home for the rest of the pregnancy, and I bet he is too!

Amy said...

holding my breath for/with you.

Jay said...

Hmm, I haven't had my daily dose of cheese yet today... and since you're not here and all... :) Good luck with the appointment!

Beth Zimmerman said...

Praising the Lord that Jason is home to stay for a good while. And praying for amazing answers!

Amy said...

Seriously - still holding my breath. I hope all went well today!