Thursday, July 21, 2011

Finally, A Date

How does August 4th sound for a birthday?
It sounds far away to me.
But unless this little one decides otherwise, August 4th it is.
(Angie, that means that I will be induced on August 4th.  Is that specific enough for you?)

As soon as Jason heard the date he went through a mental checklist.
'Heat the bottle on the stove in boiling water.'
'Learn to change a diaper.'
'Make sure you support the head.'

He makes me laugh.

Last night Jason left a message on my phone.
He wanted to go for a bike ride but was checking to make sure I didn't have other plans.
His plans worked perfectly with mine, because I wanted to get a pedicure.
I'm still suffering because of that pedicure.

My feet are more than a little swollen.
And by the time I get home at night they hurt...a lot.
It usually takes until the next morning for the swelling to go down enough for me to put shoes back on.
(Jason's flip flops to be flip flops don't fit at the moment.)

I said to the lady doing the pedicure, "My feet are swollen and they hurt."
She shook her head and made a sound that I thought meant, "Oh you poor thing.  I'll take extra careful care of you."
I quickly realized that no, that's not what she meant.
I have never had a massage that hurt worse, and at one point I got tears in my eyes.
I would flinch and pull my foot away and she would look up at me and say, "Feel better yes?"
And then she would look down again and go back to her torture.
At the point where I had reached the end of my rope and was opening my mouth to tell her so she said, "There. Finished."

I eventually limped to my car and made it home.
When Jason got home I told him about my experience, and a few minutes later, when we were settled on the couch he pulled my foot up onto his lap and rubbed it for a long time.
(One foot is worse than the other.)
But even with that, the pain in my foot woke me up off and on all night long.

I'm pretty sure Emily is worth the pain.

There were two young girls getting manicures the same time as my pedicure.
They were fun to listen to, but when they started talking about bars and drinking I got a little concerned.
They weren't any older than 14 or 15.
They asked me a few questions about my pregnancy, and as I tried to get out of the chair they laughed at me. 
I smiled at the girls and said, "Ladies, you better not even think about doing this, (and I pointed to my stomach) for a really long time."
What happened to me?
At what point along the way did I decide that if I was going to be a mother I needed to be everyone's mother?


Shan said...

I think August 4 is a perfect day to meet Emily!

And I believe that the "everyone's mother" gig is temporary... similar to the way most of us become hyper-aware of other people's driving skills once we get our license. But it was still good someone told them that. said...

I'm glad you gave them warning.
Oh my, I had a horrible pedicure once and my feet weren't swollen due to pregnancy or any other reason. I don't know about these women giving pedicures. Anyway, my lady cut into my toe and made me bleed. She seemed to think nothing of it. It was NOT a relaxing experience.
PS August 4 sounds like the perfect birthday!

wjmom said...

August 4th is the best day ever! Take good care of yourself in the interim!

Sandra said...

Yay! for Aug. 4

Boo, for painful pedicures

Yay! for loving husbands (and caring daddy)

And the being everyone's mom is part of the job. It comes under the things they don't tell you in the manual or classes category.

Venassa said...

August 4th does sound like a great birthday. I can't wait to hear all about her. Your foot massage sounds horrible. Swollen feet feel bad enough without adding in a bad foot massage.

TheBlogWriter8 said...

I've been acting like everyone's mother for half of my life until now. As uncool as that feels, I'll say it to make you feel better.

Sue the pedicure lady.

4th August. Yay!

Cheeseboy said...

Never getting a massage. This solidifies that choice.

le Chef said...

Your water will break as you drive to the hospital .. in his car.
No safety pads for that. ;)
Mine never did, so the doc had to do it. I hear a lot of women are that way.

Just checking in. Aug. 4th will be a good day.
Once a mother, always a mother, but never quite THE mother that we turn into when we're preggers. That's like uber motherhood. They obviously needed to hear it.

Anonymous said...

It is just the motherly instincts every woman has some where inside her heart . Good that you warned them . August 4th sounds far but it is be good if she comes when she is ready .

Anonymous said...

You are practicing!

Anonymous said...

The longer she's inside, the "stronger" she will be, yes?? That may take patience, however. Good thing Emily is in charge, as I have NONE of that virtue...good thing I'm not in charge! Know how much you three are loved! That won't ever change!! :0)

Beth Zimmerman said...

August 4th sounds awesome! And much closer than you think! Remember when we were praying for Emily to stay put? That one, and many others, are being answered! Hang in there little mama!