Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy Friday

Last night Jason and I went to our favorite salad place for dinner...again.
We're still waiting for that miraculous day when I will wake up with a desire to cook.
(Don't tell Jason that my mom has been waiting for 20 plus years for that desire to hit me.)

As we were standing in line the girl making my salad looked at me and asked, "Are you going to have a baby?"
Her co-worker looked at me and rolled her eyes and I tried to suppress laughing right out loud.
I looked at my stomach and back at the girl and said, "I certainly hope so."
"Are you waiting to deliver naturally?" she then asked.
At that point I wanted to roll my eyes because really, is it any of her business?
I told her that if I went into labor before Wednesday, then yes, I would deliver naturally.

As we walked to our table Jason asked, "Do you know her?"
"No, I have no clue who she is," I told him.
He was surprised that a complete stranger would ask me so many questions.

It's amazing what people think they have a right to know when a woman is pregnant.
I've taken to wearing sun glasses wherever I go so that people don't see me glare at them when they stare at my belly for too long.

I think I have skin cancer on my lip.
Jason studied the red spot for a long time and then googled 'Lip Diseases.'
It's amazing he's still willing to kiss me.
I showed it to my dad yesterday and he asked, "Do you even get sunburned there?"
I made an appointment with a dermatologist for the end of August...before then I think I'm going to be otherwise occupied.
I hope I don't die before the end of August.

Do you remember how once upon a time before I got pregnant I had some serious issues with vertigo?
Other than some slight dizziness here and there, I haven't had one episode of vertigo since last November.
It's been amazing.
I have nightmares that as soon as Emily is born I'm going to get hit with a whopping case of vertigo that will never end.
Do you think I'm lucky enough to have it just be gone...forever?
Yeah, me neither.

I'm trying to think of any other possible random thing that might have crossed my mind in the last 24 hours.
I think we've got it covered.

Oh...except for this...
Do any of you watch Expedition Impossible?
Here's my question:
Is the amount of money they have the chance to win worth what they go through in a day?
I think not.


Susan Ayers said...

Is it possible that the spot on your lip is were your biting your lip to keep from telling these people how rude they are?? I always hated the ones that thought they could just touch your stomach... ugh...

It won't be long mom.. your almost there and all will be right with the world...

Dazee Dreamer said...

some of those reality shows really make you wonder about the money.

Hope you have a good weekend. And by good, I mean, I hope that Emily decides it's time to leave the capsule.

Kristin said...

It constantly amazes me the questions people think is ok to ask. You would be shocked at some of the things people have said to me once they know I've adopted. Someone actually asked if I was going to have any "real" children. I looked at her and said, "No, I'm perfectly happy with this fake one. I tend to kill real things. You know, black thumb and all." Ok, so I didn't really say that but I wanted to...

Moral of the story...people are stupid.

Elizabeth said...

I was thinking/wondering about your vertigo the other day and couldn't remember you talking about it for quite a while. That's great! I think your body compensates for all the pregnancy misery. When I was pregnant, I didn't have my usual spring allergies as bad as the non-pregnant springs.

Also, I read all your posts. I love your blog. I just usually don't have anything helpful or insightful or even coherent to say most of the time. But I really love hearing about all your adventures.

xo -E

Shan said...

I've been gone on vacation. Thought of you and your husband as the camera snapped us at beautiful locations. And of course, I thought of Miss Emily and looked forward to stories of her hiking adventures.

You and your family are in my heart as you prepare for this monumental and beautiful change.

With love,

Shan :+)

le Chef said...

LOL! I have often asked the same thing about Fear Factor, and the answer is NO.
Vertigo. I had the same thing before kids, now, nothing. though strangely, I always know days in advance if an earthquake is coming - right up to, in fact - not fun.
And people getting in your biz with baby 411 .. WOW. YES. My MIL got WAY too descript on parts of her anatomy I never wanted to know about, and strangers in the store got far to familiar with my body - touching, patting .. I even had an old lady spank me because I looked so young, and she thought it was her place to punish me for my morals... in Sears. I about flipped out, because not only was I married, but I was also A: not a teenager, and B: 2 weeks overdue and not of a mood to be spanked by a stranger in the mall.
People do weird stuff, and ask far too personal questions.
However, once you've given birth, it won't phase you as much. THAT kind of trumps everything.
-Just checking in. Hang in there girl....

le Chef said...

OK, just posted but this is for Kristin: I'm adopted - well, by my dad. People do and will always have something stupid to say. Go ahead and say what your thinking, because they need to know it's not OK. At some point it's going to be directed at your kids, or they will overhear it, and they need to know you've got their back. A lot of the time they have no clue they were being so insensitive, or that what they said was so incredibly dumb. When people live in a bubble, it's ok to burst it. Reality has a nice smell to it.

Jenalee said...

Before Greg had his legs amputated, all kinds of people would walk up to him and ask him how tall he was and if he played in the NFL. After the amputations, MORE people walk up to him and ask him what happened to his legs...or they just stare.

The people of the world aren't just looking at you! :) And just think, all that staring will be done and over with soon. If you happen to miss it later on down the road, then we can all go out to dinner...any you can stand by Greg. I'll hold Emily.