Friday, July 1, 2011

It's A Beautiful Day In My Neighborhood

Last night Jason asked if I wanted to go for a drive up the canyon.
I thought it a fabulous idea.
He asked too if I thought I could manage a small walk along the river.
I said sure.
Then he said,
"Are you sure it won't cause compressions?"
"I mean retractions."
"What is it???"
"Contractions," I said while laughing.
"And no I'm not sure it won't cause contractions but let's go anyway."
It was beautiful and we enjoyed all 30 steps that I could walk.

I skipped out on my non-stress test this morning.
Call me rebellious but I couldn't handle going to one more doctor's appointment this week.
I'm pretty sure the nurses missed me - seeing as how I've become a part of their routine.

What are you doing for the weekend?

We're ...
Finishing the nursery -
Going to my nephews baptism-
Checking out the local farmers market-
Lighting the million dollars worth of fireworks Jason bought-
And eating.
I hope.


Amanda said...

I can understand skipping the test. So did I.

Have a great weekend!

Amy said...

Sounds like a lovely Jason-filled weekend.

Cox Family said...

Have Jason tell you about the time he lit up a box of our city's fireworks and they blew up and burnt part of our high school football field. Watch him closely.

Bossy Betty said...

Sounds like a lovely walk and I totally support your rebellious streak. I happen to have a pretty wide one myself.

jer and lous crew said...

way to go JASON...hehehe that is awesome love it...

Beth Zimmerman said...

I had so many non stress tests (bad name) that when Josiah was born cross-eyed, Bert said it was from having a bedpan clanging in his ears so often! (Can't remember what they used to beat on it but it made an awful racket!)

Dazee Dreamer said...

I think your weekend sounds fabulous.

-stephanie- said...

Glad you had a nice 30 steps.

We are having a 4th of July party, and lighting off the million dollars worth of fireworks that my husband bought. Oh, and eating too. One thing I hated about being pregnant. There was never enough room for all the food I wanted to eat.
Enjoy your weekend.

Shan said...

There have been times when I've had to make similar decisions. A mama has to know her limitations.

Here's to eating! Oh, and fireworks (it's 10:00 and I just realized I haven't had dinner yet... so food first).

Kerri said...

sounds like a wonderful weekend!!

The Chicken's Consigliere said...

You do realize that 50% of American women are in love with Jason, right? (100% are in love with you). Enjoy your weekend-it sounds like fun. Littleb will be taking in fireworks for the first time this year. He's practicing up on the noise toleration right now by banging a hammer on his surfboard. He's doing pretty well. I'm getting a bit of a headache:-)

Julie said...

To much doctoring is not fun, just don't take to many days off.
Have a great weekend with Jason.
Don't worry about mama and all her "goodies". I too am someone that does not keep it all and my sister is such a pack rat I don't think mama has to worry anything getting tossed as long as it's not brought here.
Take care and God Bless!!

le Chef said...

LOL! aahhh , men. My husband took me aside .. while in serious labor no less, to tell me to tell the doctor to cut the cord way low so the baby didn't have an "outie". He didn't want the doctor to think he was shallow, apparently.
I won't print how I responded, though now I laugh about it.

Cheeseboy said...

Lighting fireworks! That's all men hear. Hoping for a successful ending to your pregnancy real soon.

And thank you for your kind remarks on my last post. My favorite comments are ones like yours. said...

That compressions-retractions word confusion on Jason's part is cute.

Noelle, so sorry for stupid google reader problems. Also, I'm sorry for being MIA a lot these days. I'm going away on another short trip. I'm keeping you and Emily in my nightly prayers.