Thursday, July 14, 2011

What Day Is It? I Can't Keep Track.

It's nice when people understand how life works.
Let me give you an example.
My brother just said, "I'm going to get a pizza for lunch.  Do you guys want to eat it with me?"
You guys = our cousin Travis and me.
We said yes.
It seems we have a hard time escaping for lunch around here, and when someone is actually pro-active enough to get lunch we all jump on the lunch bandwagon.
(Where does this phrase 'jump on the bandwagon' come from?)

"What kind of pizza do you want?  Pepperoni or Hawaiian?"
I chose Hawaiian.
Ben said, "Trav, what do you want?"
And then before Travis had a chance to respond Ben said this,
"Actually it doesn't matter.  Noelle already said what she wanted and we pretty much just have to go with that."

See?  My brother understands how life works.

In other news...
Because I'm sure you just wait on pins and needles for my other news...
That little daughter of mine is going to give me gray hair...or is it grey hair?
I never know how to spell gray/grey.
The nurse who was monitoring her heart this morning asked us, "Does she normally have an irregular heartbeat?" she doesn't.
"Hmmm...okay, well...we'll just have the doctor look at it."
The perinatologist came in and watched and listened for a minute.
"I'm 99.9% certain it's not a problem...and that it's unrelated to her other heart problems," is what she told us.
"But I'll call the cardiologist and make sure we're on the same page."
And then she gave us her worst case speech about how sometimes, if an irregular heartbeat goes on for too long there is always the chance of heart failure.
Does she have to say those things?
"But don't worry...if we think she's going into heart failure we'll just deliver her."

Yes please, I'll take the delivery.
Not because I'm worried about heart failure, but because I'm worried about total body failure...on my part.

And to wrap things up...
Jason barbecued fillet Mignon last night.
And he cooked corn on the cob.
And mashed potatoes.
And some amazingly delicious cheese/tomato/basil/olive oil/rosemary dish.
(Dear Becca, I stole the basil from your kitchen cupboard.)
And he cut up fresh cantaloupe.

When he asked what my favorite meal was, as we were eating all of this delicious food I said,
"I probably would have just made waffles."

Poor Jason.
He didn't know what he was getting when he married me.


Kristin said...

I am praying so hard for you, Noelle!!!

The pizza thing - good call on your brother's part!

And I think it's grey. At least that what I usually use. Unless I use gray.

Jason's meal is probably my favorite summer meal!!! Waffles??? Really???

wjmom said...

It's grey if you are using British english. It's gray if you are using American english. Since you have followers all over the world, I'd say either one is fine. (BTW, that's the reasoning behind colour/color and Saviour/Savior.) Now you know. Aren't you glad you have me? :)

P.S. Get that Emily here, pronto!

Singedwingangel said...

Well we can tell Emily is already starting to scare you.. just wait till she is here and she rides the bike down the hill with no hands or feet.. yeah she is just preparing you ahead of time of all the years to come.
Umm your hubby can come cook here lol

Heather said...

I love your brother's comment. Precious!
Emily is probably just getting all her drama out of the way and the rest of her existence will be smooth sailing!!

Venassa said...

I never know how to spell it either. Emily really knows how to worry people, doesn't she? Hopefully she gets a little bit better with that once she's born :p Praying for her as always though.
I wish Jason would come cook that for me. I'm starving.

Jessica said...

Dude, I'll make you waffles and Jason can cook for me!!

le Chef said...

LOL! Poor guy. And I love his name, because that was my brothers, and he was ever so awesome and amazing.

I found after all the total body failures and hormonal melt downs, that the docs always give worst case scenario. ALWAYS. They can't offer false hope if they even SUSPECT ... SUSPECT, not expect, suspect ... something could even in the faintest, most remote chance be wrong, because people sue for just about anything. They have to cover their backsides, and I can't blame them. I've two nieces; one blind, the other has an extra chromosome = mentally handicapped. Both were born months early and at roughly a pound -if- each. We heard every dooms day scenario you could think of. Take it with a grain of salt. Acknowledge it, but don't let it become your reality until you have to. Life has enough problems for the day at hand. Easier said than done, but just putting that out there.
Hang in there.

If anyone knew what they were getting into when they got married, they would never make it to the alter.
AND .. because I haven't said enough .. gray or grey;
grAy is a US spelling, grEy is British. But it really doesn't matter because both are correct.
I have gray eyes. I go through this every time I have to get a new license. They want to make *sure* it's correct. ... red tape. Sheesh.