Sunday, July 31, 2011

What Trouble Does For Fun

When Trouble comes to my office, which is often more than once a day, she clears off whatever is on top of my desk and plops herself down right in the middle of the desk.
And there she sits...sometimes for 15 or 20 minutes.
When the phone rings she says, "Answer it."
When a customer walks in the door she says, "Uh oh, go help the customer."

A few days ago she was sitting in her spot playing with a jar full of pennies.
She counted out 20 pennies and climbed off the desk and went in to talk to Travis, my cousin.
"Travis, I'll give you these pennies if you take me for a ride on your motorcycle," she said.
Travis laughed and said, "I'll take you next week."
This was not Trouble's first request.

Trouble tried again.
"Travis, I'll give you these pennies if you take me for a ride on your motorcycle today."
Travis laughed again and said, "Let's go ask your mom."

Travis ended up taking Trouble for a ride around the nursery.
She wasn't a fan of the helmet because it messed up her hair, and I had to fix it for her.
I wasn't a fan of Travis putting Trouble on the back of the looks like he and I have to have a little chat about taking 4 year olds for motorcycle rides.

Trouble swears she will never get on the bike again.
"It was scary," she said "and I screamed."
If I'm being honest, her little squeal was adorable.
And I didn't have the heart to tell her that Travis wasn't going very fast.

Trouble's dad realizes he's in trouble.
He said to Trouble's mom, "You're already letting her get on the back of a guy's bike?"

That little Trouble...
I've said it before but the world needs more of her.


A said...

So cute!

Bossy Betty said...

Trouble is going to be just fine in this world!!!! She already knows how to operate!

Sandra said...

I know how she feels. I have never really like riding on motorcycles and find them scary.

When my nephew was Troubles age he summed it up this way: "They're 'sponsible, dangerous and, and, 'sponsible" ('sponsible meaning irresponsible)

A few years ago when I was at BYU the first time, my sister and her husband lived where the Provo mall now sits. My brother in law rode a motorcycle to BYU to get to class. Sometimes he would come by my apartment after my last class to pick me up to take me to their house to spend the evening. I had to ride on the motorcycle. I didn't like the helmet either- it messed up my hair.

But it was scary for me- and he really wasn't going fast, but he would have to tell me to loosen my grip so he could breathe. Every time. I was so glad when it snowed hard and he had to drive the car.

Cheeseboy said...

Hey, if that is the last time in her life she ever rides on the back of some guy's bike, you should be so lucky!

Dazee Dreamer said...

haha. I love hearing about her. so, so cute.

Heather said...

So cute. Both of 'em. And nice bike.

I was about that age when one of my uncles took me. The ride when well, but when I got off I stepped on the exhaust thingie and burned up the bottom of my foot. Ouch.

And helmets ARE rough on the hair!

le Chef said...

Poor Trouble. And then like me she'll get older and marry the guy with the bike ... because he has a bike. And she won't care so much about the hair.

Two more days mama.