Tuesday, August 30, 2011

If Someone Fed Me Every Three Hours I Would Be Happier

All signs point to decreased brain function.
For me.
It's unfortunate, considering there wasn't that much to begin with.

Somewhere along the line I lost some of my hearing.
Not enough to make a difference...but enough to annoy me from time to time.
It's most noticeable at night - as soon as my head, or my ears rather, hit the pillow.
I fall asleep to white noise most nights.
Some nights it's worse than others.
Amazingly, I didn't notice the white noise while I was pregnant.
Can anyone explain that?

The other night I fell asleep to both the white noise and the sound of the air conditioning blowing through the vent.
Not too long after falling asleep I woke with a start and sat straight up in bed.
I was convinced I was deaf.
In fact, I started crying, so convinced I was.
The reality?
The air conditioning had turned off, waking me up.  And the lack of air...the silence...
Well, like I said, I cried because I thought I had gone deaf.

I am quite certain it's going to get worse before it gets better.
My poor brain function that is.


Dazee Dreamer said...

congratulations. You have just developed your mother ears.

Lalis said...

At least your post partum whateverness is... funny? My sister was not... funny. At all.

(Okay, does the fact that chuckled at this post make me a horrible friend?)

Heather said...

Isn't it funny how everything is a panic in the middle of the night?

My husband turns two fans on at night and now I can't sleep without the noise.

Sandra said...

It's called "Mommy Brain" and having this condition you cry at stupid things and for no reason at all and you sometimes appear as if you have no common sense and are denser that a rock in mud. The upside to this condition is this: it does get better with time, sleep and did I mention sleep? But as your child gets older, Mommy Brain makes you wiser and smarter than all the other mommies on the block. You also become popular and the go to person for any and everything.

And the small person in your life looks at you and smiles and you love that you have mommy brain because of all the good that comes with it.

Now go drink some water. It helps with the beginning stages of mommy brain.

le Chef said...

Hormones hon. Pregnancy does weird things to a lady. I couldn't even walk down the cleaning aisle at the grocery store, and eventually had to stop going because I could smell everything. EVERYTHING. From like, an aisle away. Race, gender, pet lovers, financially well off, and those who weren't. You would never think it, but it's true - they all have distinct smells. I felt like a dog.
And garlic. I couldn't stand the smell of garlic, and now I have trouble smelling it, and I use a lot because I can't taste it. .. weird stuff pregnancy.
My hearing also changed - maybe that's normal.
Hang in there girl - it gets better.