Thursday, August 18, 2011

One Day At A Time

In celebration of Emily being moved from the PICU to the recovery floor Jason and I spent the night at the hospital with her.
We'll be going home tonight.
One can only go without sleep for so long.  
Boy howdy.

This Emily of ours...
She thinks the nurses are trying to drown her with all of the formula they are giving her.
Every 2 hours...more formula.
And so far, she's got the bottle thing sort of figured out.
She can suck, and she can swallow without problems - but she could also care less.
'I'm tired now, thank you very much.  Just be a dear and put the rest of my milk in the feeding tube.'
That's what she would say if she could talk.

(we get a kick out of her little ear and how it folds almost in half)

What do I say when I talk?
I call my mom and cry just a little bit and say, "Mom, tell me I can do this."
"Tell me we're going to get her home one day."
"Tell me that it's all going to be okay."

My mom tells me those things but also tells me she loves me, and sometimes she calls me sweetheart.
And somehow, hearing my mom call me sweetheart makes me feel better.

The nurse will be in any minute with another bottle.
I'm practice my negotiating skills.
'Emily, if you drink half of this bottle I'll let you go back to sleep."

I'd drink half of the bottle if someone would let me go back to sleep!


Janine said...

I've just read your last two posts. I cannot tell you how often I think of you, your hubby and Emily and pray. She is an absolute miracle and so very beautiful. Praying that His strength will continue to carry you through every moment of the day. You and Jason are a testimony to us! Celebrating each day of Emily's healing with you. What a strong and beautiful treasure she is.

Dazee Dreamer said...

she'll get the idea. it's still kind of new to her. she's just content to be in her mom's arms and wants to just snuggle and stuff. I understand.

wjmom said...

Darling Noelle,
This post is proof that while the circumstances may change, you are still you: sweet, funny, faithful, loving.

You can do it! You are strong. You are wonderful. You are being upheld by God's hands (because we're still here begging him to be with you!).

Love you!

Joann Mannix said...

You can do this. You can. Every second, every passing day, every sleepless night, is one step closer to the light. Remember, soon all of this will be just a memory. You can do this.

And just so you know, I had two babies who had no interest in nursing. They would feed for about a minute or two and then, just doze off. Both of them lost more than the usual weight newborns tend to lose in the first few days. It took them a couple of weeks to really get interested in feeding. And those two girls didn't go through what baby Emily's been through. So, know that this is not uncommon for any baby.

The big news is she's sucking and swallowing! So many babies struggle with that.

Emily's a rock star. Give her some time and just watch what she can do.

And remember, you can do this.

Anonymous said...

I found your blog through, well honestly I can't remember where but I've been thinking and praying for your beautiful little girl. It is so good to hear she is doing better!

TheBlogWriter8 said...

Oh, hun, your normal Mommy days are just beginning and I couldn't be happier! I love you guys- I've been waiting for an update for a long long time- I know you post despite exhaustion; I'm being greedy, aren't I? :) Yay, recovery!!!!!

Emily, drink up, my girl- flex those muscles and get home soon! :) :) :)


le Chef said...

She's come so far. From that little baby that had all the tubes and all the wires. To see her in her mommies arms, drinking her bottle and exercising her free will. In no time she will be in her bedroom, keeping you awake at night, making you laugh, and filling up her diaper pail.

A year from now you will be holding her hand as she looks at bugs, eats the dirt, and runs through your house causing trouble, and you will wonder where that little fragile baby went. Then you will look back and realize how much you have grown as a couple, and as a family, and you will see how strong you really are. Hold on to that on those days when you feel like your going to fall over.
You are getting there, step by step.
Hang in there; glad to see so much progress!

jer and lous crew said...

i love seeing new pictures of her...glad you are all surviving...i think about you often and pray for you always...much love from us

Julie said...

She's growing. I can see it in each pictures. She is so beautiful, so much like her mama. Keep up the great strength and than God for mama.
Sleep well tonight knowing she's in great hands, the doctor and nurses and mostly the Lords.
Blessings to you and Jason and wee little Emily.

Shan said...

Beautiful, beautiful mama and daughter! Hhave you already lost the baby weight? You look fantastic!

Fynnie had a floppy ear. As late as April and possibly May it was still flopping. Today? Normal. (I am equally relieved and nostalgic about it.)

I remember wondering if we'd ever get Mad home. Each time she'd reach a "shee needs to eat this much" mark, they'd raise the bar. Followed by a (super mild) case of jaundice. We were on the way for our morning visit when the call came to pick her up. Sheesh! Almost 3.5 years later and it still chokes me up.

You will get that call, too, Noelle. You will.


Bossy Betty said...

I just know Emily will take off and get the hang of that bottle very soon! She is a beautiful little girl with a beautiful spirit. I continue to think about you and your family and send you support through the airwaves. said...

I'm hoping that by the time you're reading this you've had a solid few hours (at the very least) sleep. You look like such a natural mom-daughter team already.
Lots of love and prayers.

Amy said...

Dear Noelle, you make me cry each time I stop in a see how you all are doing. My nephew had heart surgery when he was a few days old, so I have perspective of everything you are going through, however only perspective. What you are doing is amazing, you are wise and strong, you are a wonderful mother. --Amy aka Petey :)