Monday, August 29, 2011

Seriously? I Have To Come Up With Another Title?

Dear Abbey:

Wait, did Dear Abbey die?  I seem to remember reading something about her passing away.  Did she leave her column in someone else's hands?

Dear Miss Manners:

Is Miss Manners still around?

Dear Whoever is an Expert In All Things Manners Related:

Is it wrong to send out one ginormous universal Thank You note through my blog/Facebook for the amazing and wonderful things so many people have done for and given to my little Emily and us?

Yes?  It's wrong?

Well then, standby everyone, you'll get a personalized thank you card from 2014.

Do you people know my husband?
Do you understand the way his mind works?

Let me give you a glimpse so that you'll understand the picture I'm about to post.

He researches everything.
Consumer reports is his #1 go to website.
He has researched every appliance we have in our house to make sure it's up to par.
He recently bought a state of the art blender, and he used it a total of 7 times.
(I never used it; you should have seen it.  I was beyond intimidated.)
He decided that it didn't blend as smoothly as he wanted it to, and turned to consumer reports to find a better blender.
Find one he did, and the very same day he took the blender back to where it came from and exchanged it for the one that got a higher rating.

It was the same with our baby monitor.
We had a nice one, given to us by Jason's sister. wasn't the nicest wasn't the most high tech one.
Jason left one night to buy milk.
He came back with a new baby monitor.
"Dear, I spent a lot of money on this monitor."

A few days later he mentioned that he had been surprised that I didn't get mad at him for buying the monitor.
"I'm too tired to care," was my response.

And so it has gone with everything we have purchased for the little miss.

While Emily was still in the PICU Jason and I went to purchase the last of what we needed before Emily came home.
Two items on the list?
A bathtub and a nose sucker.
I can remember taking baths in the sink and pictured some plastic something or other for Emily's bath time.

Did I forget who I was married to?

Emily's bath time is deluxe...better than mine (back when I had time for such luxuries) and she actually likes taking a bath - although her face might not suggest that.

This bathtub comes complete with a whirlpool and a shower.  Have you ever seen such a thing?

Neither had I.  Leave it to Jason. And actually, to Jason's very generous boss.  That man has taken such good care of our little Emily.  Every single thing we have purchased for the little miss has been because of the generosity of Jason's boss.  He asked me the other day if I had posted a new blog.  Does this mean he reads my blog?  Of this I'm not sure.  But on the chance that he does...

R, thank you.  Thank you for loving our little girl and for being so good to us.

One more thing...

The nurses in the PICU asked Jason if he is an engineer.  Why?  Because they think he's a nerd.  And they really used those words.  "You're kind of nerdy with all of the questions you ask."

He's my nerd though, and I love him.
I couldn't do this without him.


Meghan said...

That is the most awesome baby bathtub I have ever seen! She looks so relaxed. Emily is one lucky little lady!

Singedwingangel said...

Ok is it wrong to be jealous of Emily's tub?? I want one do they make them in super adult sized??
Isn't it amazing how many people we see everyday and never realize the depth of their heart till we are faced with what seems to be insurmountable odds.

Venassa said...

That is a sweet bathtub! I think Emily deserves that kind of luxury though. She's lucky to have a daddy that cares that much about everything he gets for her.
Dear Abbey died?

Erka said...

That is teh craziest baby bathtub I have ever seen! One thing is for sure, little Emily is a princess already!

Lalis said...

Umm, I think maybe we prayed a little TOO hard for Emily? Heavenly Father probably thought she had a little credit on prayers and figured, "Hey! I can give her a sweet bathtub!" Hahaha, I kid... I don't we can ever pray enough for our loved ones. And no, I have never seen a thing like that. I didn't even know such a luxurious baby bathtub even existed! I'm just glad Emily is enjoying it.

I do have a question for Jason, what are the best car seats? I'm helping out my best friend with hers and I don't like the one she picked...

Bridget said...

Sweet lil Emily has earned that bathtub! So glad you are receiving kindness! Thinking of and praying for y'all lots! :) She is precious!
PS Nerds are cool.

Anonymous said...

Love this post! Reminds me of the time I was out to dinner with my friend, Melissa & ran into you guys. I still chuckle as I remember the very serious discussion Jason & Melissa had over the best brand of diapers & baby wipes.

That husband of yours is a good egg.


Kristin said...

I soooo wanted that bathtub for Coop!! It's awesome!!! Little Miss looks quite peaceful if you ask me! :))

Dazee Dreamer said...

I think it is totally fine to send everyone a big ole thankyou on here. honestly.

I had a dream the other night that I came to visit you and emily. Yeah, and now that I see she has the highest tech bud EVER, she probably wouldn't want to see me. :)

Tiffany said...

I'm living with a Consumer Reports affectionado too! (And yes- he is an engineer) Everything gets researched around here. Sometimes it gets out of hand and a purchase can take waaaay too long. I must say that Emily's new hot tub is very fine and worth the background check. Oh... what a sweet babe she is. And what wonderful parents that tiny one has!

p.s. Nerds rule.

walden said...

What a cute-sy little girl! She's so sweet and I'm glad she has a spa tub...y'all deserve that! Hang in there. That early tired goes away eventually. There's a different tired that comes later, but it's not the bone deep stuff you've got going on now. Love you guys...still praying for you :)

Joann Mannix said...

Forget the bathtub! Look at that precious pudge of a girl. Oh, she is a princess, indeed!

My husband is the same exact way. He will research something to death and then buy the very best, top of the line, thing out there. Trust me, if they had these baby jacuzzis when my girls were little, they would have been soaking in luxury.

Debbie Gardner said...

That's awesome! Almost makes me want to consider giving birth again, just so that I can buy the latest and greatest fun things for a baby...umh on second thought the 5 I have are more than enough. Oh-well. I'll live vicariously through your blog.

Heather said...

That bathtub is unbelieveable!! Wherever did you find that and do they have them in my size.

(Emily is adorable!!)

Beth Zimmerman said...

Nerds are awesome! And I want a Queen Sized version of that tub!