Wednesday, September 7, 2011

All I've Eaten Today Are Chocolate Chip Cookies

And what I seriously need to know is this:
HOW IN THE WORLD does my neighbor have the time or the energy to make said cookies?
She had a baby a mere two weeks before I did.
AND she had her make up on.

* * * * *

I'm in love with Emily's pediatrician.
Don't worry, Jason knows this, and he's okay with it.
Somehow I don't think he's threatened by a man old enough to be Emily's grandpa.
While I'm sure pediatricians really do care about the kids they treat, they're mostly there for the moms.

Because I'm certain you care I'll share what we've been dealing with the last few weeks.
The little miss has a feeding tube and has had since they started giving her milk in the hospital.
Jason and I have a love/hate relationship with the tube.
During the day we hate it; in the middle of the night we love it.

Emily has reflux...a pretty nasty case of it, and has been on medication for it ever since her surgery.
The more Emily drinks from her bottle the worse the reflux is, making the little miss not a huge fan of her bottle.  She'll always drink from it but only to a certain point.  And then, no matter how hungry she is, she refuses the bottle.

I'm quite certain we're in trouble with this one.
I see signs of subtle manipulation.
She'll conveniently drink a third or half of her bottle and then act like she's dead to the world.
It's deliberate.
I know it.


Reflux + eating from the bottle = worse reflux.
Worse reflux = congestion and goopy eyes.
(Because who knew?  Nasal congestion is often tied to goopy eyes.)
Congestion and goopy eyes = fussy baby and tired mommy and daddy.
And finally...
The feeding tube = everything is worse x ten.
And the longer it goes the more likely it is that Elimy will develop an aversion to her bottle.
An aversion to her bottle = NO BUENO!!!

The pediatrician is putting her on a new medication for reflux starting now and in one week he wants us to 'pull the tube.'
That's not at all intimidating.
Dear child of mine, please eat.  Love, Mommy

I'm typing this post one handed due to a baby in the other arm.  Are you impressed?

The reason I love the pediatrician?
I get to wait a week to pull the tube.
And one week = how long Jason is abandoning me for "work."
You think I'm mental now? Check could get worse.

Look how cute she is makes up for my feeding angst:


Joann Mannix said...

I wish I had a big, cushiony pink seat like that. She looks as snug as a bug in a rug. which is a phrase I never understood, but she just looks super snuggly and beautiful.

Soooo, I had this baby once. She had colic. 8-10 hours a day of colic. She had terrible reflux with that and she let us know it...loudly...all the time. She would also only nurse for a few seconds and then steadfastly refuse. I felt like I spent all my time nursing her, because I was so afraid she wouldn't grow.

She was my first and I would stand in the shower every night, balling my eyes out, wondering how the human race continued to thrive if babies were all this hard.

Now, they have medicine for this reflux. I would have sold my right arm for some of that, back in the day.

Her tiny little system will grow out of it, trust me, I know of what I speak. But the stubborness, oh, that will so remain. Trust me, I know of what I speak. 20 years old and as stubborn as they come.

Good luck with pulling the tube. She'll figure it out. Hopefully sooner than later.

TheBlogWriter8 said...

Ah. Cutie pie! Love the bed and the baby! :)

YOU, big miss, I bet, are doing a fine job yourself. Maybe the neighbor is blogging about the cool new Mum who manages her baby's ryle's tube so well. Think about it.

Jason, please leave behind LOTS of food for the Mother.

Mom on a Line said...

She is totally cute!!!!

And I know your love/hate relationship with the tube. I hated it so much, especially because it caused more reflux for my daughter (cause it leaves the flap open, allowing all the acids to escape). But I loved not having to wake a sleeping baby to feed her in the middle of the night.

We pulled the tube as well. It took a while for our daughter to really drink (really is a relative term). She didn't drink like an average baby, but just enough to make her GI doc happy. She continued to gain weight, just not in huge increments and never enough to make the cardiologist happy, but enough so that the GI was happy. It was so hard to make this change. My advice is don't give up! You will want to, but don't. You can do this!!

Sending lots of heart hugs your way!

Mom on a Line said...

I can't remember if I said it in my previous post, but that picture of Emily is darling! She is so sweet.

Venassa said...

Aw what a cutie! I hope she starts doing better with the medication and will eat better from the bottle when they pull the tube.
I hope I can put on makeup and make cookies just a few weeks after having a baby too. Your neighbor gives me hope.

Brynn said...

That chair looks almost as fancy as her tub.
Don't compare yourself to the neighbor.
She won't starve herself. When the tube comes out, she'll start eating her bottle better.
Hang in there. You can do this! Things will get easier.

A said...

what a beautiful baby! Thinking of ya!

Cheeseboy said...

Poor Emily. She is adorable though. And I have reflux too, but I am slightly less adorable.

We also have a grandfatherly pediatrician and we dread the day he decides to retire.

Missy@It's Ray Thing said...

My last baby(he's 9 now)was quite the puker. Nothing seemed to help. The ped must have tired of my constant worry and told me "when he starts walking he'll stop." And he did. Here's hoping that sweet Emily's is resolved with the new medicine.

wjmom said...

Still here. Still praying. Still loving. Still offering laundry services. Still think you have the most beautiful Elimy in the world!

Beth Zimmerman said...

Aw Noelle! She is TRULY precious! I haven't had much time lately (between hackers destroying my blogs and life in general) but as soon as I had a few minutes today I HAD to come check on you and "Elimy!" I really do love you girly! And you (ALL) remain in my prayers!

sarah said...

I remember when Kyler's blood counts were super low and his oncologist said I needed to come in and learn how to give a doll shots so I could take Kyler home instead of overnights in the hospital. Stupid me, i stayed up all night dreading it, went to the appointment and you know what? That doll was my precious little man and we did just fine and his pediatrician knew me well enough (better than I knew myself) cuz I would have sworn I wasn't capable of shooting my kid with a needle. He was just a baby.

Instead I gave him daily injections for months and now give daily injections to one of my other children. You will do just fine and count the days. It is scary but sometimes they have to force the hand of our precious priceless babies.

le Chef said...

In time this too shall pass.
With babies, everything eventually passes.
It's the parents that have the worst time of it.
She'll survive just fine and have absolutely no appreciation for everything she's put you through.
Welcome to parenthood.

Breathe. Eat cookies. It helps.

My daughter would eat so much she always ended up throwing up half of her bottle. If we didn't feed her she would freak out - now she's 15 and I can't get the kid to eat ANYTHING.
It's a girl thing.