Sunday, September 11, 2011

Finally! A Story About Something Other Than A Baby!

You know you're an overprotective mother when you go for a walk and dress your baby like this:

Isn't Emily's blanket cute?
Her aunt Tiffany made it for her.

Two nights ago Emily didn't sleep.
That was fun.
Kind of kicks the advice of 'sleep when she sleeps' right out the door.

I've been working on a post now for several days.
By the time I'm done it will most likely be my longest post to date.
I'll bet that makes you all sorts of giddy with anticipation.

Tonight the entire family was together for dinner.
Do you need a reminder of what 'entire' looks like?
One siblings...five boyfriend...
...and 11 nieces and nephews...
...and sometimes a dog.

Emily's cousins love her, and they are always anxious to be near her.
They make a big show out of washing their hands before they touch her.
Tonight a few of Emily's cousins asked about her feeding tube.
They wanted to know how it worked.
Every five minutes one of them would ask, 'is it time to feed Emily yet?'
When it was finally time, Emily had an audience.
It made me laugh.
Emily's cousins formed a semi-circle around her and just sat there as she ate her bottle, and then gathered closer when we finished off the bottle with the feeding tube.
Erica, who is 8, gave the others a play by play of what was happening.
"First you have to check the tube to make sure the milk can go through..."

A little bit later, Trouble (who is my friend again) curled up next to me.
She had her Daddy's phone and was playing Angry Birds.
"Noelle, I can't do this bird.  Can you show me how it works?"
I did, and she was thrilled.

The longer this post goes, the less sleep I'm going to get before my shift to feed the little miss.

Now for something totally random:

When I lived in NYC we often furnished our apartments with things we found on the street.
One night there was a knock on our door and I opened it to find two of our friends carrying a couch.
"Look what we found on the street," they said.  "We knew you could use it."
It makes me SHUDDER to think that we took that couch and sat on it every day, but desperate times...
Another time I was with a girl who had just come from California.
She was tall and blonde and beautiful.
It's fair to say that she stood out in the ghettos of Brooklyn.

One day we were walking home for lunch and we passed a mirror that someone had put on the street.
I stopped my companion and said, "Dani, this would be perfect for our apartment!"
We had one tiny mirror above the sink in our bathroom, and with 4 girls living in the apartment, another mirror would be almost miraculous.
It took both of us to carry that mirror, and carry it we did...the 30 plus blocks back to our apartment.
The looks we got...the still makes me laugh.
There we were...two Mormon missionaries...walking the streets of Brooklyn with a giant mirror.

I only tell you that to tell you this:

If you happen to see me out walking up and down the streets of my town, just know I'm looking for a treadmill.
Desperate times...desperate times.


Shan said...

Good luck on that treadmill! I happen to believe it's entirely possible to find it. I have been hoping for a free and wonderful vacuum to materialize for about two years. Last month, it did! (Not on the street, on a facebook mommy group, but does that matter?)

Hugs :+)

Joann Mannix said...

Don't worry about a treadmill, just yet. Trust me, keeping up with Miss Emily will be the same as a workout on the treadmill.

My brother collected old couches from anywhere he could find. Once he rescued one from a dumpster. His apartment was furnished in wall to wall couches. You couldn't even walk, you had to climb over the couches.

I used to do the same thing with my Olivia. She'd be sweating profusely, I'd keep her so bundled up. And that blankie is lovely. So colorful and pink and soft looking.

Bossy Betty said...

Sorry I have not been around. Can I just tell you how happy it makes me to see Emily's little face?

Dazee Dreamer said...

hahahaha. I can so envision you guys carrying that. and Emily is so freaking cute.

Baby Sister said...

Minus one sister who had been throwing up on the couch all day...bleh!! I'm glad the kids are good at washing their's cute. :)

pauline said...

I love your stories. I can picture you and your companion carrying that mirror and the looks you were getting.

Emily is such a cute and precious baby girl, with wonderful parents. The blanket is adorable.

le Chef said...

I've been MIA ... and that's not a new Mutual group.
::Mormon humor::
Once upon a time I had a treadmill. Then I realized I needed to get out of the house more.
Because one day I found myself walking on the treadmill in my under ware (I was doing laundry and was waiting for my clothes) with my dog (he needed a walk), a bowl of ice cream, a screaming baby sitting next to me, and Jerry Springer on the TV.
Maybe looking for that treadmill is better therapy than actually having one.
I've been doing a lot of walking therapy this month.
Hang in there ... and if I find a treadmill, I'll FedEx it to you.