Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me

Emily's allergy to cantaloupe?
It wasn't the cantaloupe.

Explain this...

The little miss breaks out in hives all over her body every night at 7:00 or a little bit after.
Sunday night.
Monday night.
Tuesday night.
Wednesday night.

Nothing has changed.
She gets the same antibiotic every 6 hours.
12:00 - 6:00 - 12:00 - 6:00
And she's been getting the same antibiotics the whole time she's been in the hospital.
But now at 7:00pm she breaks out in hives.

Anyone have a brilliant answer to this ridiculous dilemma?

Let me show you the proof of what my poor little baby has endured the last 7 weeks of her life:

Bless her little heart...literally.

For my birthday today they FINALLY started giving Emily a taste of milk, and every day they will increase the amount just a little bit.
We're going to go as far as we can without the feeding tube.
I have every hope that the little miss will surprise the world and drink every drop of her bottle every time,
and that she'll never again have to use a feeding tube.
Oh how I hope for that.

Here's my other hope:
that one of these days my little one will smile at me.
Maybe now that she's feeling better she'll be so inclined.

It may not be this weekend, but the little miss will come home.
We finally believe that.

Oh...and in case you were wondering...
That husband of mine got me a NOOK for my birthday...
...never mind that I already have an IPAD.
 I can tell this NOOK and I are going to be great friends.


Meghan said...

Happy Birthday! Emily is absolutely adorable! We pray for her little heart every night and I am so happy she can finally eat again as little as it may be.

Katie said...

She's a little fighter, you can totally tell. Best wishes to your family!

Mom on a Line said...

I hope Emily drinks a ton of milk for your birthday (and always). I always hated the tube too.

As for the allergy, are they changing anything else at that time? Like, do they change a dressing or a line because a new shift starts? Perhaps they started using a new type of tape or cleaning wipe to change something out once a shift and it is right around that time. No matter what it is, I hope an answer is found. That little girl has dealt with enough and should not have hives on top of it all.

Sending lots of heart hugs your way.

le Chef said...

Your husband is AWESOME.
Maybe he can write mine a note - lol.

The whole antibiotic / rash thing. My daughter is highly sensitive to all medications. One go round with the usual strep throat she was given an antibiotic she's had before, only this time she had a reaction to it. After digging I found out that the pharmacy had changed the provider of that particular "general" antibiotic. Being a different company the coating ... or carrier .. or something like that, had been changed - just slightly, and it was enough to cause her to have a bad reaction. Kids can be real sensitive to meds.
All I have to offer - sorry. I have no idea why your little one is having this problem, but I just thought I would mention it.

Still praying.

Sandra said...

Here's some good news, most babies start smiling at their momma around 10 weeks so by the time she has had 3 more weeks of growing strong she will be able to smile and smile and smile. And she will be having all the milk she wants and no feeding tube along with a momma and daddy that love her. What's not to smile about?

Shan said...

Is the same person working with her at some point before 7:00... maybe they're wearing a particular lotion or a different type of glove? That's so odd, but there has to be a reason.

It eases *my* heart that you believe she'll be coming home. That belief must be the best birthday present.

Sarah said...

Sending prayers faithfully and continuously...

Joann Mannix said...

Oh, that sweet, poor baby! Just look at her!

But even with the huge stitched up incision and those awful hives, that is one scrumptious baby. So very gorgeous.

Those hives have got to be a reaction to one of the drugs she's taking, right? Could she have developed a late reaction?

And that smile will come, sooner than you think.

I pray that she drinks that milk and I pray that she grows strong enough to come home soon.

Happy Birthday, my friend. May the days to come grow brighter and brighter and may this dark journey you're taking get flooded with light and goodness, starting this very moment.

Elleny said...

WEIRD hives pattern... Cory has an Ipad too and still wanted a kindle for his B-day. He loves it and claims that reading on it is WAY better than the IPad. I'll pray that Emily will drink her milk!!

Julie said...

Happy Birthday Noelle. I hope that today brings a smile from your little miss. I hope that 7:00 rolls around with no hives and mostly I prayer that you and Jason find peace in the fact the Lord knows what he's doing and that he loves you 3 from the bottom of his heart.
Take care and have a blessed birthday!!

-stephanie- said...

In about 16 years when a boy comes to pick her up at 7:00 for her first date and she breaks out in hives, then you'll know she is allergic to 7:00.

Happy Birthday!

My 7 year old daughter thinks Emily is the cutest and she just added Emily to her prayer list.

TheBlogWriter8 said...

I'm glad I have now heard of something called a NOOK and won't be considered too backward.

Look at her cute little rounded up ear and pretty long fingers!!! I love the sight of her despite the scars and hives. She's deliciously precious looking. Love this kid! You have no idea how much I stare at her!!

God bless her and her awesome family!

With the milk, b'day ought to have been a yay moment!!


Dazee Dreamer said...

It almost sounds like she is allergic to the anitibiotic. but I'm not a doctor.

Happy Birthday to you.

I love my EReader. I don't have the cool nook or kindle, but it does the job for me.