Friday, September 2, 2011

Life Is Now Measured By Bottles and Diapers

The mailbox used to hold magic for me.
Back in the day when people wrote letters by hand.
Now it holds medical bills.
Every day...more bills.
Is there someone in this world who wants to send me a hand written letter?

Trouble studied my face for a minute yesterday and asked, "Noelle, what's wrong with your eyes?"
"What do you mean Trouble?  I don't think there is anything wrong."
Trouble ran her finger over the dark circles under my eyes and said, "Why are your eyes a different color now?"

I made Jason go on a date with me last night.
I called my sister who willingly came and stayed with the little miss while Jason and I went and grabbed dinner and then went to the grocery store.
Not only did my sister agree to babysit on a minutes notice, she also brought a basket full of clean laundry.
Here's the thing.
I can't...can't...can't...allow someone else to do my matter how much I might whine about doing it myself...unless that someone else is my sister.
And I love her for being willing to do it.

I texted my little sister the other night and mentioned that I needed chocolate chip squares.
And that the need was so strong I might die because of it.
The next day she texted me this:
"There are cookies under my jacket at work."

What do people do without sisters?

Emily had an appointment with her cardiologist this week.
So far everything looks great.
She's suffering from reflux and some nasal congestion that worries me, but there is not a doctor I can find who is worried about it like I am.
At least once a day I tell Jason what I think the cause of the congestion is and at least once a day he tells me I'm wrong.
I guess he feels justified because so far the doctors tell me I'm wrong too.

I think we're finally figuring things out.
I took Emily with me to work yesterday.
I don't get anything done when she's there, but Jason doesn't get anything done when we're home.
However, we've got a makeshift nursery at the nursery and before too long Emily will feel at home there.
People tell me all the time that I'm crazy to be going back to work so soon.
I'd be more crazy if I wasn't going to least a little bit.
Plus...Ben misses me when I'm not there.
Don't you Ben.

Jason's boss sent me flowers the other day.
After everything else he's done for us, he sent me flowers.
Those flowers made my entire day.

One of these days I'll comment again on your blogs.
But know that at 3:30 in the morning, when it's my turn to feed the little miss, I'm reading.


Joann Mannix said...

What would we do without sisters? My sisters are everything to me.

And I say, go to work. It'll keep you from googling nasal congestion in babies. Thank God there was no Google when my oldest was a baby. I would have been an even more nervous wreck.

Oh, and have I told you, I'm the exact same way about my laundry! It's terrible, but yes, I can't let anyone else touch it.

And finally, GOOD FOR YOU! Go have those dates. I hate it when people feel they have to sacrifice every bit of themselves after giving birth. My husband and I always made time for each other. Yes, when they were small, all we did was talk about them during our evening out, but still...

Sounds like you're getting there! It'll take time, but know that with every day, the light will get brighter.

Mom on a Line said...

You are right, sisters rock!

Congestion can be caused by reflux. Some doctors don't know this or don't believe it or don't care. I don't know which it is, but my son had reflux (GERD) so bad it caused asthma like symptoms until it was treated at 4 months. We started him on prevacid and within a week, he was better. My nephew had the same problem, but because he never vomited, he was diagnosed with asthma and wheezed for the first 2 years of his life (until my son was diagnosed and treated to great success). Once a new doctor was consulted and the GERD treated, his asthma cleared up. Perhaps that is why Emily is congested. It might be worth looking into, no matter what the docs say.

le Chef said...

I fully understand the need for a handwritten letter. And something other than bills. And eyes changing colors. And the worries that won't leave our minds .. and the need for chocolate.
Right now I'm so wrapped up in my own little worries I can't even write, so I read your blog to make sure things are still OK.
At least something is. :)
I understand the need for a normal schedule again too - but take it from a mom who went back to work full time 5 days after giving birth; your body needs time to heal, even if your brain won't let it sit still. You'll find the brain quiets itself if you take the time to find those quiet times and places. Take breaks. Enjoy the blessings of sisters. I've always lived too far from mine .. and I could sure use them now. So enjoy them for me.
Time is going to fly. Trust me. There is time enough to worry tomorrow; find the precious moments in each day to breathe, find your peace, and enjoy the blessings of your life. It won't fix everything, but it will help you.
And since I'm still on a diet - enjoy some chocolate for me. I could really use it.... so enjoy A LOT of it ;)
Hang in there kiddo.

Dazee Dreamer said...

Sounds like you are starting to get into the new way of life. Good for you. And what wonderful sisters you have

TortugaRachel said...

Welcome to motherhood! Your life will continue to revolve around bottles and diapers and although it's hard to believe now, you will one day look back at this time and A) wonder how you got through it and B) sorta wish you had it back.

Just wait til she starts crawling... then it gets REALLY interesting!

Bridget said...

Pretty much, I have no idea what people do without sisters. No idea.

I read this quote a few days back and laughed, "I've got designer bags under my eyes."
I thought, "Oh, that's nice, is that what those things I've had ever since Boston was born are?"

Hooray that Emily's appointment went great!

Sam said...

I'm so glad you guys are finding a routine, and that Emily is doing alright! =]

TheBlogWriter8 said...

I'd want to send you a handwritten letter- I would. That cardiology opinion is the most precious news I have heard for now! Good work, you two!

Beth Zimmerman said...

Every time I read about your life and your family ... I want to run away to Utah and be adopted! :)