Monday, September 26, 2011

We Made It Through One More Day

Guess what?
Emily is allergic to cantaloupe.

Are you wondering how in the sam hill I know that?
(Dear Mom, where does this phrase come from?)

The little miss is MAD AT THE WORLD because of that whole 'We're not going to feed you for 7 days' decision.
And yesterday she let us all know just how unhappy she really is.
The nurse blamed Emily's unhappiness on withdrawal from one of the drugs they stopped giving her.
Jason and I are quite sure that if they fed her they would see a different baby.

Back to allergies...

Jason was eating cantaloupe and put some of the juice from the fruit on his finger.
And somehow that finger ended up in Emily's mouth.
She was a happy girl up until the point where she broke out in hives all over her face and legs.
I was amazed at how quickly it happened...and totally oblivious to the fact that Jason had given Emily cantaloupe juice.
I didn't learn that part of the story until much later.

I called the nurse in...she brought Benadryl...and within just a few minutes the hives disappeared.

Poor Emily.

* * * * *

A few days ago Trouble was telling her boyfriend Travis (Travis is my cousin) about how excited she was for dinner that night.
"It's left over night, and tonight we get to eat our food from Applebee's!"
"I went with Daddy to pick up the food from Applebee's.  The minute we walked in the door I could smell the apples and the bees and they smelled so delicious!"

* * * * *

And on a serious note:

Almost daily someone will ask me about how they can make a donation to Emily's medical costs.
And almost daily I either ignore the question or say, "Thank you so much but we'll be fine."
In as loving a way as possible, someone I love and respect let me know that I was being prideful and I needed to be more humble in asking for and accepting help.
So in an attempt at humility I will ask the hospital if there is a system in place which will allow someone to make a direct donation to Emily's care through the hospital...
To those of you who have asked...I'll figure something out and let you know.

Thank you is never enough.
But thank all of you...
I've said this before but every night when we pray we ask God to bless all of the people who are praying for our little miss.
We hope you feel those blessings.


Joann Mannix said...

I'm so sorry Emily is unhappy. But guess what? That's showing her fighting spirit. She's not taking any of this lying down. Well, kind of, she is lying down, but you know what I mean.

And poor baby, allergies on top of everything else?

One of these bright and shiny days, I know that life will become much easier for all of you. I'm praying that day comes soon.

And yes, there is nothing wrong with allowing people to help, especially in a time like this.

I'm praying that sweet girl feels a whole lot better and that this fast is over very soon. Give that baby some milk!

Singedwingangel said...

Good grief what a way to find out she is allergic to canteloupe.. and why is your hubby eating it when they had a big piece out about cantelope being contaminated with listeria???

TheBlogWriter8 said...

Good Lord! With that last part, I had to bite my lip. Noelle, I hope you know that I love, respect and pray for all three of you. It'll work out. I never feel like I say the right stuff to you, but I do hope the sentiment gets across.

With all my love,


Dazee Dreamer said...

I thought for sure you were going to say she was allergic to pennicillin. My daughter got that when she had a very rare virus at the age of 4. scary stuff.

Tami B said...

Ok I know this is the irrelevant part of your story but......TRAVIS HAS A GIRLFRIEND?????!!!! Ok I know she is about 30+ years younger than he is but I now have hope. (Maybe you had better not tell him that lol) Tell Trouble to grow up quickly :)

Love you Noelle - and we pray for you and Emily.

Bridget said...

Oh Noelle! I think of you often and we pray for you every night. Poor little Emily! Allergies on top of it all! Tagg had a bunch of food allergies when he was a baby, but he seems to have outgrown most, if not all of them, so hopefully Emily will be the same way!

le Chef said...

Well. I can think of no better place to discover your child has such a dramatic allergy.
Isn't Benadryl good stuff? ;)
... and I can't blame Jason for eating it - cantaloupe is yummy, so don't give it a second thought. Just saying.

Apples and bees eh? LOL! I'm going to have to try that dish the next time I go. Don't worry; I'll bring my Benadryl just incase.

Accept the help when you can. It not only helps you with her care, but it also allows people the opportunity to give of themselves, and that's a great thing for everyone who's only ability to contribute is via this means. It takes away some of the hopelessness people feel when they are emotionally invested. People feel better by doing, and by giving, and it is done with love.

Check with the banks. They often set up accounts for donations in people's names. - And I understand where you're coming from; don't worry Noelle, we know your heart. Life happens to us all. Thankfully we all have each other.

Lalis said...

She gets a moment of satisfaction and it backfires?! Emily will be one of those people that we just grow to admire :)

Mom on a Line said...

Been thinking of you all even though I've been away from a computer. Sending lots of heart hugs your way. said...

Little ones' allergies are scary. Sorry it's canteloupe too. That's a great fruit. Hopefully she's not allergic to anything else (e.g., chocolate).
Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers, always.