Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween

I am not a fan of Halloween.
Not even a little bit.
It started when I was the first grade to be exact.

Every year one of the 6th grade teachers dressed up as Frankenstein.
He was tall to begin with, and with his mask and costume, he looked like a giant.
He wandered the halls traumatizing the younger students.
I remember one time hiding in the girls bathroom, not wanting to leave for fear of running into Frankenstein.

Our class was having our Halloween party and I was dressed as Little Bo Peep.
I had on a blue dress and a blue bonnet.
I'm quite certain I looked really cute.
I had just taken a bite of my cupcake when Frankenstein came into the room.
I ran looking for a place to hide when all of a sudden Frankenstein picked me up.

He lifted me until I was face to face with him and said, "Gotcha!"
I started to cry...probably scream even...and knew my life was over.
The boys in my class came to my rescue.
They pounded Frankenstein in the legs, over and over again saying "Let her go!"
He let me go eventually and I spent the rest of the day in tears.

I was in the third or fourth grade when Frankenstein was fired.
Obviously I've never fully recovered.

* * * * *

If on the chance you are in need of a reminder:
There ARE good people in this world.
Jason, Emily, and I met one of them this weekend.

In response to my search for a photographer, I received many emails and links and phone numbers.
"Check out this website."
"Call this person.  They might be able to come."
Etc. Etc.

And then I received an email from Brady...from BW Sterling Photography.
Brady heard from his friend (thank you Becky) that we were looking for a photographer.
He had been directed to my blog and after reading a little bit of it, he sent me an email.
Not only was he willing to come to the hospital, he offered his services free of charge.

Brady spent part of his Saturday afternoon with us, taking pictures of Emily and of our little family.
I am truly touched and humbled by his goodness.

Here is a peek at our photo shoot...with more to come one of these days:

My little brown eyed beauty is going to spend her Halloween here at the hospital...without a costume.
I couldn't find one small enough.
Here's wishing all of you lots of chocolate! ...if you like chocolate.


Judie said...

Noelle, that sweet little baby girl looks exactly like you!!! And you know what? She will beat this thing and grow up to twirl around in a tutu, and play in the fall leaves, and help you bake cookies! It will happen!!!

Venassa said...

I'm kind of glad to hear Frankenstein was fired. Teachers aren't supposed to traumatize children like that.
Aww that is so amazing of him! And the photos are gorgeous!
I lucked out and found a homemade cave woman costume at a thrift store for my tiny girl. If it wasn't for that I'd be taking Halloween photos of her in a headband and Halloween socks.

Becky said...

They turned out so beautiful! I am so glad Brady was able to come and help you get some photos of your beautiful Emily! I can't wait to see more! Is that selfish? Brady took my profile photo. I will cherish it forever as I am sure you will cherish yours!

Dazee Dreamer said...

What a great guy and awesome pictures of your sweet family.

That Frankenstein teacher. Yikes. I am all sorts of speechless. But I find it really endearing that the boys in your class came to your rescue.

le Chef said...

Mine was Santa, and I was 23. We all have our own Frankensteins. ;)

That face. That precious little face! And her eyes - what wise eyes. They speak more than any word ever could.
Very fitting you were Bo Peep (And I can totally see it - LOL) because you are taking care of such a precious little lamb.

Elizabeth said...

What a beautiful girl! I LOVE those photos! They are all really amazing! I'm so glad that Brady was able to help you out.

Also, I love Halloween. I just finished my costume (yes, it really is 4:00 am). I'm going as Little Red Riding Hood. There's a party at work (with a costume contest that I'm going to win) and then I'm helping out at my kids' school with the halloween party there. And then there will be homemade chili, breadsticks and fancy Halloween Jell-O, followed by trick-or-treating until our bags are so full and heavy we can hardly carry them home.

Also, I have not forgotten about the promised meatloaf dinner. I am willing and able to bring it whenever you want. And because there will be such a big pot of it, would you like some chili? I promise, it won't be too spicy. And I'll bring the fancy Halloween Jell-O too.

xo -E

Joann Mannix said...

What a dolly! She is just absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures.

That Frankenstein sounded like a true monster. Glad he was finally fired. I don't like scary things, either. Haunted houses, those awful videos that go around the internet where someone pops out and screams at the end, scary movies, all of it, you can just take that somewhere else, thank you.

Hope you have your fair share of chocolate, today. Enjoy that sweet girl.

Anonymous said...


Ask the nicu if they have costumes. Ours did and my friend has a baby at the nicu at U of U and they do too. you just have to sign a waiver for them to wear it.

Mary said...

Beautiful pictures.

Sorry to hear you don't like Halloween. I guess you wouldn't have liked to be woken up by a ghost mom this morning then, huh.

You guys are awesome.

Brady Withers said...

You're right, wonderful people do exist, I met three of them Saturday. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of this. You, Jason and Emily touched my heart more than I could ever express. The three of you are in my prayers, and like I said, if you need anything, I am only 30 minutes away :)


Brynn said...

Did Jason tell you that I stopped by the hospital yesterday? Too bad I missed you.

Mom on a Line said...

I love, love, love the photos! So glad you found such a wonderful person to capture such a wonderful family.

Sending lots of heart hugs and hoping Frankenstein didn't make an appearance at the hospital last night.

Lalis said...

These pics are wonderful! It's just Emily, the way she really is! I love love love them!!! Can't wait to see more!

paulandjenthatcher said...

I love these beautiful pictures! I've been meaning to write and thank you for the group family email explaining what you, Jason, and Emily have been through and where things are at. I have thought about you so much and wondered how to get in touch, and get caught up, but I didn't realize you were blogging still. So thanks for directing me to your blog! I check it often!

I can't imagine all that you have been through, but it helps to read about your feelings and thoughts, and to be able to feel sorrow for your sadness and joy for your joys. I'm learning through you, and grateful for the lessons. I'm hoping you can return home soon! And don't worry about the binki addiction! The best tip I was ever given was to get rid of it between 12-13 months (at the latest). After that it gets much harder!

Emily is adorable! She looks so much like both of you! I love that!


Of One Heart said...

She steals my heart away every single time I set eyes on her. One day, I'll get to hold her, too. :) :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, she is such a sweet adorable baby. Her personality is beginning to emerge, and the photographer, Brady, did a fantastic job of capturing her beauty. You are truly blessed to have her for your own. She loves you, and she'll be yours forever. Sending you my wishes and prayers for Emily's good health, and for you, comfort and peace.

Sacha....xoxo said...

She is such a sweetheart! the photographs is beautiful.

Sending you all my prayers for Emily's good heathly and not in pain...

I hate to seeing someone whos in pain and all i feel is helpless but want to take the pains away x