Friday, October 21, 2011

Not Much To Report

We're still hanging out in room 3085.
Jason is rocking Emily and they are watching cartoons.
I've been working away on my computer, trying to get caught up.
The nurse in charge of Emily is bored.
And we bought the nurse practitioner brownie bites from the bakery because she needed a pick me up.
That pretty much sums up our day.

Everything about Emily is healthy...amazingly so...
...except her gut.
She's so healthy she's not even hooked up to any monitors.

But her gut?
We can't figure it out.
A reaction to long-term antibiotic use?
An allergy to her milk?
Maybe, but not likely.
Her third round with NEC, an infection in her gut?
This time not even that has shown up.
All we know for sure is that babies with heart problems like Emily's often have problems with their guts, due to poor blood flow.

We've met with a GI specialist, someone from immunology, and someone from infectious diseases.
The conversation always ends the same: Emily is a mystery.
They started her on milk again today and they will watch her for the next few days to see how she reacts...if she reacts.  The little stinker hasn't shown signs of a single symptom since she was admitted.

The nurses love our daughter.
They all look for excuses to visit her, and love when we leave so that they can hold her.
In fact, when we got here this morning Emily's nurse had her dressed in the cutest little outfit.

At this point it looks like Emily will be in the hospital until Monday or Tuesday.
If there is one bright spot?
When she's here I don't worry.

Trust me, when she's at home I'm a walking ball of stress.
What if we pull her feeding tube out?
What if her oxygen levels drop?
What if I fall down the stairs while I'm holding Emily?
What if I don't sanitize her IV line enough before I give her the medication?
What if we pull her feeding tube out?

I know I already said that one, but her feeding tube is going to give me an ulcer before all is said and done.

And there you have it.
It's an exciting life to be sure.


Anonymous said...

A feeding tube would have me going nuclear too. I hope you are getting some rest between it all. Take care and hugs

Mom on a Line said...


I hope the weekend is calm and the docs find out what is going on. Thinking of you all.

Lalis said...

Well, this makes me feel a little better.
I've been out of town and my only access to the internet has been my phone. I saw that you had taken her back to the hospital and I was trying to post a comment but of course, typing on a phone, to the internet, and.... yeah.
I was worried.

TheBlogWriter8 said...

Don't worry about the feeding tube. Don't. I'm impressed you're administering IV medications! Woah, Noelle! You know what? You're a lovely Mommy.

le Chef said...

If daughters weren't a mystery, we would have far too many original colored hairs, no wrinkles, and stress free lives.
How boring would that be?
Because of my daughter, I know Mz. Clairol on a deep, personal level. I have many ... MANY "character" lines etched into my face, a serious need for yoga, and an unhealthy addiction to TUMS and yogurt.

I'll hook you up.