Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Small Break

We took the little miss for a walk yesterday.
Her daddy picked her a flower.

Emily's doctor suggested we take her feeding tube out.
They won't try giving Emily milk for seven days and the doctor thought it would be a nice break for all of us to have Emily tube free for a little while.
Jason and I don't love that Emily will be traumatized when they put the tube back in, but for now she doesn't have any tape on her face, and that makes it worth it.

Speaking of not having any tape...

Do any of you know any local photographers who might be willing to pay us a visit at the hospital and take some pictures of our little miss?
We have such a small window of tubelessness and I would love to get some professional pictures taken.

Emily's favorite thing in this world is to snuggle.
She buries her little face as far into our arms as she can get, and then she sleeps...peacefully.

In case you didn't know, we love our baby girl.


Lalis said...

Flower on the binky from her daddy!
If that isn't love I don't know what is.
Check out Fancy Face Portraiture https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fancy-Face-Portraiture/258011490891304?sk=info
She's a friend of a friend who just got started with her photography, but I think she's pretty good. (And might not be too expensive?)
Also... I'm sending you virtual cookies. I'd love to bring you real cookies but... I don't think I'll ever be done moving. Or cleaning. Sigh. (Even as I type this I'm still wondering if I can fit into into my schedule somehow).

Brynn said...

She looks so sweet in that picture. I hope things turn around soon for all of you.
There is a guy in my parents ward the would come up. His name is Mike Rogers. His number is (801) 254-7752.

Meghan said...

She looks so sweet! We have been praying for Emily in our family prayers every night and last night my Annie who is 3 was saying her prayers next to her bed and I was telling her what to say she stopped me, looked up and said 'please bless Emily her heart feel better', all by herself. I just about melted. We really hope Emily's heart and guts start to feel better.

Also, I really like the person who takes our family pictures. Her website is

Amy said...

Dana & Tracy are both in my ward (websites below) and I absolutely love their newborn shoots. LOVE them. I'm almost positive they'd come to the hospital to do pics. Let me know if you want contact info for either of them and I'll gladly get it to you and let them know you're a friend. :D



Anonymous said...

I do! Call me 801-358-2135

Kristina Carter

TJ said...

did you get a photographer? the only one i know of is justin hackworth, but he is probably pretty expensive. he should be easy to find. hope you found someone! all the photographers i know live somewhere else....

Becky said...

I hope you know how much you and Emily are on my mind. I feel so helpless. I hope that sending prayers your way and telling my UT photographer friends about you will be enough. Thinking of all of you...

Bridget said...

If you haven't found a photographer, let me know. Ananda takes all of our pics, and I'm sure she'd come up to the hospital and wouldn't take a penny. She has a heart of gold.
My heart aches for her poor tummy! I bet it is so nice to be tube free though!

le Chef said...

Tape free - Awesome! Get in all the photos you can. and that flower - too sweet!
Jason is a great daddy LOL

Of One Heart said...

Noelle, this tape-free chubby Miss makes me happy. I just wish she were home. The time will come, eh? Let her get stronger, bigger and healthier. A hug from me to her, today. Enjoy her!