Saturday, October 8, 2011

Something Small

I laughed this week.
True, honest to goodness laughter.
More than once.

Before this week I can't remember the last time I truly laughed.

The tape holding the pieces of my heart together must be sticking.


Lalis said...

YAY! I'm so happy you got to laugh and to go to your friend's wedding!
I can't join you in fasting today because I had a migraine this weekend and I'm still recovering, but I'm joining you in prayer. AND, I asked Nad to fast for Emily. He fasts on fast Sunday and last night I told him, "Nad, Emily needs to get strong and I was going to fast for her, but since I can't, you're doing it." And he said, "ok" :)

TheBlogWriter8 said...

And may it be the strongest adhesive in the world! :) Happy Sunday there! Does Fasting Sunday involve at least one meal and water/fruit/whatever else? Say yes, please.

Tiffany said...

That, my friend, is a tender mercy. So happy to hear there is still laughter pealing from you!

Mary said...

Glad to know you can still laugh and that duct tape still works for everything. (At least, I'm assuming you used duct tape) :)

le Chef said...

Even in the darkest of times it's OK, and good to laugh. The heart runs on laughter.